Wrapping money gifts and vouchers in an original way – 25 ideas

Wrapping money gifts and vouchers originally, ideas

Money gifts and vouchers belong to the classics, with which the presentee can often do more than with a tea set or an artificial plant. But they seem at first glance a little impersonal, because it is only paper with value and not something in which own handiwork has flowed. Here it helps to wrap money gifts and vouchers originally.

A friend’s birthday is coming up or your child has had great success in school? Money and vouchers are a welcome gift in such cases and clearly stand out from classic presents in their usefulness. The only drawback to these is the rather impersonal touch.

Often it is the thought that counts, but many recipients are happy about self-made. As a solution to this, it offers itself, money gifts and vouchers original to wrap and so your own creativity in the gift with to let flow. The choice of funny, pretty or elegant Packaging ideas is great and inspiring.

Wrapping gifts of money and vouchers

Wrapping cash gifts and vouchers originally – 25 ideas

No matter whether you want to wrap monetary gifts or delight your loved ones with exciting gift certificates, the Wrapping ideas are numerous and inspire with their creativity. You can wrap money and vouchers without having to rely on overly complicated steps, which makes wrapping more fun.

If you yourself don’t know which packaging is worthwhile for the gift, you should take a look at the following list with over 20 ideas. These present numerous Handicrafts, which can be perfectly implemented with materials from your own home, so you do not even have to immediately go to the craft store.

Wrapping money gifts and vouchers originally, variations


If you are familiar with Japanese folding techniques, you can wrap monetary gifts by carefully folding them. Alternatively, you can wrap vouchers, for example, by folding a cat, the sign of prosperity in the land of the sun, out of paper and let it hold the voucher in its paw.

Monumental buildings

If a vacation is coming up, you can wrap cash gifts and vouchers in an original way by making the appropriate monuments out of them. This is how rolled banknotes become sights such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or a voucher becomes the Great Wall of China.

Homemade chocolate

Money, vouchers and chocolate. Such a combination inspires. For example, you can wrap the gift shrink-wrapped directly in a chocolate bar or stick a chocolate heart to it. The possibilities are many.

Decorative glasses

Fill large jars with coupons, monetary gifts and appealing decorations. An example would be sand, shells and starfish, which look good on the shelf even without banknotes due to the maritime style.


Here you have the choice between a bouquet of flowers, in which you put the voucher or the money or made flowers from banknotes. If you wrap money gifts in this way, the recipients are visibly thrilled due to the blooms.

(Non-edible) cakes

You can even make cakes out of coupons or banknotes. To do this, fold them like a piece of cake and decorate with decorative flowers, beads, sprinkles of paper or glitter, giving the impression of a dessert. Very popular in female circles.

Message in a bottle

The classic par excellence to wrap gifts of money and vouchers in an original way. To do this, simply roll the bill, tie it together and put it in a bottle, which is sealed. You can even float them in a small pond or basin.

Wrapping money gifts and vouchers originally, message in a bottle

Cutlery bag

If you know how to fold a cutlery bag, you can pack money in it as well. Good for small amounts and many guests.

Classic envelopes

Of course, there is nothing wrong with an envelope, especially if you want to wrap vouchers.

Creative collages

As popular as envelopes are, collages must of course be mentioned here. So you can designate a voucher as the central point of the collage or include several banknotes in it. Let your creative streak run wild here.

Fabric bags

Cut an old jeans or flannel shirt bag from the garment and you have an attractive alternative to wrap the gifts of money and vouchers in an original way.

Wrap gifts of money and vouchers in an original way, fabric or jeans bags

Money candy

If you carefully twist banknotes into a candy, you can fix them with decorative ribbon and thus fill a whole bowl with five or ten euro bills.

Hidden in the book

Remember those books with a cutout that are popular as a hiding place? For book lovers or writers, this gift is certainly worth considering.

On the balloon

Birthdays, baby showers or a bachelor party with balloons is the ideal starting situation to hang bills or a voucher on them. You can even decorate them attractively.

One box at a time

Of course, an interesting way to wrap gifts of money and vouchers in an original way is to hide them in one box after another. Admittedly, this can get on the recipient’s nerves a bit, but you can change any box in terms of decoration. So it will never be boring.

Sweet mice

Take a pair of bacon mice, tie bills around their necks and you have cute mice for the recipients.

Money rings for the wedding

If you fold two banknotes into rings and connect them together, you have a practical gift ready for a wedding or an engagement.

Cocktail umbrellas

Classic cocktail umbrellas can be folded from banknotes and toothpick them. This way you can enjoy drinks together with the recipient and make for a stylish gift.

Use household utensils

If you are invited to a wedding, for example, and want to give away household utensils, you can add a little money to it. So even small gifts like an eggbeater can be upgraded.

wrapping money gifts and vouchers originally, kitchen utensils, whisk

Parking disc

For people who travel a lot by car or have successfully passed driving school, you can thread a bill into the parking disk. Can take a little time depending on your dexterity, but thrilled by the double benefit.

Crown cork coins

Take a crown cap and put a coin in it. Now you bend the prongs inwards and the recipients have to bend them up again to get to the money.

Wrapping money gifts and vouchers originally, crown cork coins

Deposit gift (caution: danger of frustration)

Last but not least, instead of a classic cash gift, you can fill a large amount of deposit bottles into decorative bags and give them as gifts. Makes a bit of work for the gift recipient, but definitely provides a laugh for everyone involved. Of course, like crown caps, this is a classic, but original fun gift.

