Traditional country inn for well-being

Traditional country inn for well-being

Imposing and inviting at the same time presents itself the traditional country inn Zum Lowen in Schopfheim, in the district Gundenhausen. In front of the historic estate an old fountain, barn to the right, next to the main building a beer garden with mighty chestnuts and a Herb garden, the inner courtyard a green oasis.

For more than 400 years, travelers have rested here and fortified themselves with "food and drink". The magnificent outrigger with a golden lion holding a wine goblet announces the hospitality cultivated for centuries at the Lowen in Schopfheim.

Of course, nowadays the comfort of the rooms and the quality of the food and drinks are incomparably higher than in the old days. But the historical charm, we have preserved everywhere in the house. And in our "feel-good chambers" Tiled stoves meet chic bathrooms, Art Nouveau furniture meets exposed walls, ornate wooden beds meet health-promoting modern mattresses.

Enter the Baden Gemutlichkeit at the Lowen and let yourself culinary pampering. With us you simply feel good all around – whether on your Business trip or vacation! And for your family party or company celebration, we may use our original historical premises recommend .

Traditional country inn for well-being

What our guests say .

"My favorite restaurant, my favorite cuisine, my favorite services!" . "Very good value for money" . "A super location" . "Excellent cuisine, lovingly prepared" . "A tastefully restored suite with a stylish little tiled stove" . "A great hotel, especially if you take one of the feel-good rooms, which are decorated differently. In the summer nice beer garden or also in the inner courtyard nice to sit outside. Very nice staff! Come again with pleasure." – We say thank you to all who have rated us!

location close to Lorrach and Basel in the Wiesental valley

There, where the lovely meadow valley stretches uphill into the Black Forest, that’s where you’ll find us in Schopfheim in the beautiful Markgraflerland region. We are located a quarter of an hour from Lorrach, half an hour from Basel. Practical for business trips as well as for vacations .

In the third generation: your host Walter Grether

For me, Walter Grether, it is something very special to preserve the heritage of our grandparents and to continue it in the 21st century. Continuing to shape the twentieth century. After excursions into the big wide world we returned to the Lowen and since then we have been working tirelessly for you, our dear guests. We would be happy to tell you personally about the history of our house .


History and tradition

Traditional country inn for well-being

. of the Lowen in Schopfheim

Finally arrived! That’s what you may think when you step out with your suitcase in our parking lot and look forward to a good meal and your beautiful room at the Lowen. In those days, however, the joy of finally arriving at the inn after long hours on bumpy roads, without the coach being robbed or breaking its axle, was probably incomparably greater .

Traditional country inn for well-being

Inn with hairdresser& Surgery and post exchange station

In those days, of course, there were no fancy bathrooms and cozy beds, candlelight dinners or wines from all over the world as there are today in the Lowen. Nevertheless, already in the 17. In the 19th century and later in stagecoach times, the guests were catered for in the best possible way. Situated on the trade route to Basel, at the entrance to the small Wiesental valley, the Lowen was an important post exchange station. The horses came to the stable – which today is our event barn "Alte Schuure" and for the travelers like carters, traders, court messengers and craftsmen there was food and drink and "bodily pleasures". At the time of the Stupfer family in the 17. and 18. In the nineteenth century, the Lowen even offered medical treatments and haircuts.

In 1651, shortly after the Thirty Years’ War, Johann Stupfer bought the property "Zum Lowen" for 380 gulden and then worked here as a barber, wound surgeon and surgeon. At the same time he fed and accommodated customers and patients. He was an esteemed man of the town. His sons and grandsons followed in his footsteps – as Lowen innkeepers and surgeons, governors and judges. 1753 the Stupfer era ended with the death of Johann Michael Stupfer.

New upswing with Anna Grether

After several changes of tenants and a fire, the Lowen was run down. This changed in 1934 with Anna Grether from Mundingen, who, although small in stature, was resolute and experienced in gastronomy. With her began the era of the Grether family, which still lasts today. She turned the Lowen back into a well-run gem, her son Walter Hermann, chef and confectioner, built with his Gisela Haus& reputation even further.

Proud host today: Walter Grether

Anna Grether’s grandson Walter Arno learned the cooking trade at the age of 14. In the kitchen, not only the foundation for his further professional development was laid, but also for his private happiness: between pots and pans, the love for his later wife Ursula, who was an apprentice chef in the Lowen kitchen, was kindled.

Then it went first from Schopfheim to Hawaii, in order to work in restaurant and bakery of relatives, further foreign stations were Switzerland and England. With 10 years of international cooking experience, it was back to the Lowen again. For another 10 years two generations Grether managed the Lowen together.

In 2002 Walter and Ursula – both chefs – took over the house. They renovated all rooms. Exposed old wooden beams and walls. Designed the "well-being chambers With antique furniture and tiled stoves. Opened a southern courtyard and converted the barn into an event location. And last but not least, an Alemannic menu with dishes from the Middle Ages was established and event gastronomic events were included in the annual calendar. Since 2018 Walter Grether runs this property again alone with his dedicated team.

The future of the Lowen

The biggest wish is that one day the children will also carry on the traditional lion with joy and pride. The chances are good: son Paul is now a trained chef and daughter Annabelle is a trained florist . Let’s see if son Paul will return to continue the lion tradition in Schopfheim after his escape abroad .

We wish a good journey to the lion in Schopfheim!

The Lowen Hotel and Restaurant is located in the Gundenhausen district of Schopfheim, close to both the Swiss and French borders. We are well connected to the transport network and easy to reach.

By car

  • On the A 5 in the direction of Basel until the turnoff for Lorrach and Rheinfelden.
  • From Lorrach to Schopfheim (ca. 10 km )
  • Turn off Schopfheim West – direction city center
  • After the traffic circle 200 m to the right . and you are there!
  • If you are coming from the direction of Feldberg or Waldshut:
  • Exit Maulburg/Neuenweg – direction city center
  • After the traffic circle 200 m right . and there you are!

By train

  • It is best to drive to Basel (CH) – Badischer Bahnhof and from there take the train to Zell i.W.
  • Get off at the Schopfheim/West stop.
  • Then left on foot ca. 200 m opposite the Mercedes car dealership and there you are!

For more information on public transportation in the region, visit the Sudwarts Tourist Information page.

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