Vaccination part 1: measles, ‘boosters’, the token study, side effects, dr. Klaus hartmann (formerly risk assessment vaccines at pei) and more..

Virus and/or vaccine panic? Then please read on!

Current events and news (> the introduction of a compulsory measles vaccination) [1] have prompted me to write an article on the topic of vaccination. For some, the issue is controversial, emotional for some and some may not want to think about it – because it makes them uncomfortable in terms of their own responsibility.

However, I find it very disturbing that now people are in fact forced are expected to be somewhat "inject" to let what many clearly described potential and real (some severe) Side effects has resp. may have. Nonsense? Empty claim? No, all of this is in the Package inserts of the corresponding measles vaccines [11][12][13][14] approved by the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) [8]. A foretaste pleases [12]?

  • Very common:Redness at the injection site, fever ≥ 38 °C (rectal)
  • Common: Upper respiratory tract infection, rash, pain and swelling at injection site, fever> 39.5 °C (rectal)
  • Occasionally: Middle ear inflammation, Lymphadenopathy , Loss of appetite, restlessness, unusual crying, conjunctivitis (eyes), Bronchitis , Cough, Parotid enlargement , Diarrhea, vomiting
  • Rarely: Allergic reactions, febrile convulsions
  • Without naming frequencies: Meningitis , measles-like syndrome, mumps-like syndrome (including orchitis, epididymitis and parotitis), Thrombocytopenia , thrombocytopenic purpura, Anaphylactic reactions , Cerebellitis, cerebellitis-like symptoms (including transient gait disturbances and transient ataxia), Guillain-Barre syndrome , transverse myelitis, peripheral neuritis , Vasculitis, erythema exsudativum multiforme, arthralgia, Arthritis .

But even that is not all… because the whole subject is more complex in detail than many think and generally conveyed. Thus advises up-to-date also the Ethics Council of the Bundestag from the introduction of a general vaccination obligation for children [9]. Tagesschau reports [19]:

"A general government vaccination requirement for all adults or children would be "not justified", is said in the published statement."

Also the Medical profession u.a. the President of the German Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery (quote: "Spahn rushes ahead and does not always have the consequences in mind"), but also Dr. Michael Friedl, Chairman of the doctors for an individual vaccination decision are clearly against a vaccination obligation [10]:

"Such a Mandatory vaccination goes past the root causes of the current measles outbreaks, is disproportionate and moreover unconstitutional "

This especially, if you also consider the side effect ‘Death’ includes – which there are definitely and also according to official figures. This are in Germany probably realistically 500 or (rather) more people per year [43], which seems to be indifferent to Mr. Federal Minister of Health Spahn.

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Contents& Focus of this article

Book: Virus Delusion. Torsten Engelbrecht, Claus Kohnlein [15]

"The book ‘Virus Delusion’ can be described as the first work to fully expose the errors, frauds and general misinformation spread by official bodies about questionable or non-viral infections." (Gordon Stewart, professor of medicine, infectious disease expert and former consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO)) [15]

This contribution is also very special to a

  • lecture by Dr. Klaus Hartmann"How safe are vaccines really??" [16]

dedicated. Dr. Hartmann worked for ten years, from 1993 to 2003, at the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) and was there responsible for the Risk assessment of all approved vaccines [41]. Because of ever new Death reports to the 6-fold vaccine Hexavac, which did not result in any consequences, he announced there. Important for the reader: Hartmann is not generally against vaccines – but against unsafe vaccines, bad studies – and in this context points out the problems of (some) multiple vaccines with Adjuvants (> effect enhancers such as Aluminum) towards.

Other aspects I have discussed in this article STRIP werde, are:

  • ‘Boosters of action’ ( adjuvants ) and thereby probably triggered Autoimmune Problems [31]
  • Cover-up of facts in the case of Hexavac
  • How Problems with vaccines (not) be reported
  • Almost Chanceless: Hardly any recognition of claims in the case of Vaccine damage
  • Limitless: Vaccines as the only ‘Drug’without budgeting the doctor
  • First the deaths down – then the (measles) vaccination ..
  • Only healthy people are allowed to be vaccinated – and who please is healthy?
  • The myth herd immunity..
  • Ah yes: There is only the mumps-measles-rubella (MMR) combination vaccines
  • Measles alone without rubella and mumps no longer goes!

