Afghanistan: how to help?

Aid organizations Afghanistan: How to help?

Afghans gather outside the French Embassy in Kabul, waiting to leave the country. Photo: AFP/ZAKERIA HASHIMI

Dramatic scenes take place in Afghanistan. But how can we help? A selection of charities that could use support.

After the radical Islamic Taliban took power in Afghanistan, thousands of residents are trying to leave the country. Dramatic scenes take place at the airport in the capital Kabul. Many people in Germany ask themselves: how can you help when you live so far away?

The answer: support organizations that are on the ground. Although their mission now seems riskier than ever, and their staff may now have to seek safety themselves, some aid organizations are still in Afghanistan – trying to help. Here is a selection of organizations that could currently use support:

Afghanistan Aid

For more than 30 years now, Afghanistanhilfe has been implementing numerous aid projects. Through donations, clinics, school, orphanages, and women’s shelters have been built and operated in various provinces of Afghanistan.

Due to the Taliban takeover, the organization is currently providing emergency aid on the ground in collaboration with a locally based partner. They distribute food and products of daily use to people in need.

Sponsorship network Afghan local staff

The sponsorship network aims to help local Afghan forces get started in Germany. Local forces supported German soldiers and police on the ground, risking becoming targets of the Taliban. "They have to fear for their lives and therefore see only one way out: to leave their homeland and flee to the country they have supported for so long – their destination is Germany," it says on the organization’s website.

To make their start in Germany easier, they call for commitment: You can get involved "as a member of the association, as a sponsor or mentor, as an advisor in your field, as an employer and in many other areas.". Financial support is also urgently needed.

Afghan Children’s Aid Germany

Afghan Children’s Aid Germany currently supports three projects in Afghanistan: two clinics and a school in the Kabul area. Their goal is to offer children in Afghanistan a better future.

Founded in 2002, the association is recognized as a non-profit organization. At present the association transfers according to own data monthly approximately 8000 euro to Afghanistan, above all for the salaries of the more than 40 employees. "This is made possible by the many small and large donations that come to the association," according to the information on the website. Anyone who wants to make an effective contribution to a better future for children in Afghanistan can become a member of the association.

Medica Mondiale

Medica Mondiale is a women’s rights and aid organization based in Germany. It advocates for women and girls in war and crisis zones around the world.

In view of the current situation in Afghanistan, they are calling for the immediate evacuation of women’s rights activists who would be in mortal danger of. "The activists have been fighting for peace and women’s rights for the last 20 years and are therefore particularly threatened," Monika Hauser, founder of Medica Mondiale, says in a statement.

Afghan Women’s Association

The Afghan Women’s Association also campaigns against oppression and for the advancement of women and children. Specifically, they support drinking water and medical care, as well as education and training of local people. The spatial focus of their work is in rural areas of the provinces of Kabul, Ghazni and Kunduz. At the moment, according to their own information, about 190 members of the association are working in Afghanistan.

Caritas international

Caritas international has been working with local partners in Afghanistan for over 30 years. The aid agency of the German Caritas Association calls for humanitarian aid to be stepped up despite all risks. "It is not only the security situation that is causing problems for the people, but the Afghans are also suffering from acute hunger and the corona pandemic. aid is thus imperative, which makes military escalation now more difficult and dangerous," Stefan Recker, head of the organization, said in a statement. In total, Caritas international would support people in 133 communities with relief efforts against hunger. They distribute cash to people who can hardly afford to buy food in the face of rising food prices.

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