2022 Winter olympics: these are the venues and competition sites in beijing, yanqing and zhangjiakou

Dinner is served: The 2022 Winter Olympics will begin on the 4. February, when competitions are held in 15 sports for the coveted Olympic medals. Where exactly are the Olympic competitions taking place??

At'Vogelnest' genannten Olympiastadion von Peking werden die Eröffnungsfeier und die Schlusszeremonie der Olympischen Winterspiele 2022 abgehalten. (Foto)'


The 2022 Winter Olympics draw Winter sports-Enthusiasts from the 4. February to 20. February 2022 will cast a spell over the world. After the opening ceremony, which will take place on 04.02.2022 Olympic Stadium "Bird’s Nest" in Beijing the sporting competitions will really take off. But not only in Beijing, but also in other competition venues will be fought for gold, silver and bronze medals.

2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing: Competitions also planned for Yanqing and Zhangjiakou

A total of three areas in China have been chosen to serve as venues for the Olympic competitions. In addition to Beijing, athletes will compete in Yanqing and Zhangjiakou. In Beijing, the following sports venues will be the venues where the Olympians will perform at their best at the 2022 Winter Olympics:

The Beijing Olympic Stadium, nicknamed the "Bird’s Nest." was built for the 2008 Summer Olympics. At this year’s Winter Games, the venue will host the official opening ceremony, before also hosting the closing ceremony in the "Bird’s Nest" will be held.

Medal fight on blades: Ice hockey, figure skating, short track and co. takes place in Beijing

The national swimming center "ICE Cube" is also located in Beijing, which already served as a venue for competitions at the 2008 Summer Games and was then unceremoniously renamed the "Water Cube" by the athletes was renamed. Curling competitions are to be held here in February 2022. After the 2008 Summer Games, the Wukesong Arena will also be used for a second time, with seats for 18 students.000 fans will provide the perfect backdrop for the Ice hockey-Matches at the 2022 Winter Olympics will be held at the. Ice hockey will also be played in the national indoor stadium "The Fan" played.

The home of the skating sports at the 2022 Winter Olympics will be the national speed skating arena "The Ice Ribbon", a newly built sports palace, as well as the capital’s indoor stadium, which has been in place since 1968 and hosts the short track and Figure skating-competitions are held.

Alpine skiing, luge, skeleton: Where do the Olympic competitions take place??

To have the perfect backdrop for winter sports that require a hilly nature, Yanqing, located about 75 kilometers northwest of downtown Beijing, was chosen. In the mountainous suburb there are ideal conditions for the Ski Alpine-competitions, the luge events and the bobsleigh competitions. Alpine skiing events have been moved to the National Alpine Skiing Center, which is a newly built facility with seven slopes, 3.500 standing places and 5.000 seats offers everything that athletes and fans want. Also newly built, the National Sliding Center will allow Olympians in bobsledding, skeleton and luge to compete in ideal conditions. Besides 2.000 fans to be seated, there will be a further 8.000 standing room.

From ski jumping to snowboarding: these competitions will be held in Zhangjiakou

Last but not least, Winter Olympic sports will get like Biathlon, Snowboard, Ski jumping, Nordic combined and cross-country skiing a sporting home in Zhangjiakou. The ski resort is located about 180 kilometers northwest of Beijing and has been chosen as the backdrop for most Nordic skiing and snowboarding competitions.

The National Biathlon Center, as you can already guess, will host the biathlon competitions at the 2022 Winter Olympics. For this purpose the complex was newly built.

Meanwhile, athletes competing for Olympic medals in ski jumping and Nordic combined are at the national ski jumping center "Snow Ruyi" welcome. The design of the ski jumping hill is based on the Chinese talisman of a Ruyi scepter, which also explains the name of the competition venue. The cross-country skiers and Nordic combined athletes, meanwhile, will be challenged in the national cross-country skiing center, which was also newly built for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

That leaves the venues for ski freestyle and snowboard: the two disciplines will have their sporting home at Genting Snowpark, with two separate facilities providing undisturbed competition conditions for the respective athletes. Park A, which is reserved for the ski freestyle aces, and Park B, which is reserved for snowboard competitions, will each be able to host 7.500 spectators to watch live.

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