All this I cannot and will not be able to describe in the usual detail – for this I refer to many of the web pages which really critically deal with the topic of vaccination, but primarily to the well researched book ‘Virus Delusion.

Critical here means in particular : I would not speak of the Dogma Assume that vaccinations are fundamentally effective, always good, positive and free of relevant side effects. Also virus theory as such, like many theories, is not uncontroversial . The theory is not fully substantiated , is not proven and has also changed several times in the last decades. Thus, many alleged viruses, u.a. SARS-CoV-2, HIV (and others), to this day not yet according to the (Robert) Koch postulates isolated and determined. This is a very important topic, which I would like to introduce here. In this respect, the information written below is based on the current ‘Stand’ (or dogma) of science. For more information I recommend the above book ‘Virus Delusion’ – to be able to deal with the topic from two sides.

Lecture by Dr. Klaus Hartmann "How safe are vaccines really?"

At the beginning I would like to share a Nuviso video with Dr. Klaus Hartmann recommend [16]. Hartmann is not a blanket critic of vaccination and had himself from 1993 to 2003 as at the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) and was responsible there for the Risk assessment of all approved vaccines. So if someone as ‘insider’ should have a clue about the subject – then certainly a person with the vita of Dr. Hartmann.

The video starts a bit slow and sluggish – Hartmann tells how he came (via detours) to his job at PEI – but then becomes very exciting from my point of view. Hartmann tells namely, of

  • The reporting fatigue of the medical profession regarding the side effects of vaccinations (u.a. min. 1:06:00),
  • of the problem Vaccine damage recognized and compensated accordingly (min. 58:50),
  • Problems and death reports on the 6-dose vaccine Hexavac (Min. 14:00),
  • Studies on vaccine safety that did not compare anything (TOKEN study, min. 21:30),
  • of effect enhancers (adjuvant) and Autoimmune problems (min 41:30, min 48:10) [39],
  • how vaccines are approved and tested (min. 1:00:40, 1:14:40)
  • and that placebos there, in the phase 3 trials, z.B. with Gardasil, are none at all,but
  • A complete vaccine with adjuvant but no antigen (i.e., no ‘sugar pill’).
  • And why Japan withdrew approval of HPV vaccination (min. 1:16:20),

My conclusion: One of the most factual, interesting and non-emotional posts I have ever seen in the context of vaccination. Because this is not about pro- or contra vaccination – but about many anomalies& Specifics surrounding licensure, surveillance, legislation, and more. Tip : There are other exciting videos by Hartmann [48][49]. If the video above doesn’t "play" anymore, here’s another backup.

First of all: A graphic on the subject of measles, which is ‘man’ should have seen

First measles deaths were drastically reduced – and only then came vaccination. Source: [21]& Dr. Med Gerwald’s book "Vaccination".

From his text on various vaccination studies (excerpt) [21]:

  • Miller-Goldmann study (2012) [33]
  • The more vaccinated, the more hospitalizations and deaths also occurred in a statistically significant manner. (Note.: In the previous study in 2011, a higher infant mortality rate was found with more vaccinations.)
  • The data sets also include those of unvaccinated. Accordingly, these have a significantly lower risk of contracting diseases such as asthma, otitis media, neurodermatitis or hay fever.
  • The later vaccinated, the lower the risk of asthma.
  • Those vaccinated had up to a 14-fold increased risk of asthma and up to a 9-fold increased risk of eczema.

