Yourself& learning to love others: five tips!

Yourself& Learning to love others: 5 tips for a healthy relationship

by Lena Grutzmacher 24.10.2021, 16:32 21.10.2021, 11:01

Learning to love yourself and others is a long process. We will accompany you on this journey and provide five useful tips.

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Learning to love yourself is the first step to a healthy relationship. Credit: imago images/Addictive Stock

Love- the most beautiful feeling in the world. At least for those who know it. But what about the people who have never been in love in their lives?? you can Learning to love? Sure! But first of all love yourself. We give you five tips on how to discover love for a partner with self-love.

Learning to love yourself: A relationship with you!

We’ve heard it many times, and there’s something to the phrase: "If you want to love someone else, you must first know how to love yourself.“ Often, negative experiences in past relationships, the family or other areas of life can lead to a lack of gratitude Inferiority complexes or self-doubt triggered, that stand in the way of (self) love. We have three tips on how you can overcome the emotions.


Meditation is the best way to make room for new feelings in your mind. Credit: Photo: Getty Images/ Vicens Prats / EyeEm /

1. Meditation

A short meditation is like a detox for the soul. Once you have the technique down, you can work through and let go of negative thoughts and thus create space in the mind for new feelings- even for love. So before you enter into a new relationship, clean up your own mess of thoughts.

2. Selfcare

Many insecurities that we carry around with us are unfortunately still based on our appearance. Constant comparison with Insta-Stars and celebrities leads to the fact that many are not satisfied with themselves. In doing so, we must always keep in mind that HERE is the right world and we should love ourselves as we are. Rather than chasing some unattainable ideal, do self-care activities that do lasting good for your body and psyche. Sports, a long bath or regular sauna sessions are just a few of the endless possibilities.

3. Gratitude

If you want to be happy about something new, you first have to learn to love the "old" to appreciate- another clever saying. To integrate more gratitude into your everyday life, you could start keeping a gratitude diary, for example. There you reflect every day what you are grateful for, what you can do better and what you look forward to the next day. This habit helps to establish a positive mindset. And let’s face it- What is more attractive than a person who goes through life in a positive way??

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Fully committing to each other is a must to develop love. Credit: istock/YakobchukOlena /

Learning to love again: This is how it works!

People who have had short relationships, or perhaps have never been in a relationship, sometimes wonder if they can love at all. The answer in most cases is: YES, of course! Sometimes you just have to learn to love again. We give you two tips to make it work again.

4. Go all in

Often a relationship fails in the first few months when one partner can’t open up like the other. But to turn a flirtation or a date into love, it’s important to go all in important and indispensable. If you’ve come clean with yourself first, Know what you have in you and know your value, Opening up is still a risk, but a foreseeable one. Because no matter what: You still have you and you can trust that. So: let yourself go when you feel he or she is worth it and put all your eggs in one basket.

Übrigens: Commitment is one of the cornerstones of happy relationships, according to science. Read more about it here& Why time together is also important.

5. Ütalk about your feelings

The feelings that you have learned to express in your gratitude diary, you should also express sometime to your partner. Not right away of course and only when it feels right, but communication is key. Also, you should talk about the things that bother you and not subconsciously trying to change your partner. Because only when you both accept and respect each other equally and love each other’s quirks, the first "infatuation" will turn into a "relationship" also love.

Learning to love

You can learn to love- you just have to dare! Credit: Pexels/ Ron Lach

Conclusion: Loving can be learned

So you see: Love can be learned! But it means work, patience and forbearance. Especially with yourself. But honestly: what is it worth it for?, To be a little patient and forgiving, if not for the feeling of being in love?!

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