50, 100 Euro or even more? This is how much money you should give the bride and groom as a wedding present

A wedding is a special day for everyone involved. To ensure that it stays that way, the gift of money should not be too stingy

100, 150 or more? If you are invited to a wedding, you often ask yourself what amount is appropriate as a wedding gift. Here are a few suggestions.

You are invited to a wedding – but don’t know how much money to give to the bride and groom? After all, you don’t want to seem like a penny-pincher – but you also don’t want to put too generous a bill in the envelope.

How much is the monetary gift for the wedding depends on how close your relationship is with the bride and groom. So how much do I give – as a friend, work colleague or relative?

Money gift for wedding: Give as much as the guest himself costs

The amount of the monetary gift depends on various factors: the Degree of kinship, the financial resources and the background of this special occasion.

After all, it is based on a long tradition that wedding couples want money for the honeymoon and thus the honeymoon itself from the guests. Often the bride and groom also want money as a gift, so as to cover the costs of the wedding – and to refinance the celebration of their dreams, so to speak.

But even if you don’t do anything, most of the guests will give you cash as a gift. But also vouchers and money for the honeymoon are in high demand. Many bridal couples also usually receive household goods and home textiles for the start of their life together.

You can therefore be guided by an old maxim: Give as much as you are going to drink or eat at the wedding reception andconsider what (high) food prices are paid in typical wedding venues. If the scope of the wedding turns out to be smaller – as is currently the case in the Corona crisis – weigh up the amount you would still like to give. And what you yourself would be happy about instead of the bride and groom and what you would consider appropriate.

Adapt the wedding gift to the financial situation

But the question of how much money you give is also largely dependent on how you are doing financially at the moment. That is own bank balance should serve you as a guide. it is important that you should not spend yourself financially. For a student or trainee it is therefore perfectly legitimate "only" 30 to 50 euros to give as a present.

Many also set a kind of standard budget for weddings. For one, this ranges from 50 to 100 euros, the other starts only from a value of 150 euros upwards. But also how close the relationship to the bride and groom is, plays a role for the monetary gift. Are you invited to the wedding of a work colleague- Or is your brother marrying the love of his life?

Wedding: give acquaintances up to 50 euros, family more than 100 euros

Basically, if the bride and groom are only acquaintances of yours, the value of your gift should be between 30 and 50 euros. Are you but friends with the bride and groom, it may be gladly something more: Up to 100 euros is appropriate in any case. If the bride and groom belong to the family, however, more is possible.

Mostly give Aunts, uncles and the parents of the bridal couple per person often from 100 and sometimes even up to 500 euros.

From the point of view of many gift-givers a no-go: less than 50 euros to give away. For the dear family one reaches namely very gladly times somewhat more deeply into the pockets. And even if it is about the best friends.

As a couple split money gift for wedding

Tip: If you are invited to a wedding with your better half, you can also like to divide the gift of money by two. No matter if you are a close relative, a friend or an acquaintance- überelieve an appropriate amount for the occasion and let your partner decide with his approval participate in the total. Advantage: This is also easy on your wallet.

But what does the good old etiquette say??

The etiquette bible largely agrees with the above. After all, no one can tell you how much you should ultimately give to the bride and groom. As a principle also applies according to etiquette, that you give the bride and groom at least should give as much as the bride and groom spend on the wedding guest at the wedding (about between 35 and 80 Euro).

The best thing about giving a gift is, of course, when you bring a smile to the bride and groom’s face – and help him to invest in the future together.

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