Otherwise, there is also a recent study from the USA (2020) that concludes [45] (translated with

"Within the vaccinated versus the non-vaccinated group, there were higher incidence rates of developmental delays, asthma, and ear infections observed."

which then confirms the older data of RKI, from Canada and England in your tendency. In the video "Unvaccinated" (which I highly recommend and the content of which is related to this article& Hartmann very well Supplemented) then also right at the beginning a 72 year old doctor reports on the health of unvaccinated children:

"I am a doctor, 72 years old, was for 35 years in a small town in the Odenwald established, have had 3 vaccine-damaged children, and then went vaccine-critical on the road and have 27 years not vaccinated in my practice and the unvaccinated children are the healthiest and most intelligent of my entire practice clientele – and that’s why I go on the street to make this clear again" [18, Min 0:10]

This statement then also confirms the studies and what I know from my environment. From my point of view (more in the following text) the different vaccines have strong effects on the developing immune system. What finally happens there, in the bodies of babies, children and adults – nobody knows exactly – real scientific long-term and double-blind studies on the effects and side-effects hardly exist. Most importantly: Who presumes to be able to say how then a vaccination with (undiscovered) latent diseases, (epi-) genetic factors, concealed autoimmune disorders& Allergies interacts? And what all this means and triggers 1, 2, 5, 10 or 20 years later in life? In any case, infant mortality decreased in the U.S. in 2020 – paralleled by fewer doses of vaccines administered to babies as a result of the Corona Lockdown [55]. This should make you think..

Boosters ( adjuvants ) and autoimmune problems arguably triggered by them

Book: Vaccines& Autoimmunity

An important point in the lecture of Dr. Hartmann [16] are so-named ‘death vaccines’ with effect enhancers (> Adjuvants, z.B. aluminum compounds ), which in contrast to ‘Live Vaccines do not contain active viruses – but only certain (dead) parts (> anti-genes) thereof. The added adjuvants should (according to the theory) modulate the effect of the immune system (unspecifically), so that an (artificially induced) immunity against the injected viral antigen is built up or. is acquired. If it were not for the adjuvants, some phagocytic cell would quickly polish off the antigens – according to Hartmann. This may be a simplified presentation – but should be enough for this article ( Tip : In part two about vaccination then more…)

However, the problem I (and Hartmann) see is that the (non-specific acting) ‘effect enhancers’ ( adjuvants, such as aluminum compounds, squalene and others [2] ) can also trigger unwanted autoimmune problems and reactions. After all, the immune system does not differentiate between an aluminum particle and the anti-gene from the vaccine dose – and all the other anti-genes& Co. are floating around in the body.

Many people have stress with their auto-immune system, respectively. tangible diseases (> rheumatism, allergies, Hashimoto’s disease, diabetes I, lupus, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, etc.). These illnesses are probably mediated by genetic predispositions or. environmental and autoantibodies (type II) or autoreactive T cells (type IV). The whole thing is a huge complex and Hartmann points here to the current state of research in the form of a book [31]. From the blurb:

"In light of the discovery of Autoimmune Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants, or ASIA, Vaccines and Autoimmunity explores the role of adjuvants – specifically aluminum in different vaccines – and how they can induce diverse autoimmune clinical manifestations in genetically prone individuals ."

Means: There is an autoimmune syndrome induced by adjuvants (from vaccines) (ASIA) – and this can lead to clinically detectable autoimmune problems, especially in genetically prone individuals.

As this topic is quite complex – I will discuss it in more detail in the second part about vaccination.

Only healthy people should be vaccinated – but who is (core) healthy??

T-lymphocytes in the blood picture controlled (measles vaccination [12])?. Source: Pixabay

  • Hypersensitivity against the active substances or one of the components,
  • in case of hypersensitivity reactions to Chicken egg whites,
  • severe humoral or cellular Immunodeficiency (AIDS/HIV, etc.)
  • a age-specific CD4+ T lymphocyte percentage of< 25 %
  • Pregnancy.

Now I wonder – how do I know that the common cold will not turn into one that ends with fever?

