Travel tips: vienna

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Travel tips: vienna

You have never been to Vienna? Or not for a long time? Then it is time, because from Germany it is only a stone’s throw to the capital of Austria. So let’s go to the royal and imperial city on the Danube. travel EXCLUSIV knows where it’s at! Here are our Vienna tips!

Arrival. Our Vienna tips start with the perfect journey. Whether by plane, train, bus or with your own car … all ways lead – depending on the German starting point – relatively cheap to Austria’s metropolis. Several airlines fly from Hamburg several times a day. But the best Vienna feeling is definitely when landing with Austrian Airlines, when the Danube Waltz is already playing in the plane.

On the way in Vienna. Easy going, especially, first time sightseeing around the Vienna State Opera in the first district, the inner city are to be found. Everything is easily accessible on foot. If you want to ride the Bim, i.e., the streetcar, you can get one Vienna City Card and at the same time also has discounted admission to various museums. With the Apps Qando and Viennese lines nothing can go wrong, because so the Vienna traveler always knows how to get from A to B. Advantage of digital cards like Vienna City Card and Wiener Linien Ticket: You don’t have to validate the tickets in buses and trains!

Vienna tips: Travel time and accommodations

Travel time. Vienna is always worth a visit. In spring Vienna is perfect, because not too hot and not too cold. In summer, Vienna is perfect because when it’s over 30 degrees, numerous swimming pools – such as the Goose pile for little money on and in the old Danube lure. And Vienna is also perfect in autumn, because then the leaves fall and the city lives up to its morbid charm. Then it also sits even more comfortable than usual in the coffee house. Of course, Vienna is also perfect in winter, when the wonderful winter and Christmas markets beckon.

Language. There are moments when Viennese is a foreign language, namely when the cap becomes a hood, the bag becomes a sack, the roll becomes a roll, and the clothes become a fetz’n.

Wooden box with inscription'Kunst Haus Wien' auf Fahrrad-Gepacktrager

Accommodation. What is the sense? May it be feudal and stately? Then you could go to the Palais Hansen Kempinski right on the Ringstrasse. More modern and stylish is The Trieste in the hip Freihausviertel, some of the 120 rooms and suites have been individually designed by Sir Terence Conran. 49 of the rooms were recently redesigned by Wehdorn Architects and accentuate modern coziness with colors and materials. Art everywhere in the 7. district in the hip Boboville at Spittelberg.

The Boutiquehotel Altstadt Vienna has taken up position in a patrician house. 49 rooms and suites with contemporary art collection give the family-run house a very special atmosphere. Also atmospheric, although in a different booking class is located just steps from the heart of the city, the Vienna State Opera the Motel One Vienna State Opera, the rooms are partly small and simple, yet in the straightforward design of the Motel Ones and unmistakably with turquoise accents.

Motel One Vienna

Entrance area with lobby and bar are opulently designed in this house to the theme of ballet: neon lettering, tutu lights and look closely, the chairs have pointe shoes on.

Art in Vienna’s museums

Sights and museums. Vienna is not for nothing for the tenth time in a row chosen as the "Most livable city in the world"; no wonder, so there are some social benefits such as: Young people up to the age of 19. The majority of visitors over the age of 18 have free admission to state museums. Free big events make the summers even more beautiful. Admission to swimming pools is more than affordable, and adults pay with an annual pass for the public transport, the public transport just 365 euros a year, so one euro per day.

And then there is so much to see: Splendid buildings on almost every corner, sculptures and parks, and you can meet Mozart on the Bim, the streetcar. Of course you can’t do everything, Vienna takes time, so here are the "Top Five Things to do when in Vienna".

Travel tips: vienna

On to the Mystery Hunt at the Kunsthistorisches Museum. If you don’t fancy a tiring tour of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, the "Da Vinci Code-inspired treasure hunt" (from 15 years) might be just the thing for you. The puzzle hunt takes place in the Egyptian-Oriental Collection of the Kunsthistorisches Museum and can be solved in a group of at least four people.

Tips: Haus der Musik, Museumsquartier Wien and Kunsthalle

No desire for art? Rather sewer? Then go, the classic of the big screen and Harry Lime on the trail: The Third Man says hello. This is where the music plays: The house of music. Have you ever listened to names as an original Mozart interpretation or haven’t you always wanted to conduct the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra? The House of Music makes all this and so many more melodies possible. Completely relaxed lying in the midst of art in the Museum Quarter Vienna, where next to Leopold Museum, the art gallery, To mumok furthermore this Zoom Children’s Museum and other houses and halls for music, theater, youth and much more can be found.

