Tips for the 1. Birthday

12 months of Minime must be celebrated! Even if the little rascal doesn’t understand yet why there is such a fuss about him: no celebration is no solution either. After all, your child hatched exactly one year ago and now accompanies you every step of the way (or vice versa). It is okay to celebrate! We have a few tips on how you can best approach the first birthday party.

What a wonderful day

You know your child best. Depending on your personality, you can use the 1. Orient your birthday to it. If your sweetheart is more reserved, the best gift on this day is time and attention. A celebration with all the relatives and friends is too much for the little birthday girl. How about a trip to the countryside or the zoo instead? On the other hand, if your child likes to have people around him, invite his closest caregivers for coffee and cake. The cozy coffee party should last no longer than two hours. Is the nap indispensable? just organize a late breakfast.

Start birthday traditions

Even small customs within the family can make the birthday special. Whether it’s chocolate cake for breakfast, a serenade from grandma and grandpa, or birthday decorations like a Happy Birthday garland or one Birthday train with candles, which are used every year, become beloved family traditions over the years, which the children look forward to days in advance. Just try a few things you feel like doing, you’re sure to find out pretty quickly what brings you and your family the most joy.

No Gos for the 1. Children’s birthday

As with most questions about your child, you should listen to your gut when it comes to their first birthday. That didn’t stop us from collecting five points this time that you should definitely not stick to. Then nothing will stand in the way of a nice first birthday! Happy Birthday, little Bug!

1. Put the birthday celebration right in the time slot where the little worm usually takes his afternoon nap. Whining and complaining included.

2. Eating is not done until all birthday guests are actually there. It would be rude to start before then! Who finds that in any case not appropriate? Your little caterpillar, whose stomach has been rumbling for an hour already.

3. Everyone is welcome! Sure, we love the principle of the open door. But for the first birthday should not invite all friends and acquaintances, from the crawling group to the neighborhood. Since not only small people would be overwhelmed with, or?

4. Start: 15 o’clock. End: open. What, two hours is all the celebration is supposed to last? That is much too short! This short time is not at all in proportion to this special event.

5. From cutting the cake to opening the birthday presents, everything is meticulously planned, deviation from the schedule is not allowed. Can only go wrong. ;)

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