  • How does a woman know that she is not pregnant in the 4th to 8th week??
  • Vaccinate when the immune system is already working at full capacity because of pollen count?
  • The affected person has an autoimmune problem (z.B. Hashimoto’s, rheumatism) has?
  • And very importantly: Has anyone measured the CD4+ T-lymphocytes via blood count??

Thus, in a document on the National Immunization Plan then also still the following [23]:

"Vaccination history and medical examination: Before carrying out the vaccination, the physician shall satisfy himself that the patient’s state of health permits vaccination. This also includes a vaccination history and an orienting physical examination. Both services are not delegable."

So I had (until ca. 10 years) got some vaccinations – but an examination of my health, questions whether I have an auto-immune disease or weakness, whether I am allergic to any of the ingredients – all this was never asked me. Furthermore, the following has also never happened, which should be done according to the document on National Immunization Plan [23]:

" Information about the vaccination: About the vaccination is to be explained like about each medical intervention. "

I have never had anyone educate me on vaccinations or talk about side effects, especially regarding the extremely rare risks [23]:

"With the risk clearing-up is in principle to inform also about extremely rare risks ."

All this I do not see in practice. Would all this be done – incl. blood count – I don’t know how high the vaccination acceptance would then be. Above all then a vaccination appointment with the physician would be really time-consuming and economically not attractive – the gets only 30€ in the quarter for me, if necessary. a few € extra for the vaccination (which is also only worthwhile if it is done quickly). If all this were really done properly (such as z.B. at the notary who reads everything out), would be all this education, anamnesis, blood value determination& Co. probably a correct ‘brake’ for the daily practice (> Note.: Wink-With-The-Fencepost…). Otherwise the following factual report is surely helpful – of course only as far as it applies:

"… during the last vaccinations I got a huge bump at the vaccination site a few times and even a few times I almost collapsed, I got rashes everywhere and even shortness of breath – so that I even got cortisone…"

If this does not help – the doctor (or soon the vaccination center) please ask the following:

  • Information on the vaccine manufacturer, exact batch designation, shelf life, batch number,
  • Documentation of licensure and accreditation of the producer (company) as a vaccine manufacturer,
  • documentation of the approval, incl. possible side effects, of the vaccine,
  • Certificate of quality for the vaccine (u.a. Analysis certificates of the batch)
  • Insurance coverage documents for the assumption of liability in case of negative consequences and the amount of compensation costs.
  • documents of the persons administering the vaccination, u.a.Education,Certification,Work Permit,COVID-19 negative test.

Tip: At the bottom is still a form for the vaccination doctor linked..

Attention: Probably hardly recognition of claims in case of vaccination damage

Outrage? Recognition of a vaccination damage – rather bad chances! Source: Pixabay

As mentioned above, a vaccination can also have (strong) side effects. Since the manufacturer has informed about the side effects – and the RKI recommends these vaccinations respectively. the legislator this now in the case of measles even prescribes – also liability questions arise. From the law draft to the measles compulsory vaccination and/or. the Vaccination Act, it appears that [22]:

§ 22 (3) "In the vaccination card or certificate, reference shall be made to the expedient course of action in the event of an unusual vaccination reactions and to the claims, if any, arising under sections 60 to 64 upon the occurrence of a Vaccination damage as well as to bodies to which these can be asserted, to point out."

As a rule, the vaccine victim cannot turn to the manufacturer – but must file claims with the responsible State care office and there the causal connection between vaccination& side effect according to . According to Dr. Hartmann this is not so simple – at least in the way, that one also has to report to the pension office right& Money gets [16].

Thus between 2005-2009 of more than 10.000 (reported) suspected cases and the resulting 1036 claims, only 169 were recognized as vaccine injuries (16.3%) [23]. About the dark figure of the not reported vaccination damages I like to speculate here only. In addition, the claimants must also be able, and have the (medical) support, to make such a claim and initially assign the damage to the vaccination at all. In the previous years it did not look better with the recognition of vaccine damage [24]:

  • 1976-1990 1139 out of 4569 submitted claims were recognized (ca. 25%),
  • 1991-1999 on the other hand, only 389 of 2543 applications (11,3%)

The latter decisions are subject to the restriction that 38% of all compensation proceedings relate to smallpox vaccination, which has not been carried out since 1982 [24]. The clou at the history is then still, that the in relation to the administered vaccinations reported cases and approved requests gladly to further marginalize the vaccination risks are used. The estimated number of unreported cases is 95% (or more) [50].

