Warranty in the online store

Manufacturers often guarantee the quality of their products

A warranty is to be distinguished from the guarantee in the online store

A warranty is to be distinguished from the guarantee in the online store.

Many people like to take advantage of the opportunity to purchase goods via stores on the Internet. However, there is always a certain risk because the purchased items are subject to change without notice after the conclusion of the sales contract and the successful shipment can be put through its paces.

To give their customers more peace of mind, many manufacturers include a Warranty for items purchased in online stores fixed. But how exactly is a warranty defined, which is applied in the online store? You can read more about this in the following. Here you can find out, among other things, how the Warranty should be distinguished from a warranty in online stores and what a warranty can cover.

Warranty vs. Warranty

German buyers are not worse off on the Internet to a certain extent than in the "offline" trade. Thus, the legislator has ensured that every buyer in the online world has a warranty claim. This is laid down in the German Civil Code (BGB) and is clearly distinguishable from that on warranty in the online store.

With regard to warranty, affected parties must contact the online merchant directly. The latter is obliged to refund the purchase price or provide a replacement free of charge. Thus the law wants it. However, the warranty for online store products works quite differently. This is not anchored in law And is defined voluntarily by the manufacturers of the individual sales objects.

If there is a warranty after the purchase in the online store, it often protects against long-term damage

If there is a guarantee after the purchase in the online store, this often protects against long-term damage.

A warranty is therefore a additional performance, which does not have to be present. However, if a manufacturer decides to, Quality or. functionality to guarantee, he commits himself with it and must also stand for it.

If damage occurs during the warranty period for the online store product, the manufacturer must repair or replace the product free of charge. offer an exchange.

You want to claim the warranty for an online store product? Then you have to directly contact the producer, since the dealer is not obligated to act even here, if a warranty is to be excluded. In this case, the following procedure is recommended:

  • Contact via e-mail the company in question.
  • Written contact is preferable to telephone conversation because it is easier, to prove the communication.
  • The supplier must within a period get the chance to repair or resupply.
  • First afterwards affected persons can withdraw from the purchase.

What covers a warranty in the online store?

What a warranty covers in the case of online store purchases cannot be generalized. Responsible persons decide for themselves, How long a warranty period lasts for a product and under which conditions the claim remains valid.

The claim of a guarantee in online trade is free of charge for the customer

The claim of a guarantee in the online trade is free for the customer.

For example, it is often emphasized that a improper handling provide for the expiry of a given warranty. Such manufacturer conditions are legitimate.

So, if you purchase an object over the Internet, you should, on receipt directly check the warranty contract. Often this lies in the form of separate piece of paper with – of course under the condition that the supplier grants a warranty claim for his goods.

If there is no warranty with online store purchases

As already mentioned no legal obligation, Which manufacturers are required to offer a warranty with online store purchases of their products. Consequently, there are enough cases when buyers no warranty claims own. Those affected cannot do much if damage then occurs after a year or an even longer period of time.

So there is often a time limit, within which warranty claims must be made. This is often only a few weeks. Before placing an order in an online store, it is therefore worthwhile to general terms and conditions (GTC) check more closely. This usually contains a section on warranty claims. Even in the case of an online store warning, it may be worth taking a look at the terms and conditions.

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