The white magic of the druids& witches: instructions and spells for magical rituals

Whether at full moon or new moon, in the morning glow of Venus, or at the festivals of the annual cycle: rituals are always a wonderful opportunity to experience the harmony with nature and to gain new spiritual experiences. No matter if you are a druid, a witch or a layman: If you have ever been to a ritual of white magic, you know that it is a very special moment, how overwhelming the power of the natural elements and forest spirits can be, and how beautiful it is to experience their energy in a special moment.

Because we are asked again and again about it, we have begun to build up a collection of instructions and sayings for magical witch rituals from different sources here. So far, the collection contains thirteen rituals and spells, including a protection ritual and a love spell. But we want to expand the collection constantly – so check back soon😊

In our druidic lunar calendar you will also find magical ideas and ritual recommendations for each lunar phase in the year cycle.

By the way, some of the ritual texts are in Gaelic. They unfold their effect, however, also in the German translation, which you can find under the original Gaelic text.

ÜOverview of rituals and spells

harvest spell / harvest magic

The following spell comes from the repertoire of the druid master Esus and is written in Scottish Gaelic. It should be spoken when gathering magical ingredients from nature to be used for spells and rituals. It addresses the forest spirits and asks for their blessing, for example, when cutting wild herbs for an incense ritual or a potion, or when gathering fallen wood for magic and druidic staffs. According to the rules of white magic, it is necessary to speak it even before using the dagger or the druid’s sickle to cut, or to pick up the wood from the ground.

*In the light of the crescent moon

o lùth neo-bhàsmhor
ann an cuilidh iriosal
chan eil mi a ‘gabhail, tha mi dìreach a’ faighinn iasad

From your immortal energy
in humility
I do not take, I only borrow

Druid ritual against powerlessness

The following druid ritual against powerlessness comes from the famous and gifted witch Brigitta Creanna Rogenmoser. We are infinitely grateful to her for sharing this ritual with us shortly before her passage into the Otherworld. It is written in Gaelic and invokes the tree spirits of the oak tree. Therefore it is best to perform it near old oak trees.

*To the music of "Journey to the Angels "*

La Runo di bumo e dumo La Runo
Runo et bumo e danu di La Runo
La Runo e dumo e danu di La Runo


Drudio e Drudio fa more du More
More famore La Drudio e Drudio La Ewalau
Ewalau e Eloria vorale La Drudio e Drudio


Elonara di bumo e dumo La Ronadi
Ronadi La Elonara di bumo e dumo
Dumo di bumo La Ronadi e Elonara


(Now start the communication or the questioning with the tree spirits)

Di Runo, I call you with strength
Runo, you tree spirit, I thank you for your coming
Runo, I worship you, you great Runo

Druid, as I am, in the morning as in the evening
The power you give me from druid to druid son of Ewalau
Ewalau and Elora, gods of the druids of druids

Elonara, the tree fairy, daughter of Ronaldi
Ronaldi, daughter Elonara, tree fairy,
Fairy of the trees, daughter of the father La Ronaldi

Love spell of Brigid

The following spell is a love spell from the collection Some Irish Charms ineriu. It is an Irish Gaelic spell that asks the goddess Brigid for help in winning a heart. The exact instructions for the performance of the ritual are not handed down. Basically, in love spells it is customary to give a personal object of the person concerned (for example a lock of hair) to the elements while casting the spell. To create the right atmosphere for the ritual, we recommend this druidic incense blend for love spells.

*In the light of Venus*

Fonriug do luth.
fonriug do lath.
fonriug do nert.
fonriug do thracht.
ben druth dam

I bind it, your power.
I bind it, your warmth.
I bind her, your strength.
I bind them, your energy.
I bind you.
My intended person

Forest spirits protection ritual

The following protection ritual is meant to be performed at a place of power. It is for the protection of the person involved, not for the protection of a home (there are other spells for that – see the protection spell here). It should be performed on the full moon or new moon, or on some other special astronomical event such as the solstice. The text invokes the forest spirits as well as the energy of the night and asks for their company and protection.