The problem : For a doctor the Report of a Vaccination damage a (quite temporal) high and unpaid (i.e. not extra compensated) Effort. In addition, the patient would then have to make a claim in relation to a lawsuit or a. the application at the supply office would have to be supported. All this also means for the treating or. vaccinating physician high expenses which can hardly be represented temporally (and financially) by the lump sums of the (statutory) health insurance fund.

Dr. Hartmann also describes here the problems of a Pathologists, the first Hexavac-Case reported had, and the second and the … The pathologist was told, according to Hartmann u.a. accused of unscientific behavior (by the Standing Commission on Vaccination, StIKo) and more [16, min 17:00] – surely something that no doctor who spends 70++ hours a week in his practice needs. In this respect, I am not surprised that, like Dr. Hartmann reported, in Germany hardly any vaccination injuries are reported.

Wondering: How would the whole thing look like if a doctor would get 500€ for reporting and following up on a vaccination damage?? From a societal point of view – considering the risk of (erroneous) vaccination of many millions of people – reporting any potential vaccination side effects would be something that is important and should also be remunerated. But why this does not happen, I leave to the imagination of the reader. The reader..

From placebos in double-blind studies that are not

Two things Hartmann mentions in his lecture seem very important to me – they are an expression for (from my point of view) – systematic cover-up and misleading in the context of vaccinations& ca their side effects. In reference to the testing of vaccines with adjuvant (phase 3 trials), Hartmann states that here (by the control authorities, u.a. on EU level, allowed) the vaccine not with a (usual) Sugar pill is compared as placebo.

W he means that? Normally, a drug is compared in its complete ingredients with a placebo (> Sugar pill, saline solution, etc.) compared. Means: 100 people get the drug, 100 others the placebo – but none of the people and treating physicians know what they are taking, respectively. injects. only the controllers of the study know. But what happens with vaccines is that the placebo is not a saline solution – but the normal vaccine with all (controversial) ingredients. The only thing missing is the snippet of dead viris resp. bacterial protein (‘anti-gen’). So it is according to Hartmann u.a. in the case of Gardasil (> HPV vaccination) [16, min. 1:00:40, 1:14:40].

The problem : It is the adjuvant and the additives that are most likely to trigger the (autoimmune) side effects in dead vaccines [16][31]. In this respect, it is then no wonder that the vaccine group does not show any abnormalities compared with ‘Placebo’-Group has. But the fact that the studies are built exactly like this (resp. deviate dramatically from the usual procedure in clinical studies) to exactly this point to ‘circumnavigate’ – that means for me, that there somebody already quite exactly ‘thought about HAS..

In my view, this is an absolute ‘Fooling around’, The (in your for me perfidious systematics) to the control authorities, the people, the companies and doctors, which these ‘placebo-controlled’ Conduct studies, cannot have escaped .

The Hexavac case – and the TOKEN study that studied nothing….

Hartmann still mentions in his lecture that, as a result of the many deaths and side effects in the 6-fold Hexavac Vaccination a very large study gave, in order to follow up in particular the deaths connected with it [16, min. 21:30]:

  • the TOKEN Study (2005-2008).
  • This study was designed to investigate each death of an infant (first two years of life) in relation to vaccination complications with Hexavac> Interview with the pediatrician, parents, etc. pp.

The problem: Exactly in the month in which the study was started, the vaccine Hexavac was withdrawn from all pharmacies recalled. So there was no more Hexavac at the beginning of the study. The manufacturer gave as a reason for the withdrawal that the Hep-B component of the vaccination according to Hartmann was ‘would not have sufficient long term stability’ . Neither there was more exact information after Hartmann nor. Studies on this aspect, nor was Hexavac ever reintroduced to the market. [16][37]

But what was done?