The color of Enzis, of this building block-like seat and climbing furniture, by the way, is determined year after year by online voting. But if you don’t want to experience Vienna on your own, but rather with a real Viennese, you are advised to contact the Vienna Greeters to register online. If you ask for Poldi, you will get a real Viennese veteran at hand, the man knows his way around Vienna and knows so many anecdotes to tell. You can hardly get to know the Danube metropolis any better.

Vienna State Opera and Volksoper

Art& Culture. Whether Aida or Giselle, Sylvia or Tosca, opera or ballet … the tickets for the Vienna State Opera are usually sold out quickly. If you decide spontaneously during a visit to the city that you want to see a performance, you hardly have a chance. Well not quite. 80 minutes before the performance starts, 567 standing places are offered every evening from 2.50 to 10 euros. Early arrival and waiting secures the tickets. However, only one ticket per person will be issued. It’s easier to get tickets for the city’s second-largest opera house, the Volksoper to arrive. Operas and ballets are also performed here.

Snacking at the Naschmarkt

Food. Vienna tastes good and whets the appetite. A wonderful walk along the Naschmarkts should not be missing on any visit to Vienna. Fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, flowers, herbs … the range is diverse. Whether in the morning, at noon or in the evening … nobody has to starve here. Especially delicious the Shakshouka breakfast at Neni at the Naschmarkt.

Naschmarkt in Vienna

A smaller, but no less atmospheric market can be reached by streetcar line 40 or even 41 to Kutschkermarkt reachable. Directly at the market offers the Cafe Sky Blue homemade cake on, which tastes simply heavenly.

In the Full board, a generation coffee house in the 4. District, bake grannies pies and cakes after old recipes, the pensioners earn so a few euros to their pensions in addition. The coffee comes from oats, the furnishings remind of grandmother’s good room. A real journey through time.

Cafe Full Board in Vienna

Cool and trendy, on the other hand Motto in the Rudigergasse gladly also the Viennese Prominenz at table and bar. The beef tartare is legendary, as are the ham fritters, and if you haven’t tried the chocolate chili steak yet, you should book a table as soon as possible. The later the evening, the more colorful, louder and more exuberant the mood. Change of scene. Opposite the 1. Gate of the Vienna Central Cemetery welcomes an oversized Jesus figure, a remnant of the k.u.k yard stonemason company Sommer& Less, who specialized in the production of monumental stone figures, hungry visitors. Already look forward to giant schnitzel, which will be served in the Concordia Castle served on silver trays.

Lifestyle along the Danube Canal

Cool drinks and sand between your toes guarantees the Beach bar Hermann. Sometimes there are silent parties. The Bathing ship Also has a bowling alley on board and if you like, sign up for a massage, which will be offered for the first time in the 2019 season in cooperation with the Lois Braille House massage institute. At Motto on the river The cafe on the terrace directly on Schwedenplatz is an excellent place to have breakfast, with the outgoing trains in full view Twin City Liner, reaching the Slovakian capital Bratislava in just 75 minutes.

Rainbow crosswalk and Sacher cake

Special features & Fun Facts. Since Pride Week in June 2019, lights have been shining in front of the Burgtheater and vis-à-vis the Vienna City Hall a rainbow crosswalk.

Rainbow crosswalk in Vienna

Pay attention to the traffic lights … Vienna is also a gender pioneer here. Love is Love. And who knows the Beatles song "The ballad of John& Yoko"? Exactly! The Sachertorte already inspired John Lennon and Yoko Ono "Made a lightenin’ trip to Vienna, eating choc’late cake in a bag".

Souvenirs. You can find the nuttiest pumpkin seed oil at Gegenbauer on Naschmarkt. Buy vanilla ice cream at home, drizzle some of the good pumpkin seed oil on it, not too little! This unusual ice cream dish may not be a Viennese specialty, but it still tastes delicious. Kitschy glittery postcards can be found in the store of the Spanish Riding School and the very best replica of Durer’s hare by Ottmar Horl, which sits large and striking in pink on the left side of the Vienna State Opera, is available in all kinds of bright colors in the museum store of the Albertina. Speaking of the Albertina, the outside staircase leading up to the museum is always the setting for one of the works from the exhibitions. Look closely!

Just don’t – what not to do in Vienna!

… buy the wrong Sachertorte, because it tastes bland and dry. So pay close attention to the wooden box with the right seal.

… as a non-Viennese at the sausage stand: "A Eitrige mit an Krokodu" order. By the way, translated this means a Kasekrainer with gherkin.

… you should absolutely refrain from fare evasion in Vienna, because if you are found without a valid ticket, you will have to pay a fine of 105 Euros.

You still want to more useful information about Vienna collect? On the city’s tourism page you will find a lot of additional and in-depth information for travelers to Vienna.

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