Anniversary of service celebrated

On 1. in september, two female officers of the federal armed forces service center in hammelburg were able to celebrate their 25th anniversary of service. Government Office Inspector Sonja Knauf and Government Principal Secretary Kerstin Eberlein both completed their training for the intermediate non-technical administrative service at the former Hammelburg site administration.

Sonja knauf worked at various Bundeswehr locations after her training: as an accounting officer at the center for recruiting junior staff in munich and as a procurement/clothing officer at the bwdlz kaufbeuren. After returning to her home base, she was employed as an accountant and as a clerk in the property management department. Since april 2016, the official has held the office of equal opportunities officer at the bwdlz hammelburg.

Kerstin eberlein remained loyal to the hammelburg site after her apprenticeship. She worked as a troop administration officer in what was then the fighter training battalion 353 and then as a clerk for accommodation and base affairs at the bwdlz. For the past four years, the woman from hammelburg has been taking care of the soldiers’ clothing needs.

the honoring of the highly esteemed female employees was done by the deputy head of the authority, Regierungsoberamtsrat gerhard gremminger, the head of personnel management, Regierungsoberamtsratin christiana stromel, the deputy chairwoman of the personnel council, Regierungsamtsinspektorin kirsten feldhoff, and by the deputy equal opportunities officer evi borst.

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