Yes, exactly – the study was carried out anyway and found ‘magic way’ no deaths from Hexavac! [37] In practice, the TOKEN study is often used as an argument against the vaccination critics [38]. For me this is an absolute Schildburgerstreich – and that cannot have escaped the persons and companies involved in this study either. Who had financed this study? According to artzeblatt [37]:

"For the study, slightly more than 3 Mio. 1.3 million each, which was provided by Sanofi Pasteur MSD GmbH and GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals at the request of the EMA. € were adopted.".

Each may think its part…. without (further) words..

About the nonsense of the theory of herd immunity& more.

It is often colocated that with a vaccination rate of 95%, a ‘herd immunity’ deployed. That means (in the Theory ) that at this vaccination rate, with an expression of viral infection (z.B. Measles), there should be little potential for the virus to spread here – since only one in 20 people don’t have antibodies and so the chance of it spreading (theoretically) would be very minimal.

The problems with the theory :

  1. The whole thing is an (unproven) theory.
  2. The whole thing does not work in practice – at least not in the sense of the theory.

In addition an example Even after 2-fold measles vaccination, only 93.5% of 100% vaccinated persons have an antibody later (according to antibody titer). Herd immunity – if there is such a thing – is supposed to start at 95%, which would not be achievable even with 100% vaccination (according to the RKI study). After 6 years (i.e., at school enrollment age), antibody rates probably drop below 90%… Ouch… [18, Min 3]. Why do you think this is? A vaccination is not a disease – and, depending on the individual immune system, does not affect everyone. That’s why many, many people get sick who were vaccinated according to the vaccination plan 1a vaccinated are due to measles (and others) – Mr. Dr. Meissner gives up to >60% of the (u.a. vaccinated against measles), which z.B. in case of measles epidemics nevertheless fall ill with measles [44, from Min. 4:30].

But alone the fact that the antibody titers, which do not even prove that (in each case) an immunity is present, after the vaccination again clearly sink – shows for me, that a vaccination is completely something else, thus the illness to have had (> natural immunity).

Something else happens, however: Whenever there is a lot of vaccination, there is also often (or. the disease to be vaccinated from. I think this can also be explained: Especially with live vaccines, as with the measles vaccine, the pathogens can probably also cause measles in people who have just been weakened (see u.a. Side effects: ‘measles-like syndrome’ – a rogue who thinks evil). That is why, according to the National Vaccination Plan and the package insert, the high effort should be made before injecting the vaccine: So control of the state of health, no sick vaccinate, a meaningful blood picture provide (CD4 T-lymphocytes), autoimmune problems clarify and if necessary. exclude, etc. pp.

My question to the reader Which doctor does all this?

My conclusion

Vaccinations – only good or also (or. often) problematic? Source: Pixabay

My attitude and my conclusion to (classical) vaccinations is very divided. Of course, some vaccinations could be. (‘maybe and possibly’), but I think that the overall systemic effects on our immune system are not (yet) understood [31][39].

The study situation, even from the RKI (KIGGS study), speaks in relation to the (later) health of the vaccinated children, however, (according to my interpretation) for many disadvantages! That should thoughtful do. Who then dives a little into the history: a) the background to the Spanish Flu (1918) and the then (contemporaneous) vaccinations [54] as well as b) already 1912 documented in detail vaccination side effects (Book: The vaccination graveyard) [56], that becomes even more thoughtful.

Where is the problem?

I think a big problem with vaccinations is that they are, not only (allegedly) the virus or bacterium is vaccinated – but also multiple contaminants from the production and multiplication process – like z.B. chickens, monkeys and human DNA/RNA. In addition to all this, there is the cocktail of additives, specifically also Adjuvants.

