10 Romantic city trip ideas for newly in love

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Many people believe: the most beautiful moments in life, happiness and ecstasy, romance above all, that would only happen spontaneously – did they tell you that too?

Fact: There are places and situations that just drip with romance – more contagious than the current flu wave. Your partner claims to be romance resistant? One look at this list of some of the world’s most romantic destinations, and the resistance is broken. Promised.

Romantic vacation in Venice: gondola around and sigh

Just gondola a bit through the canals – and don’t forget: Under the Bridge of Sighs, please take a deep breath… Conclusion: Venice is always oppressively beautiful, even in twilight on foot with two cynics in company.

If you now move to the water, the romance factor is multiplied many times over. Almost unbearable! You can stay at the Hotel Villa Pannonia: 4 stars, excellent rating and from 72 euros per night and room.

Romantic city trip to Vienna: A Fiaker ride is a must

Is your partner a fan of optimization? Then he or she will probably get bumblebees on the Fiaker ride through Vienna: Two hours you dawdle in the open two-horse through the old imperial city, the carriage has no WLAN and at the end you must also be careful that the champagne does not overflow you … But romance just does not go efficiently, atsch!

But we can assure you, Vienna is really very romantic. Really! And stay overnight in Vienna? How about 4 stars and excellent rating? Fleming’s Hotel Wien-Westbahnhof is available from 72 euros per night and room.

Romantic weekend in Paris: rendezvous at the Pont Neuf

Love-locks are now strictly forbidden in Paris, but since you two are as sure of each other as Mickey and Minnie, you can forget the nonsense about the steel scrap on the bridge railing.

There are no bars anyway at the number one bridge of interest to romantics, the Pont Neuf. But a brilliant panorama and space to stand, hold hands, whisper in your ear, languish, etc. You are looking for a romantic place to stay in Paris? The Oceania Paris Porte de Versailles is excellently rated and even offers a pool and gym – from 96 euros per night.

Romantic destination Rome: Slalom around columns

More beautiful than the cinema: the two of you putting the spurs to an old Vespa (it can also be a new one), always along Via Veneto to the Trevi Fountain, into which you don’t throw yourself, but only a few coins, in order to then throw in a double espresso at the bar of Cafe Greco – you’d better hold off on the cappuccino at the table, because it costs as much as a medium-sized pizza.

Afterwards, pay a visit to the mystical Bocca de la Verita – for the return trip, you can also hail a cab, which is also possible with one hand ..

Rome is – the name says it all – very Romantic by nature, so it almost doesn’t matter where you stay anymore. But the icing on the cake could be the Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel& SPA be, located at Rome’s famous city park – a night costs here in May less romantic 189 euros and more.

A touch too much? Not at all: If India, then Taj Mahal

The great mogul Shah Jahan did not let himself down: in memory of his great love, much too faded for him, he had a monumental tomb built for her – the Taj Mahal, a structure of unparalleled beauty and preciousness.

No wonder this grandiose marble monument has long been a place of pilgrimage for Indian lovers to swear eternal fidelity to each other. You can do that too – so, let’s go to Agra!

Argentina very rhythmically: Romantic vacation at the Rio de la Plata

Buenos Aires is the best place to find out whether you are living in the same rhythm: The Argentine capital is the birthplace of the tango, which many consider to be the most erotic dance in the world. Being in constant contact with each other is exciting and exhausting at the same time.

Where better to learn this musical courtship than at the place of its origin?

The excellently rated very stylish Vain Boutique Hotel costs from 86 euros per night.

Perfect for a romantic weekend: Dubrovnik

Disney couldn’t have drawn this more beautifully: Dubrovnik is so picturesque that it really shouldn’t be real at all! The Croatian port city, formerly called Ragusa, is surrounded by a turreted, defiant ring of walls that permanently grants phenomenal panoramas of city, sea and mountains.

In addition, the city is equipped with many shady corners and nooks – Lovers’ Lane at its best!

If you want to indulge in some resort feeling, the Valamar Argosy might be for you: 4 stars, excellent rating, close to the beach, super pool and from 63 euros per night.

Romantic trip with announcement: Prague, but please only in pairs

You’re here to work: On some days, whole crowds of engaged couples strut around Hradcany, Prague’s castle hill, complete with photographer escort, to make sure their new Facebook status makes the best impression on mom’s dresser, too.

Admittedly: Castle and the Lesser Town are already great background motifs for so much private happiness. When you’ve had enough of the flood of couples, take refuge in the quiet Hradschin Park on the ramparts.

One of the romantic hotels in Prague is the design hotel Mosaic House: 4 stars, excellent rating and bookable from 11 euros per night.

Romantic trip to Las Vegas: Marriage not out of the question

Only for those who want to get married: no wedding ceremony is more spontaneous, casual, and romantic than the one in one of the wedding chapels in Las Vegas – the best thing about it: unfortunately, the hunchbacked relatives couldn’t come with us. Och, how pity&

©Larry D. Moore/Wikimedia Commons

After you have exchanged rings and dug the rice out of the collar, you fritter away your first joint budget in Caesar’s Palace!

The most romantic abyss in the world: Grand Canyon

It’s been around for millions of years, and according to you two, it’s going to be around for a while: The Grand Canyon is enormous, indestructible, eternal – who will cry in the face of some trifles like a prematurely failed life partnership??

In this respect, "The Big Hole In The Ground" is not only a fascinating place for romantic trysts, but also for a ceremonial un-friending – you can throw the old rings in afterwards. Away they go.

Sorry, I did not mean it that way.

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