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Hello – We are the citizens’ initiative "Grungurtel fur alle" and we fight for the preservation of the Gleueler meadows in the green belt. At this point, we try to gather all the info to write a statement against the expansion plans. Do you have further questions? Write us a mail to [email protected] – we will answer as soon as we can, or call you back if you give us your phone number. Be sure to write us also if you miss info in this FAQ, we will continuously expand this page for you.

Statement? Open position? What does it even mean in this context? And what has happened so far?

We are currently in the depths of the construction plan. The 1.FC Koln would like to build a performance center, additional new functional buildings and three artificial turf pitches with floodlights on the Gleueler meadow. A total of over 36.000m² of public and undeveloped parkland in favor of the 1.FC Cologne will be resealed. The Gleueler Wiese is a part of the green belt, which in its entirety is under strict landscape and monument protection.

In times of climate change it must be forbidden to build there, you probably think now. True, but the city administration has been trying for three years to find a special regulation here for the 1.FC Cologne to make possible. Now the point has been reached where the city council has completed all planning. The building law prescribes now the so-called open position. People who are affected by an implementation of the development plans have the right to submit their comments within the open period (4.July – 30.August) the opportunity to write a statement to the administration. In this statement, the personal concern can be described and arguments formulated why the development plans may not be implemented. The city planning office must examine these objections individually and then present them in summary form to the council of the city of Cologne for a political decision. If the council of the city of Cologne then agrees (can happen, since CDU, SPD and FDP have committed themselves here) a unique natural space in the west of Cologne disappears under artificial turf.

Am I affected at all?

YES! We would all be affected by the implementation of these plans – the meadow is active for our city climate and cools as a cold air corridor our Veedel on hot days. The meadow is part of a monument, the green belt, which together with the cathedral makes our city so unique. The meadow is an intact ecosystem that supports many rare and protected species (u.a. Bats, birds of prey, bees butterflies) habitat and livelihood represents. A development of the meadow would be a precedent, one allows the 1.FC Cologne a development there, with which right one could refuse other prospective customers and enterprises a development in the green belt? What about the increase in traffic around Geissbockheim? There are many more reasons – on this page below you will find many links z.B to the expert opinions [1] and [2] that the city of Cologne has prepared, as well as examples, so that you can quickly read into the topics. Of course, non-Cologne residents can also submit a statement.

Write a statement? Phew – that sounds exhausting..

Yes – but you don’t do that every day! And you become active for the environmental protection and for the climatic protection directly before your entry door! Praise and recognition as green belt saviors are certain for you! Only the objections we raise together now can be used later in a possible court case. The logic of the building law is unfortunately like this: if you don’t write a statement against it, you are for it.

Are there already examples?

Yes, on our homepage you can find many statements that were written in the context of the first citizens’ survey under the menu item Statements. Here we have already published some current statements from you. Thanks a lot to all those who have sent us their comments!

Diligent hands have now also compiled a whole series of formulations and ideas for you, which you can use as a "quarry" for your comments. Change the text modules, add your own personal reasons. Each of your comments is valuable, no matter whether it is long or short , whether it is formulated scientifically or colloquially! Let’s go!

You can find the file in Word format here>

You can find the file in OpenDocument format here>

Ready! Where do I send my statement?

The city of Cologne offers the possibility to submit comments online. Here, too, "Extension of the RheinEnergieSportpark in Cologne Sulz" must be entered in the field "Planning procedure". If you submit your statement here online, you should note the submission date and forward a copy of the statement together with the submission date to us ([email protected]). This way it can be checked later if your arguments have been taken into account.

Online submission of your comments

The online form of the city of Cologne

Your statement also can be sent as a letter (0,80 €) to the city planning office. The address is:

City of Cologne
City Planning Office, City Hall Deutz
Willy-Brand-Platz 2

Subject: Offenlage extension RheinEnergieSportpark in Cologne Sulz.
It is advisable to send the letter as a registered letter to the city planning office.

Please be sure to send us a copy of your statement to [email protected], otherwise we will not get an overview of the arguments. This is IMPORTANT for a possible lawsuit! We would also like to publish some of your submissions – with your permission and of course anonymously – on our homepage.

Note the deadline – your comments must be submitted within the period of 4.July until 30.August received at the city planning office (the city’s receipt stamp is valid).

Why is it important for me to write an individual statement?

Since the city planning office has to check your statement – your statement should be individual and should reflect your personal concern. An individual statement requires a detailed examination of your comments by the city, A form letter as a statement, which z.B. we could provide you would be easy and quick for the city planning office to process. Another important reason: only arguments against the expansion that are listed in our comments can later be taken into account in a lawsuit. So let’s use our swarm intelligence and keep all doors open for us.

What else do I have to consider when writing my statement?

The most important thing is the deadline – you can use the 4. July until 30. August Send your comments to the city planning office. Submissions received before July 4 or after 30. August arrivals will not be taken into account. There are no special formal requirements for your statement itself. If you list your arguments, it is better to explicitly list supporting documents, own observations, photos.

Which arguments can I still include in my statement??

Roland Schuler’s document from the Offenlage info evening offers a good overview of the aruments

Where can I actually read the plans that the city of Cologne has drawn up?

The city of Cologne has put the expert opinions online:
Expansion of RheinEnergieSportpark in Cologne-Sulz
Extension RheinEnergieSportpark in Cologne-Sulz, 209. Change of land use plan
There is really quite a lot to read – if you are a specialist in one of the areas of expertise or know someone – we could use contacts – feel free to get in touch&

However, the amended land use plan, the development plan and all expert opinions can also be submitted within the Offenlagenfrist (4.July until 30.August) at the City Planning Office (Stadthaus), Willy-Brandt-Platz 2, 50679 Cologne, in the period from
Monday and Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m,
Tuesday from 8 to 18,
Wednesday and Friday from 8 to 12,
and by special arrangement,
can be viewed by you in room 09 B 21.

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