Amount of pasta per person

I often wonder how much of this or that food I can already calculate for a big dinner That most of the time I either fall short or have too much and I eat the same thing for several days, which makes the meals more boring. In addition, it must be taken into account that a large amount of food is wasted every day, which is completely illogical considering that at the same time millions of people in the world suffer from hunger.

For this reason, we decided to contribute our little grain and sand, and we calculated so you know How much to cook per person with the most common foods.

grams of pasta per person

  • Dry pasta: 150 grams per person
  • Fresh pasta: 200 grams per person
  • Macaroni-style pasta: 250 grams per person
  • Meat (including roast): 1/2 kilo per person
  • Pork or lamb ribs: 2 per person
  • Offal or similar: 200 grams per person
  • Round beef or similar: 250 grams per person
  • Chicken or rabbit: 500 grams per person
  • Medium potatoes: 2 per person
  • Medium tomatoes: 2 per person

Well, you have to take this as an example, since there is always People who eat more and others who eat lessAnd It is not the same to feed a child, a teenager or an adult. We hope it helps you.

How to measure the amount of pasta per person

How to measure the amount of pasta per person

Even if we cook all our lives, there is always something that is not so easy to perfect. The point is to measure the amount of pasta per person. We almost always make more! But today we will leave you with some tricks so that you can always make good use of this ingredient.

How much pasta does one person need?

For an adult person, About 80 grams of noodles are calculated. While for a child we will go to 55. It is true that not all people eat the same way. So it can be increased from 80 grams to 100 grams. If we talk about rice, for both paella and rice with chicken, about 50 grams per person is more than enough. So 50 grams is equal to two heaping tablespoons of.

How to measure the amount of noodles?

There is a trick that is very simple Measure the amount of pasta per person. In this case the trick works for the so called short pasta. That is, the macaroni and its derivative forms. We will put the dry noodles on the plate that we will eat. It is most advisable to use a deep plate. We will add the noodles to cover the ground. But without it being stacked. If the fund is covered, this indicates that we have the perfect amount for two people.

Also keep in mind that a 250 gram package of pasta equals about three people. While that of 500 grams, we would have enough quantity for about 5 or 6 people.

Amount of noodles per person for the diet

Because dieting doesn’t mean we stop consuming pasta. But we have to do it in smaller quantities. It will be a good supplement to maintain our energy, but without a doubt the dish must be supplemented with portions of protein and several vegetables. Therefore some 30 grams of pasta per person. We know that each diet can be different depending on the diet, but to have a reference, 30 grams is more than enough.

Amount of pasta per person for salad

Ensalada de Pasta

La The amount of noodles per person for salad is about 85 grams or 90. More than anything else because there are many other ingredients in a salad. So we do not want to make such a refreshing and healthy dish too heavy. If you’re still not sure about grams, you can use a normal sized glass of water as a measuring device. One jar of pasta would be equivalent to two people. If we are talking about the smallest of the house, we would have more than enough with half a jar for each of them.

How many grams of noodles per person for soup

How many grams of noodles per person for the soup

It must be said that when we prepare a soup we also doubt the quantities. Not only in the pasta itself, but also in the water we will add. Well, in this case you need to add About 100 grams of soup noodles per liter of water. If you are wondering how many grams of noodles per person for the soup I should add, we will tell you that with about 30 or 40 grams we will have more than enough.

Number of spaghetti per person

Number of spaghetti per person

to Measure spaghetti per personWe will have several options. On the one hand, you can get a ladle that drains pasta. This utensil has a kind of teeth and a hole in the middle. Now, the spaghetti left dry in this hole is the perfect amount for one person. If you don’t have it on hand, there is another trick that will work for you too.

We continue with the fact that each person needs about 80 grams of pasta. Well, you can also use your hands to measure the number of spaghetti per person. You will take a handful of this dry paste between your fingers. You need to bring your thumb and index finger together. In which way? Now, for the thumb to touch the first phalanx of the index finger. So the spaghetti that fits in this hole is for a single dinner.

How many are 100 grams of macaroni

How many are 100 grams of macaroni

We can measure 100 grams of macaroni with a glass. Yes, one of water, one of life. If we fill it with pasta, we get this amount. It’s that simple!.

Try this recipe for macaroni bolognese, you will love it&:

Amount of pasta per person

Surely from now on you can make just the right amount of pasta so you don’t overdo it.

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