Adjuvants are ‘toxins’, which are added with the specific goal of a strong immune response. That our immune system then only builds up an immune response against the wanted "attenuated" pathogens resp. parts of viruses – and not against anything else that might be. in the vaccination – this seems to me to be an audacious and implausible assumption. Which (auto-) immune problems and tendencies our immune system makes out of the cocktail – that no one can see anymore.

A Proof of efficacy, about real randomized placebo-controlled double-blind studies, and then there is no guarantee of the effect either. Studied only the side effects in relation to a Placebo which is usually none (u.a. Vaccine with adjuvant – but without the ‘attenuated pathogens’). This distinguishes the studies on vaccinations from all other drugs on the market. Whether the respective virus then exists at all – or. what viruses are in the first place – is yet another site [51][52][53]. Because the virus theory has already changed several times in the course of history…

In view of the cases described and what Dr. As Hartmann describes [16], I think that hardly any of those who earn money from it (properly) have an interest in clarifying the aforementioned aspects exactly. Finally, the confidence in the sense and safety of many (or all) vaccinations could be ‘implode’ and a billion dollar business would be ‘gone’.

Many years later (after the introduction of new things) it often turned out that the assumptions that once existed had to be discarded. The insight often came late and under decades of pressure from the public and the next generations of scientists. Examples for me are besides my current perennial EMF also lead in gasoline, smoking, asbestos, DDT [40], chemotherapy [28] as well as the exact circumstances, tests and correlations to AIDS and HIV [20]. Always played from my point of view financial interests a big role… who informs himself here about the details, which becomes sick..

Fluorine in drinking water for supposedly healthy teeth (u.a. USA), additional folic acid (rather than methyl folate) has been added to food& for pregnant women [29] and in particular mercury (as amalgam) in the teeth – and still cash benefit [29] – are for me further (current) examples of large errors in the medical area. This is what is currently stated on the website of the Federal Medical Association [29]:

"Mercury uptake by Dental fillings is on average about the same as the Mercury exposure by the food and is – also according to newest international scientific realizations – harmless ."

The question is for whom this is harmless. Securely it seems in any case not to be – because there is nothing about it. Especially with the topic of mercury and amalgam I have dealt intensively – as well as with fluorine – and I can only write here that I can no longer understand these views of doctors, associations, legislators and (some) scientists. If I spit out the amalgam filling – it is highly toxic hazardous waste – but in my mouth the whole thing magically becomes harmless? In addition If each (large) filling releases the same amount of mercury as a normal person ingests through food – then 4 (large) fillings (even according to the health insurance association) mean in the best case approx. 400% average additional burden ! And that should be harmless?

Apparently however the protagonists of the outdated heresies still hang on their old dogma – because they do not want to be refuted and/or. See fame, income and honor in danger. In this article I have pointed out enough inconsistencies to indicate that in vaccination probably a similar – Close your eyes and get through it – attitude prevails.

Risk considerations

So the first question that everyone should ask themselves from my point of view is (u.a. also in view of the graphic with the measles deaths before the introduction of the vaccination): Against which risk is actually vaccinated?

There died already 2014 (according to data of the AOK) approx. 19.000 people due to treatment errors [25] – significantly more than in road traffic (>3000 deaths per year). Now one looks at the diagram with the deaths with measles (further above), because of ggf. (statistically!) 10 to 20 deaths less in the year (by measles) a Germany-wide vaccination obligation introduced? And then it is not even conclusively clarified how many new deaths [43] or (your life long) injured there may be. by the side effects exactly this measles inoculation gives, which is not even a highly dangerous disease?

The freedom to travel at any speed on freeways, on the other hand, is being denied for the sake of self-determination by the same politicians or. the federal government [27] defends? The same government that defends my freedom to speed on highways at 280 Km/h then even suggested (according to the world) false figures on supposed deaths related to late effects of measles [26]:

"Vaccination opponents have challenged that since 2007 (note.: By 2015) up to 280 people had died from measles late effects. The number came from an answer of the government to a FDP inquiry. Now a substantially smaller number is present. (Note.: 29)"

So I give all people to consider before a vaccination also to look, what the risk of an illness is, how bad this illness could be – and to put the whole in relation to the risks of a vaccination. With the latter it must be considered that the recognition quota is rather very low with vaccination damages. In this context I would like to refer also again to the HPV vaccination, which in the film Vaxxed is processed quite well. [18]

What nobody says: There is no single measles vaccination anymore!

