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Branch, state, career level, position – here you can find everything you need to know about applying for a wide range of degrees from humanities to engineering.

Tips for the application of academics

Personnel managers make special demands on applications. To make your written profile convincing, academics compiles important criteria and gives tips for your application.

Opinions differ on the cover letter of academics. Still, the cover letter is considered the only element of the application that can be tailored precisely to the addressee.

An academic curriculum vitae can be detailed and should include all relevant stages of your career. How to structure it.

Online form, e-mail and one-click application are the usual channels when academics apply via the Internet. academics presents the three variants of the online application for scientists: What to consider?

The application photo should be chosen just as carefully as the textual elements of your documents. academics shows what is important for application photos for academics.

Training, internship or doctorate – is that already work experience?? Read about what you can claim as "work experience" here.

Have your documents checked with the application portfolio check from the DHV. Convince with a positive first impression!

Application tips by branch/field of study

An application should leave as positive a first impression of the applicant as possible. For scientists, research experience and professional qualifications are the most important factors.

Not all engineers are the same, and a job in the industry sometimes requires a very specific applicant profile. In order to present your profile well, there are a few things to keep in mind when applying for a job as an engineer.

How to apply as a scientist in the business world? Read here what to consider – tips for the application in R&D.

If you want to apply for a management position, you have to be convincing all around. Applicants must not only score points with their professional experience in their cover letter and resume, but also convince personnel officers of their leadership qualities.

Application tips by position

Regulations regarding salary information in the cover letter or the explicit highlighting of hobbies in the cover letter or in the resume – for educators, there are small but subtle peculiarities in the application process.

What is important when applying for a doctorate depends strongly on the type of doctoral position. In any case, you should know the basic standards.

The application for a professorship is more extensive than for other positions. And yet – a lot really helps a lot? What to include in the application for a professorship?

The application deadline for an attractive job has expired – and documents are still missing. Can certificates or other supporting documents be submitted at a later date?? What is the best way to proceed? academics clarifies.

Professorship (W2) in Information Systems, especially Business Process Management

Professorship in Data Science, Computer Science

Professorship for Latin American Studies

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The research center DESY is one of the world’s leading accelerator centers. Here, researchers decode matter and the nanocosmos in all its diversity.

IU International University is part of Career Partner GmbH and is one of the largest and fastest growing private education groups in Europe.

ATHENE accompanies and supports the digital transformation of society, business and the public sector to improve cybersecurity and data protection.

At over 16.000 students, the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences is the largest practice-oriented university in the north of Germany.

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Career Guide Application

When it comes to job applications, a lot has changed in recent years, not least due to digitalization: Nowadays, applications are almost exclusively submitted online via forms or e-mail. However, different industries, disciplines, degrees, career levels and positions each have their own set of rules, so it’s worth taking a close look at the application process. What mistakes to avoid? What counts as work experience? Which internships should I declare? How to best present my academic resume? As an academic, are there any special requirements when it comes to cover letters?? May the application photo be black and white? Which outfit should I choose? And most importantly: Does the job I am applying for fit me and my personality??

Further advice on the subject of science and research

On the way to the Dr.habil. the postdoctoral thesis is written even before the application for the postdoctoral degree is submitted. Tips for choosing the right postdoctoral thesis and for a successful postdoctoral application.

Many doctoral students take a part-time position at a scientific institution in order to reconcile their financial income and the topic of their doctoral thesis. The first employment contract for a promotional position should run for at least one year.

Users of social networks are believed to be prone to excessive self-promotion and neglect real contacts. Justified?

What is the difference between a university hospital and a normal hospital?? What career and salary prospects can be expected?

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