13 Steps: live your perfect dream!

How to live your dream in 13 steps

If there is one thing I have learned in life, it is to always believe in your dreams. Dreams give courage and strength to develop yourself and to grow beyond yourself. My experience shows that most dreams are simply part of people’s life plan. It fails only so often because of lack of courage and confidence. How best to live your dreams, I would like to tell you in this article. To this end, here are the 13 steps to live your dream.

Further down in the article I summarize for you many tools and further text that will help you to realize your dream.

How to live my dream?

I’ve put together 13 steps for you here that will give you a general direction to live your dream.

  1. Become aware of your dream. What you want from life? Where to go?
  2. Write a future scenario in the present tense in which you are already living your dream.
  3. Read your vision of the future every day.
  4. Believe in yourself and your dream.
  5. Become aware of the steps you need to take on the path to your dream life. Developing is more fun with small subgoals!
  6. Always educate yourself to gain the knowledge you need to fulfill your dream.
  7. Dream about how what you want has already come true. Go into the feeling of fullness and carry it with you.
  8. Believe even more in yourself and your dream!
  9. Focus more on the good and strengthening in all things.
  10. Connect with those around you, work with them and support each other in your dreams.
  11. Act. You can dream as much as you want, without the action it’s unlikely anything will change. Do everything in your power for your dream.
  12. Celebrate small as well as big successes, as I said, put your focus on the positive
  13. Believe in yourself and your dream. Everything will be possible if it is first possible in your mind.

Have I forgotten something?

Feel free to add to the steps below with a comment.

How to live your dream in 13 steps

my job is to motivate people to live their dreams

I wrote the following text during my trip to Thailand in early 2014:

It’s wonderful how many people I meet on my travels, from whom I can learn and whom I can inspire. I love to make people think about things.

They tell me something about their life, what they are doing, why they are traveling, that unfortunately they have to go home soon and that they would rather stay longer. Then I ask them what their profession is, what their dream is, what they love to do and what their wishes are.

I throw all this into a pot, add some inventiveness, creativity and knowledge, and then tell them: Look, you have already learned marketing, you are interested in cooking and you have mastered a life challenge in which you lost a lot of weight through training and gained an athletic figure.

How about making a product out of it and giving a solution-oriented guide to other people who are facing a similar challenge?.

You are young, d.h. Your target group is rather young people. I don’t know any fitness coaches your age, so this could be a gap in the market. And if you know how to market, you have the best chance to be successful with your product. So you can follow your passion and meanwhile be on the road and even earn money with it. Would this maybe be a way for you to live your dream?

Book things I wish I had known when I was 18

In my first book I described this topic in more detail. It’s great for when you want to go deeper into this topic.
View all info and reading sample

Making videos or writing a book is so easy today and done in a few mouse clicks. All you need is knowledge and experience to pass on to others. (PS: Everybody has something to pass on or to acquire.)

Everyone can live his dreams, if they are not utopian

Then the person gets quiet and says, "wow, that opens up a whole new set of horizons for me". His mind works, becomes creative and maybe one day he decides to actually put this project of self-realization into action. It’s an adventure, no question, but isn’t the adventure awesome and doesn’t your heart long for it??

Everything starts with an inspiration for the things that are possible. Then you take what you can and are now. With the possibilities it turns into a dream that you can live.

That is z.B. my job. I love to inspire people, show them possible ways and motivate them to live their dreams. I am a "dream motivator".

However, there was never a time in my life when I said "So, now I’m going to be a dream motivator"!". No. I just followed what I enjoy and what I think makes sense (all people should do that :-)).

Everyone can live their dreams

Of course, I also needed courage and had to overcome fears, but that’s a natural part of life. We just have to accomplish something before we can reap the harvest. (This principle doesn’t apply to life in tropical countries, where you can pick the ripe fruit from a tree or palm tree at any time. :-) )

One product I recently designed is an online course called "Your New Life". This is not about how to start your own business with your own product or service – maybe that will come :)…shall I?

It’s about the hurdles one step before, finding your passion and gathering the courage to face life’s big challenges too. And of course, in the last week of the 4-week program, you will find explanations and exercises on how to use the power of your thoughts to live your dream.

Because everything you think and feel affects your reality. That’s why the exercises in the weeks before are so important, aimed at developing awareness of one’s own thoughts. A great thing.

So the world is your oyster.
It’s all up to you what your future looks like.
You can decide today in which direction you want to go.

I have decided for myself to pursue only those things that give me inner joy and in which I see meaning. I live my dreams like this, day after day. It is first and foremost a life decision that can change everything. It’s a path that’s possible for everyone too. Everyone has the potential to grow and always will. Because growth is infinite. That’s also the beauty of the game of life. Infinite growth. So live your dreams, because that’s the only thing you are here for.

Live your dream? If not, what is stopping you? Feel free to tell about it in a comment or ask your question.

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