Warranty for hearing aids

Generally there is no legal claim to a warranty.
Now one or the other will contradict indignantly and say: 2 years are obligatory.
And here we come to the small/big difference.

Warranty is different from the legal guarantee.

Hearing aids have a 2 year warranty, which means:
The hearing aid is delivered to you free of defects.
The seller is obliged to prove that the product is free of defects for 6 months after delivery.
The remaining 18 months the buyer would have to prove that the defect was already present at the time of delivery.

Differently with the warranty. The warranty is a voluntary benefit provided by the seller or. Manufacturer’s.
There is no legal right to a warranty. If a warranty is given but there is a right to.

Hearing aids are normally guaranteed for one year.
However, the warranty is often given only on the permanent functionality, if the hearing aid is treated properly.

A hearing aid that falls into the water and becomes inoperable does not have to be repaired under warranty. However, hearing aid manufacturers and acousticians are usually very accommodating in these cases. Defects caused by sweat penetration are often covered by the warranty. Gross negligence such as.B. trying to dry the hearing aid in a microwave oven will quickly void the warranty and you will have to pay the repair costs yourself.

How long is the warranty for hearing aids?

One year or. 12 months from delivery of the hearing aids is the usual warranty period.
A warranty extension can be purchased additionally from many companies.
The longest warranty period I know of for hearing aids is 6 years and is only occasionally found and mostly due to promotions of hearing aid manufacturers.

How important is such a warranty extension?

For hearing aids, the health insurance pays a certain amount in addition to the hearing aid, the repair flat rate. These are ca. 160,-€, which the hearing care professional receives in addition to the hearing aid, in order to carry out any repairs that may be necessary.

This amount is calculated so that a hearing aid, free of charge, is maintained for 6 years without any payment by the customer.

In the case of hearing aids with co-payment, the repair costs must be covered proportionally, as repairs to high-quality hearing aids are often more expensive.

The higher the quality of the hearing aid, the more worthwhile it is to have an extended warranty or even a special hearing aid insurance policy, which will cover a large part of the damage incurred, even in the event of loss.

How is it with SIEG HorTechnic in Herford and SIEG HorTechnic GmbH in Bielefeld?

We give a two-year warranty on hearing aids when used properly.
Thus, we can dispense with discussions about warranty and guarantee, burden of proof back and forth and avoid misunderstandings and upsets in advance.

Your SIEG of the Senses Team from Herford
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