Arrangement of glasses: this is how setting the glasses works

Do glasses stand to the right or left of the plate? How to set glasses at the table? And is it really important to put down an extra glass for each course? We reveal the most important etiquette rules for the arrangement of glasses. With our tips, you can put together the right table arrangement for glasses in no time at all.

Setting glasses: The correct arrangement of glasses at the table

Arrangement of glasses: this is how setting the glasses works

Three glasses are indispensable for a festively decorated table: White wine glass, red wine glass and water glass. Whether there is also a beer glass or champagne glass depends on the celebration and personal beverage preferences. When setting the table in style, there are two common ways of positioning glasses on the table.

Set glasses next to each other

A classic glass arrangement is one in which the glasses are positioned above the knives on the right-hand side. As with the other place settings, waiters or hosts work their way from the outside inwards. Above the knife for the main course is the white wine glass. The other glasses are at a 45° angle to it. So the water glass is below, the red wine glass above the white wine glass.

Arrange glasses in a triangular shape

Often the service staff also sets the glasses in a triangular shape. Again, the white wine glass is right above the knife for the main course. The drinking glass is below on the right and the red wine glass is above on the right. This creates a triangle. If there is a dessert toast (sparkling wine, dessert wine, etc.), the glasses should be placed at an angle of.) the glass is on the left side next to the red wine glass.

Hold glasses correctly

Stemware should always be held by the top of the stem, never by the belly. This looks more stylish and appropriate to the setting. In addition, the contents should not heat up so that they maintain the ideal temperature. There are exceptions, of course, such as the tumbler, as this is where the cognac is supposed to warm up.

When drinking at a festively set table, the order is similar to that of cutlery: from outside to inside. The water glass is at the farthest point and remains there throughout the meal. Important at a formal meal also the "no back rule". This means that there is a new glass for each course. So, for example, during the main course, you do not drink from the glass from the appetizer.

Setting the table: This is what the correct arrangement of dishes looks like

Arrangement of glasses: this is how setting the glasses works

The place setting includes not only the glasses but also the dishes, cutlery, napkins and table decorations. Depending on how extensive the meal is, there is a simple or an extended place setting. But usually the simple is enough, which includes soup, main course and dessert. For this you need a soup spoon, cutlery (knife and fork), dessert cutlery, a napkin as well as a place plate, a dinner plate and a bread plate.

Tableware, cutlery and glasses should look uniform and be color-coordinated. The tablecloth is mostly white, slightly starched, free of stains and wrinkles. In addition, a colorful decoration comes out particularly well. When setting the table, the napkins are usually placed on the plate above.

Table order: How to arrange the plates

In the center of the place setting are the plates. At large parties, there are often flat place settings that are left until the end. They serve as placeholders and as a base for the plates of the respective courses. A place plate is larger compared to a dinner plate. In addition, they are decorative elements with which the dinner plates are attractively presented.

The appetizer or soup plate is on top of the plate for the main course. On the left above the place setting there is a small bread plate. It can also happen that a salad plate comes later. This can be found in the table order to the left of the place setting. Very practical is a finger bowl with warm water and lemon. With finger courts this stands with it, in order to be able to clean greasy fingers directly.

Set the cutlery correctly

At a classy dinner, the cutlery is set in the order of the menu from the outside to the inside. The forks are always on the left, knives and soup spoons on the right of the plate. On the far right is the soup spoon, next to it is the appetizer knife and the knife for the main course. On the left is the fork for the main course, on the far left is the hors d’oeuvre fork. The dessert cutlery is located above the plates. On the very outside of the left row of cutlery there is usually a bread plate with the corresponding bread knife.

On the left there should be no more than three pieces of cutlery, and on the right no more than three. If there are more than six courses, the waiters will pass the appropriate cutlery with the respective dish. Thus the table with many guests also does not appear too overloaded and confusing.

The edge of the knife always points inward, the tines of the fork upward. The handle of the dessert fork is oriented to the left, the handle of the dessert spoon to the right. If there is cheese or fruit for dessert, you will find a knife above the plate instead of a spoon.

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