Visit santa claus in summer

Santa Claus – makes me think of snow, cold temperatures; winter, that is. So what does Santa do in the summer? Maldives vacation? Or diligently wrap presents? We visited Santa Claus and found out for you.

Where does Santa Claus live?

Clearly, in the north. But about the place of residence of Santa Claus there are different sources. "At the North Pole" I’ve heard. Then again, they say he has no fixed abode. But the Finns know better, because that’s where he’s at home: on Mount Korvatunturi.

  • In the middle of the loneliness of the Finnish forests and moors – this is where Santa Claus lives?

  • Santa Claus

But apparently it is too deserted for him and he has bought a second home: at the Arctic Circle, 5km north of the city of Rovaniemi. So, let’s go.

Fortunately, our hiking trip "Three in One – Hiking in the Arctic Circle" takes us directly past the "Santa Clause Village". A stop is a must.

In Santa’s Village

So Santa lives in Santa’s village right in the Arctic Circle. A small village of its own through which the Arctic Circle runs. There we find the Santa Claus House.

Visiting Santa Claus

In this house we visit Santa Claus

In Santa’s house we are greeted by his gnomes and given a friendly welcome. Excitedly we climb the stairs. There he suddenly sits in a small room, Santa Claus. He even speaks German. Logo, he must know all the languages… We have a short chat, take photos (which we can buy afterwards) and are happy to have seen Santa "live". Funny, whimsical and a fun gimmick on our trip.

  • Polar Circle

    It’s light in the Arctic Circle even at midnight in June – here’s proof :-

  • Santa's village

    In the middle of Santa’s village you can cross the Arctic Circle.

So what does Santa Claus do in the summer? Receive guests and have a nice chat. Oh yes, and sign your postcards if you invest a few euros&

Mail from Santa Claus

In Santa’s village, besides souvenir stores and coffees, there is also Santa’s post office. There you can send postcards signed by Santa Clause. Or send your very own individual postcard that will arrive at Christmas. I tried it out – it actually works. Shipped in June, delivered for Christmas.

In Santa’s village there is even a post office – and of course all kinds of souvenir shops

You want to visit Santa Clause and hike through the vastness of Scandinavia? Then you should not miss the trip "Three in one – Hiking at the Arctic Circle".

My absolute "nature Culture" travel tip. By the way, here you can find more inspiration for your next Finland adventure.

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