4 Healthy resolutions that make you happy

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For many, the ambitious New Year’s resolutions go bye-bye after just a few weeks. Not least because they are primarily associated with renunciation and restrictions. It would be much nicer to do something that is good for you, is fun and brings more joy into your life. It is precisely this that would give us new energy. The following resolutions can be tackled at any time of the year.

1. More Me Time

If you want to do something good for yourself, take time for yourself regularly in the new year! This has nothing to do with egoism – self-care would be the better term. It is precisely these that contribute significantly to your own well-being.

By scheduling times that are reserved only for your favorite activities, you focus your attention more on your own needs and well-being. Both the psyche and mental stability can be promoted by the so-called Me Time. In addition, your environment also benefits when you are well – you have a better mood as well as a more relaxed aura and can start work with more vigor.

Take time to find out for yourself what makes you happy – it’s worth it! Some people relax by reading or writing. Others while drawing, crafting or painting. Always ensure balanced sleep hygiene with your activities.

2. Fewer energy thieves

Actually, the daily meal should make fit and cheerful – some foods, however, cause the exact opposite. After taking them, you feel tired, listless and unfocused. If you avoid these energy thieves and instead reach for fresh, seasonal products from the region, you have already made a big contribution to your daily well-being!


High-sugar snacks such as chocolate bars, cakes or sweets are particularly deceptive. At first, they seem to work wonders – when you’re in an energy slump after lunch and feel like hitting the hay, these sweet temptations provide a real energy boost. The bad thing about it is that this high does not last long. Because the quick energy boost is followed by an even quicker low, since the blood sugar level drops again just as quickly and steeply as it rose beforehand. As a result, you feel tired and lacking in energy.

Meat products

Meat products such as sausages, bacon and salami are not only hearty and delicious, but also very fatty. As a rule, they contain a lot of it in the form of saturated fatty acids as well as trans fats. On the one hand, the latter promote the development of cardiovascular diseases, on the other hand, they also drain the body of energy. The high fat content is also a real challenge for digestion. You don’t have to give up meat, though, because lean, white meat in particular gives you power and can be an effective source of energy. The protein it contains – an essential building material of the body – supports the immune system, balances blood sugar spikes and regulates hormones. Therefore, when it comes to meat, look for low processing and good quality.


Attention is also called with sweet beverages! Due to their liquid form, the sugar they contain is absorbed by the body at lightning speed and is channeled into the cells. Unfortunately, even store-bought fruit smoothies are usually true sugar bombs. They do contain fructose, but this makes no difference to the body. In addition, often only the juice or the pulp of the fruit – that is, the sweet part with little fiber – is included and, due to the liquid form, smoothies are absorbed much faster by the body than solid, fresh fruit. It would be better to bite into a crisp apple with peel. Or blend your own smoothie, combining a variety of vegetables with some yogurt – this increases nutrient diversity, and slows down the rapid rise in blood sugar.

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