A rake for the funds

A rake for the funds

It was an entertaining evening around the question of how the living conditions in a structurally weak area like the Rhon can be improved. In the new "House for All, an example of cohesion and volunteerism in Langenleiten, Konrad Tripp, chairman of the CSA Rhon Grabfeld (Christian Employees Union) and Mayor Sonja Reubelt were able to welcome Kerstin Schreyer (State Minister for Family, Labor and Social Affairs). Contrary to usual events in times of elections, the evening in Langenleiten was also characterized by citizens and not only by politicians’ speeches.

The mayor as well as the CSA chairman were pleased about the great interest of the population. Sonja Reubelt evaluated the visit of the Minister of State in her municipality as a sign of appreciation and special recognition for the steps already taken in the context of the senior citizen work. Sabine Nasner, who has been working in the community of Sandberg since October as a "specialist for the Walddorfer seniors", was also present Sonja Reubelt, who is active in the area of social services, took the stage and spoke about her tasks and the neighborhood concept created by Mayor Reubelt, which will be funded with 80,000 euros for four years. The acquisition of a citizen bus, care relief afternoons, day care or greater mobility – many ideas have already been initiated to continue the existing infrastructure and to build up something new. "In the center of all considerations for Sonja Reubelt thereby always the thought stands for humans to become old in their homeland and as a member of the society to make possible ?, says Nasner. What constitutes this home, that presented five citizens in short statements. In the process, Sabine Nassner and Mayor Reubelt succeeded in recruiting people from very different backgrounds. It was always a matter of the places not being places of residence but a home.

Theresa Kneuer (Kilianshof) spoke about the new wildlife station, her son growing up in a natural environment and the attempt to combine environmental education with work for senior citizens. Brigitte Schmidt (Langenleiten) raised the issue of medical care, accessibility of specialists and the lack of suitable care places. With two nursing cases in the house she is always dependent on the help of friends and neighbors, she said. "The improvement of the living conditions of people in need of care and their relatives must be understood as a political task." Contrary to the two ladies, Pius Buhner’s family is already the tenth generation to live in Sandberg. But only itself was from 50 occupation years 25 as weekend commuters away from home active. For the future he would like to see adequate facilities for senior citizens in the rural areas and his homeland. "We do not need luxury funding for ski lifts in the Bavarian Alpine region. We need senior facilities. And we need better support for the honorary office", he gave the minister on the way.

Johannes Markert spoke about the advantages of Schmalwasser and showed the active youth work with the example of the Club`74. Siegfried Soder spoke on behalf of Waldberg and the great voluntary commitment when twelve pilgrimages with a good 2800 people have to be catered for in Waldberg during the summer months. Alone for the Wurzburg Wallfahrer on two days 80 sheet cakes are needed. In order to be able to accommodate the pilgrims in case of rain or even great heat, a roofing is needed for the courtyard of the village center. On the tables were red and green cards, which were needed for the following query by Sabine Nasner. "Can you imagine moving in old age?", "Would you like to spend your twilight years in a retirement home??" were two questions that were clearly answered. Red cards everywhere you looked at the thought of having to live in a retirement home. Thus the collecting main was given for mayor Reubelt to speak for her part about the planned projects, begun from the citizen bus up to consulting offers for age-fair reorganizations.

The social affairs minister picked up on all the points raised in her presentation. From tailor-made concepts for a community, as exemplified by Sandberg, to the promotion of volunteers, to dignified care and the question "What is the work on people worth??" In a panel discussion, the hot topics of mobility, medical care, recognition of voluntary work were once again highlighted. Sonja Reubelt drew a positive conclusion to the visit of the Minister of Social Affairs: "We take with us that Munich is interested in Sandberg, so that it remains worth living here."

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