Why should we hire you? The horror question from the job interview

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A question like you would expect in a job interview. Once the question is asked, the candidate feverishly considers why he or she should be hired, compared to all the other equally or even better qualified candidates. What the candidate doesn’t know, however, is that this isn’t the only thing the recruiter is getting at. The pitfalls of open-ended questions on the part of the recruiter are that they include many more questions. Not only does it want the obvious answer to the question it is asking, but in the process it wants to gain as much information about the applicant as possible. It does not matter how the question is formulated, because "Why should we hire you??" is not the only option. In question are often also u.a. the following formulations:

  • Why you are a perfect fit?
  • Why you are the best qualified person for the job?
  • What added value does hiring you give us compared to others??

Why all this questioning?

Every employer is interested in finding the best candidate for the vacant position. A miscast would cost a lot of money, that’s why there is an interview, often even supplemented by an assessment center. In such an open-ended question, the recruiter will check various skills of the applicant. Depending on the level of detail and the number of details, a recruiter can get an idea of how the applicant will work in the future. This is evident from how analytically-systematically the respondent proceeds when answering the questions. Also the personnel manager sees how smart and eloquent the applicant is.

So what should the answer be?

There is no uniformly "correct" answer. The magic formula to do well is up to each applicant himself. So you should look for the answer which is right for you. However, there are some Important tips, How you can give the perfect answer for you.

What you need to convince a recruiter of:

  • You can master challenges with above-average results.
  • You find it easy to integrate into existing teams and company processes.
  • you have extensive experience, both theoretical and practical (if this is already the case).
  • You can contribute new suggestions and ideas.
  • Your way of working is reliable and meticulous.

In spite of all these things, of which it is necessary to convince the personnel manager, it is important to consider these also already in the apron once, in order not to have to deal unprepared with the question in the discussion. So go ahead and make up your rough answer in advance. The curriculum vitae offers a help for this, because there you have already written down your strengths and knowledge. Be careful not to rattle off your resume like a list. It makes a much better impression if you internalize your key strengths beforehand and elaborate on them in your answer. You can justify these soft skills on the basis of different experiences you have gained. Make sure that you relate the strengths to the job you are applying for. This part of the interview should also make it clear why the company should hire you of all people for the job.

Step by step to your perfect answer

In order to answer this open question particularly well, you should think in advance about what to say in the interview. Here one should proceed best from view of the enterprise. Because this is the target group of your advertising for yourself. In preparation, you should ask yourself the following questions, for example:

  • What are your best qualifications for the job?
  • In which areas have you had concise successes in the course of your career??
  • Do you have experience from work, study or leisure that probably your competitors don’t have (yet)?

Based on such considerations, you can now prepare an answer, structure it and support your soft skills with facts. Once you have found the perfect answer, practice it, otherwise it will quickly seem forced and memorized. To avoid mistakes, get help and tips from friends or family, who can serve as test listeners.

Now all you have to do is show the company that it is a good fit for you and you for it. In any case, show interest throughout the interview and don’t overdo it by mentioning your advantages in order to get the job. If possible, match your answers to the other questions of various advertised jobs as well. Better read your application carefully before the interview and also prepare reasons for your application.

With these tips and a little help from friends or family, it should be easy to come up with your perfect answers to the interview questions, because who can know you better than you??

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