This is just one Selection of ideas, with which you can wrap your cash gifts and vouchers originally. There are three more ideas in the following paragraphs, which are detailed with a Instructions be described. Thanks to them, you will not have any problems with wrapping and the recipient will be even more pleased.

Tip: When implementing the gifts, be sure not to damage the vouchers and cash gifts by bending or tearing them. Especially vouchers often break or become illegible when folded and for this reason you should only bend or roll them in places without writing to reduce the risk of damage.

Decorative financial syringes | Instructions

Wrapping cash gifts doesn’t have to be difficult. Exactly for this reason it is worthwhile to rely on these proverbial "Financial injections" to put if you want to include a little humor in the gift.

For this idea you will need the following utensils:

  • Syringes (without needle)
  • Adhesive tape (transparent)
  • Decorative elements of your choice

Wrapping money gifts and vouchers originally, financial injections, material

The size of the syringes depends on the banknotes you want to fill into them. Variants with larger fillings have proven to be effective, as they are easier to fill with the money bills. Depending on design wishes You can use transparent or completely colored syringes, whereby the second variant leaves the recipient guessing what is in the syringe.

Wrap the money gifts in the following way:

  • open the syringes

original packaging of gifts of money and vouchers, financial syringes, syringe opening

  • roll the banknotes tightly together
  • do not bend in the process
  • now insert money bills into the syringe
  • inserting the flask up to the banknote or inserting it into the flask

Wrap money gifts and vouchers in an original way, financial syringes, roll up banknotes

  • fix with tape
  • decorate

Wrap money gifts and vouchers originally, financial syringes, decorate syringe

In terms of decoration, you can go wild with this gift. For example, you can tie a bow around the syringes or paint them. You can even decorate the inside with additional Decorative elements provide, to which for example sand, absorbent cotton, wool or simply only a little glitter powder belong.

Original wrapping of cash gifts and vouchers, ready-made financial gifts

Let your imagination run wild. Once the syringes are filled and decorated, you can also pack them, stick them in a frame or arrange them decoratively. Despite the simple system, numerous designs can be created with the Financial tips implement. You can even give a gift to several lucky people in this way and keep the effort low.

wrap money gifts and vouchers in an original way, financial syringe with filling

Tip: You can also pack vouchers in this way, only you have to use appropriately large syringes, which can sometimes seem a little funny. carefully roll up the voucher and place it in the syringe and close it in the way described above.

World maps with seed money [instructions

A particularly nice idea for globetrotter, honeymooners or exchange students is a world map in which you wrap cash gifts. As with the financial gifts, it is not difficult to implement this project and incorporate your own creative ideas.

For this idea you will need the following utensils:

  • World map (alternatively map of a country, city or region)
  • Scissors
  • suitable frame for the card
  • Adhesive tape

Original wrapping of money gifts and vouchers, world map, material

When choosing the card, you can choose from a variety of materials. It does not have to be the whole world. Maybe the presentee is interested in a road trip along Route 66 or a city break across Europe. In this case you should map choose according to the plans of the person you want to give a gift to. The size of the card should match the frame or vice versa.

Once you have all the materials together, proceed as follows:

  • select the destinations on the map
  • cut them out
  • for example, certain countries or cities

Money gifts and vouchers original packaging, world map, countries from map cut out

  • then turn the card over
  • stick a bank bill behind the cutouts
  • this way you can see them instead of the destinations
  • Close frame

Wrap money gifts and vouchers in an original way, world map, insert money bills in map

At the end you should have a card in front of you, the cutouts of which are filled with banknotes, which now resemble the respective destination in shape. In this way, the recipient can enjoy a small or large gift for each destination Pocket money look forward, depending on where it goes. Likewise, this gift is perfect as seed money for a Travel on, for example, if your children after graduating from high school or a successful job interview once again want to explore like world.

Wrapping money gifts and vouchers in an original way, world map with banknotes

Tip: In the same way, you can decorate pictures in a picture frame with money or coupons to draw attention to them. Cut out for this likewise again certain places or stick even the gift nicely folded to the frame.

Tealight gift | Instructions

This gift is something special, because only after some time the real gift is revealed. In itself, the tealight is not the gift, but only a decorative distraction that makes you want the Money or voucher gift makes.

Money gifts and vouchers originally pack, tealight as a voucher offer

Especially vouchers pack this way is particularly easy, because you pack the voucher itself only in a decorative envelope and present the recipient the tea light. For this one you only need a tea light and a felt pen that does not wash off easily.

  • take the wax from a tea light
  • write on the bottom with a felt pen
  • it should be either a monetary value or the rough content of the voucher

Wrapping money gifts and vouchers originally, tealight, label tealight

  • Example of monetary gift: 20 or 20 euros
  • Example of vouchers: Spa visit or parachute jump
  • reuse the wax
  • alternatively decorate tealight

Original wrapping of money gifts and vouchers, tea light with inscription

When the tea light is lit, you and the recipient only have to wait a while until the wax is transparent and thus the lettering is visible becomes. Once this has been read, you can then present the right gift. Such a form of "packaging" serves mainly as a wrapper and thus draws attention to itself.

Wrapping cash gifts and vouchers in an original way, tea light with inscription under liquid wax

If you have to present a longer word, you can several tea lights with individual letters, numbers or syllables that together form the corresponding word. Especially children are enthusiastic about such decorations.

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