Underage party people: party longer thanks to mummy note

Party and dance - for many teenagers, this is what the plan for the weekend looks like


by Annegret Behncke
17. March 2017, 11:45 am

Loud music, dancing, partying and having fun have – this is the plan for the weekend for many young people. But what if the party-goer is only 16 or 17 years old?? Then, according to the law for the protection of minors, he must leave the disco at midnight. If this does not happen, the club operator and the parents can be held accountable. But there is also another solution: the so-called Muttizettel. In it an educating representative is specified, who goes with the young person into the Disko and for it the responsibility carries. Accompanied by the young adult, the teen is then allowed to party longer than until midnight.

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Raid at Kosmos

A possibility that could also have been used by the discotheque Kosmos in Rostock. Because after a major-raid, the Hanseatic city has drawn consequences and closed the club at the beginning of March. The decisive factor was an operation with 112 police officers and employees of the city and the youth welfare office. At the end of February, they checked, among other things, compliance with the law on the protection of minors. The result: 46 minors among 100 guests were in the discotheque, 23 of them under the influence of alcohol. For some time, there have been rumors that the disco is a meeting place mainly for under-18s. The consequence: The city withdrew the commercial permission to operator Eduard Geers. In addition, he faces a fine of up to 50,000 euros.

In addition to the consequences under commercial and restaurant law, the Office for Youth, Social Affairs and Asylum of the Hanseatic City of Rostock is primarily concerned with raising awareness among legal guardians. "Anyone who has underage children is responsible for them at all times," emphasizes Steffen Bockhahn, Senator for Youth and Social Affairs, Health, Schools and Sports. If you do not want to deny your child a visit to the disco, we recommend that you have a mothers’ note and thus appoint a responsible person.

The owner of the Event Arena in Spornitz has had good experiences with this document: "We use the Muttizettel of course and so far I can say nothing negative."In the evening it goes as follows: The young person and his or her guardian, who must be over 18 years old, present the completed form and their IDs together to the security personnel at the entrance to the disco. Above all, the signatures of a parent, the supervisor for the evening and the name and date of birth of the young person must be entered on it.

In Spornitz, minors who come without a mummy card must hand in their identity card at the entrance and then collect it when they leave the disco at midnight, explains the organizer, who invites people to the party every Saturday and has room for 1200 party animals in Spornitz. He attaches great importance to the observance of youth protection, also and especially because it is not always easy to see the age of the young people. "Sometimes they look a few years older than they really are. That’s why it’s important to always show your ID when in doubt," he advises.

As a guardian, you are responsible for the well-being of the young person. So that the evening does not end in a disaster, one should be clear before one signs the Muttizettelover the basic conditions:

1. The commissioner knows the teenager and his parents personally and is sure that he is up to the situation and can fulfill the educational task.

2. The guardian is not only of age according to his identity card, but also in his head. He knows, what is to be done in the case and has authority opposite the young person and can show to it borders – particularly with the consumption of alcohol. In addition, he can assert himself and end the evening if necessary.

3. When partying, he can cut back on his party mood. He drinks no alcohol or only enough to be able to fulfill his duty of supervision.

4. The representative can accompany the minor home again at the agreed time and deliver him safely to his parents.

In the city of Neubrandenburg, however, the muttizettel is currently not relevant. "At times, the muttizettel is referred to for individual events," says Haidrun Pergande, spokeswoman for the Mecklenburgische Seenplatte district. To the use, however, it would not come for some years more.

The situation is completely different in the state capital, where people like the party slip: "The so-called "Muttizettel" is also used at events in Schwerin," confirms a spokeswoman for the city. The guidelines for the protection of minors are discussed with the organizer in advance of the event. The checks at the entrance are specifically pointed out. "In particular, checks are carried out according to indications, but also occasionally without suspicion," it says from the city hall.

And also at the Osterhammer, a big party event on 16. April in Schwerin’s Sport- und Kongresshalle, the muttizettel is being used: "We’ve always done well with it and actually do it at all our events," says project manager Cristoph Ludtke of Media Consult Eventmanagement. In addition, the serving of alcohol during the party is controlled. "We check the IDs again at the bar," explains Ludtke.

Henning Schirrmeister, owner of Klub 77 in Schwerin, is a clear opponent of the party slip: "We only admit adults or over 16-year-olds accompanied by their parents."The reason is quite simple: Again and again, the protection of minors is circumvented, alcohol is procured from older friends. "It’s hard to really control. Therefore, we drive a consistent line," emphasizes Schirrmeister. Nevertheless, the club operator finds the muttizettel a good alternative. "This means that young people can participate in special events for longer or at all."

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