Ways to make money on the internet

Earn money on the Internet

The Internet now offers numerous opportunities to earn one or the other franc in addition. There are naturally also humans, who draw their entire income in the meantime from sources of income, which developed by the Internet.

We have explored the most common opportunities and listed their advantages and disadvantages:

Earn money with your own blog

Meanwhile, it is no longer a secret that with blogs on the Internet money can be earned. This is of course obvious if you have a job in the digital environment anyway and understand the principles of marketing on the Internet. You have to be aware that the number of blogs has increased in the last few years and more and more publishers are using the same business model. This has significantly increased the competition.

Nevertheless, there are often opportunities to earn money in niches (individual specialized subject areas). The more added value one offers in a subject area, the

The most common sources of income are advertising (e.g.B. Banner with click remuneration of Google AdSense), affiliate programs (product recommendations which pay commissions) or the sale of e-books with high-quality content.

Who wants to learn more about the topic is well advised on the side independently in the net and finds there some instructions, up to an e-book, which offers extensive knowledge for the entrance. Obviously, the same methods are used here to earn money.

A blog can definitely lead to a lucrative income while requiring only a small financial investment. However, it also requires a lot of work and it often takes more than a year until significant revenues are generated. Therefore, it is no coincidence that many people give up before they start.

Earn money with your own YouTube channel

If you have a YouTube channel with many views, you can get paid for your video views through Google AdSense. How much you earn depends on your target group and the number of hits you get.

However, there are the following entry barriers to earn money with your own channel:

  • At least 1000 subscribers
  • At least 4000 hours of video watch time in the last 12 months

In fact, it’s not that easy for beginners to get to these numbers. However, there are also enough examples of YouTubers who have managed to make a living from it or at least generate a nice side income.

Earn money by filling out online surveys

Participation in online surveys is often paid. Who invests some time here can earn money now and then by submitting forms.

There are some platforms, which carry out the surveys or product tests on behalf of the providers. These also regulate the payment, which makes participation and billing extremely simple.

For Swiss, for example, there are the following providers:

It is important to realize that it is unrealistic to ever be able to live from this. Our recommendation is to register with the big survey providers who are looking for participants in Switzerland (they pay i.d.R. better than abroad) and subscribe to the newsletter. After that, you just wait until you find an exciting offer you qualify for and do the survey.

Who implements this again and again has thereby little expenditure and can receive again and again small yields.

Selling pictures on stock photo platforms

If you like to take photos, you should consider offering your images on stock image platforms. If a picture is bought there, you get a commission. Through this, a single image can bring income over and over again for years.

In advance, of course, you should research which images are particularly frequently searched for on such platforms. You should also optimize the images afterwards for the search terms that are common there.

Stock platforms that pay commissions are now numerous. The most popular are:

Earn money through Instagram

Earning money with Instagram sounds like a dream: You simply become an influencer, travel for free to the most expensive hotels in the world and then get paid for the travel recommendation.

Of course, only a few manage to do this! In addition, probably none of the successful influencers have earned money from day one.

You need to build a following large enough to be exciting for advertising. Because Instagram does not allow links to websites (except for the homepage link), it is not suitable for product recommendations through affiliate programs.

So presumably it’s almost impossible for the average person to ever make money on Instagram.

Earn money through online video courses

Online video courses are booming! It is also easier than ever to offer your own courses and earn money with them. Of course you have to put a lot of work into your own course. This must be high quality content and also the videos, as well as other learning material should be prepared as well as possible.

The most popular platform to distribute your own course is udemy.

The advantage of selling video courses lies in the nature of the Internet: more sales mean only conditionally more effort and good ratings can further boost sales.

To make money through the courses in the long run you should keep updating them.

Earn money by testing apps

Software providers spend a lot of money to find out whether software is error-free and whether it is understood by the customers.

This has given rise to an entire industry, and "testers" are now also being paid to test apps or websites. The whole thing is called crowdtesting.

No great expertise is necessary, because especially non-technical users should understand the software.

Platforms which mediate testers are z.B. utest or Testbird.

Earn money by playing computer games

What was hardly imaginable 20 years ago is now commonplace: playing computer games can earn you money. For professionals even very much. However, these are often sponsored, as a hobby gamer it works a bit different: On Twitch (the largest platform for game streams) your own game is streamed live and whoever reaches a large following and viewers can be paid for it.

The principle here is similar to YouTube. First of all you have to get a Twitch partnership, which makes it possible to show advertisements.

Earn money with small tasks on the Internet

There are also platforms that reward the performance of small tasks. Here are especially Clickworker and WooWee to mention.

There are no limits to the scope of tasks here:

  • Internet research
  • Data allocation
  • Text creation or translations
  • ..

Of course, the more time you invest, the higher the earning potential. However, it is questionable whether the time is worth it financially given the high Swiss wage level.

However, there are also many people who enjoy the smaller tasks. Most of the time these are very easy to do. For this to earn one or the other franc in addition can not hurt.

Rent out a room or an apartment with Airbnb

If you live in an attractive city for tourists like Lucerne, Geneva or Zurich, it is easy to make money from your own apartment with Airbnb.

Often, even a single room can bring a lot of money. If you are interested in renting on Airbnb you should have a look at their page for landlords. There are also estimated monthly incomes for the respective city.

It should be noted that in Switzerland the consent of the landlord is required.

Buying products on Aliexpress and selling them again more expensive

This method is used by many traders in Switzerland to earn money: They buy products cheaply from China via Aliexpress and then sell them with a margin in Switzerland.

The process is easier nowadays than ever before. This is how an online store can be z.B. very easy to create via Shopify.

Through tools like Oberlo, it is even possible to pass on an order via Shopify directly to Aliexpress. This eliminates all the logistics.

However, it is questionable whether this process will meet with happy customers, after all, the customer waits a long time for the package and sees that it comes from China. So we definitely recommend stocking the products yourself and checking the quality of the products!

Buy items on classified ad portals like tutti or anibis cheap and sell them more expensive

Often it is possible to buy items very cheap on the Swiss classifieds portals and sell them again with a surcharge.

The most important thing here: A detailed research and a good feeling for the value of the item. Many sellers are not even aware of the value of their items because they just want to get rid of them quickly. It is also not uncommon that items are offered for free.

There are many marketplaces for this in Switzerland. Above all with the sales one should use as many as possible around from a large range to profit. Worth mentioning here are: tutti, anibis, as well as the Marketplace of Facebook.

Do not forget to save money

Of course it is always a good idea to increase your income, however it also helps to save money. In most cases it is also much easier to limit the expenses than to increase the income. We have written a detailed article on this topic.

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