… but only the MMR (mumps-measles-rubella) combination vaccination [8] in the form of three vaccines [11][12][13]. The single vaccine Merieux [14] is currently no longer licensed and is not available in Germany.

This means in plain language: The federal government has indirectly decided a mumps-measles-rubella compulsory vaccination. A rogue who thinks evil… Alternatively, however, there is also the possibility here to say: ‘Measles? Gladly! – but not mumps& Rubella’. How the whole thing behaves legally – that will then probably have to be clarified by the courts. Because a refusal can be occupied with up to 2500€ penalty payment and for physicians, Pfleger& Co. could mean an indirect professional ban.

There are parallels here for me with events in England (UK), where there have been problems with a particular MMR vaccine, according to Hartmann [16]. Now when people there wanted to be treated alternatively with the measles single vaccine, which was still considered safe, the following happened: The single vaccine was taken off the market, so there was no alternative to the controversial MMR vaccine, which however remained on the market. With us the same happened.. Coincidence?

Everyone should decide for themselves – but not be forced to do so

Now the obligation to the measles inoculation is there – if it concerns however the consequences of an inoculation damage, the concerning stand proverbially ‘in the rain. Many vaccinations (u.a. Swine flu in the 1970s, current HPV) have later proven to be problematic – whether due to a contaminated (live) vaccine, adjuvants [31] or other. The topics only touched upon here concerning the procedures of the control and licensing authorities leave, at least for me, more than strong doubts and uncertainty – than that they eliminate them.

How vaccinations (or. the vaccine cocktail) acts exactly on the immune system – and that also individually with one – is not clear before giving the vaccine. Side effects that may. The symptoms that only appear 10, 20 or 50 years later or accompany you throughout your life in the form of an allergy are then factually and practically not investigated at all. From studies [36] we know at least ‘secured about the connection with asthma (later in life) and the timing of vaccination in childhood. However, this is also only a part of the terrible truth.

That it also helps nothing to elect another government or party to a "Vaccination duty" to encounter should be clear. While eligible voters can vote every four years for their Bury voice (for 4 years) in an urn – whereupon the politicians make then as a rule nevertheless which you want (or from other side should). This was also said by Angela Merkel back in 2010:

"You can’t rely on what is said before the elections to really apply after the elections. And we must reckon with the fact that this can repeat itself in different ways."

I hope, however, that I can inspire some people with this article to deal with the issue of the safety of vaccinations themselves. Enough sources I should have indicated – and there are in the Internet also many further portals and associations, which worry only about the topic inoculation and its (in)safeties.

Antidotes: Vitamin C!?

Those who can’t avoid vaccination – for whatever reason – but are massively concerned about potential harm from vaccination or. the Adjuvantien makes, I can a video of Dr. T. Levy suggest [46].

Dr. T. Levy on vitamin C as an antidote for (compulsory) vaccinations

T. Levy, MD, JD on vitamin C as an antidote in (forced) vaccination. Source:>Youtube

Relevant are however the doses avowed by Levy – whereby its book ‘Vitamin C – Curing the Incurable’ a revelation could be – describes it then also, like already 70 years ago Dr. Klenner with vitamin C megadoses acute polio, measles, hepatitis& Co. successfully treated.

Furthermore, it is striking that factually all physicians, researchers and (bio)chemists who have inspired me at some point on my way, i.e. not only Levy, Cutler, Dr. Shade, Dr. Mother – those all against inoculations speak out, itself and your children never inoculate would let. Because all these people who look closely see the consequences of vaccinations in your patients and some of them understand immunology& Co. 100 times better than me.

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