*In the glow of the full moon

Spiorad na coille, tha mi ag iarraidh ort nochdadh

Leig às an àite seo bho neach a tha a ‘tadhal

Mar sin tha e na dheagh shruth de na tha math

Mar sin faodaidh e mo dhìon air mo thuras

Spirit of the forest, appear to me

Free this place from all evil

Let it flow, that which is good

So that it may accompany me on my way

New moon ritual for vitality

This ritual of Esus has a very short text and is supposed to give strength and vitality to the participants. It is also meant to be held in a place of power, on the night of the new moon. The energies of the moon are invoked and transferred to the persons involved.

*On the night of the new moon

a ‘spiorad na h-oidhche, cuir mi do lùth
a bhith air an giùlan agus beò
lean d ‘fhacail, mar a tha a’ ghealach a bhios a ‘lìonadh
gum bi e saor agus beòil

Spirit of the night, send me your power
Be born, live
Follow your destiny, like the moon that fills up
So that it may be free and full of life

Druidic oak ritual

This ritual was developed by the druid Astrogaol and is performed near ancient oak trees. It serves to awaken the tree spirits and ask for their spiritual guidance. The text should be spoken after a deep meditation. We recommend performing the oak ritual before consulting a runic oracle. The integration of the Duir rune can strengthen the results.

*In the energy field of the oaks

Duir, Duir, Duir
stir your roots

Duir, Duir, Duir
stretch your branches

Duir, Duir, Duir
wake up from your sleep

Duir, Coll, Saille
Brothers of this forest
Give me your protection

Duir, Coll, Saille
Brothers of this forest
Show me your river

Witch Recall Ritual

This spell of the witch Keira is intended for the recall, for example, of lost objects, but also of wandering souls. You can write the spell in runic or witchcraft script on a piece of paper, preferably with Venus ink, and give it to the elements in a fire ritual. Exact details about the original performance of the ritual are unfortunately not known to us.

Return to this place,
never go away from here again.
I call the inner power within me,
come back and show yourself here!

Lammas sacrifice ritual

A very special ritual for the harvest festival Lammas / Lugnasad, which should be performed exactly at the midpoint between sunset and sunrise on this special night. The place of performance is secondary. It is not only a ritual of sacrifice and thanksgiving, it is asked for the benevolence and spiritual harmony with nature for the whole coming year. The primordial energy is bundled, released and absorbed at the climax of the ritual. Later, the ritual master will gradually feed it back into the cycle of life. The ritual consists of three parts. First, ritual candles are placed on the ground in the form of a triquetra. The druid walks clockwise around the candles with his staff and says the first verse three times. Then he places the offering (we suggest a grape) in the middle of the triquetra and walks counterclockwise around the candles while saying the second verse also three times. The third part is spoken standing over the Triquetra. With the speaking of the last word the grape is crushed on the ground. Thereby the bundled positive primal energy sprays off in all directions, first spreads, and finally gathers around the ritual master, whom it accompanies until the next Lammas. The closer the climax of the ritual coincides with the center of the night, the stronger the effects. Particularly good results have already been achieved with this ritual using a poplar wood druid staff.

*In the night of Lammas

Cumhachd na trì, Cumhachd na ceithir, Cumhachd na h-iomlan
cruinneachadh san àite seo!

Cumhachd na trì, Cumhachd na ceithir, Cumhachd na h-iomlan
cruinneachadh anns an ìobairt agam!

Cumhachd na trì, Cumhachd na ceithir, Cumhachd na h-iomlan
fuirich còmhla rium bliadhna haste!

Ngetal agus Eadha!

Power of the Three, Power of the Four, Power of the Whole
Cumhachd in this place!

Power of three, power of four, power of the whole
Bundle in my sacrifice!

Power of the three, power of the four, power of the whole
Accompany me for another year!

Ngetal and Eadha!

Spell and instructions for the Otherworld ritual

The following spell serves to establish a connection to the Otherworld and to make one’s own spirit receptive for signals and messages. In the days around Samhain and the other Celtic lunar festivals, particularly good results are to be expected with it. The spell should be performed at the beginning of the ritual by candlelight resp. spoken in the glow of the fire. If several people are involved, it should be spoken in the we-form. To make it easier for the spirits and souls to contact you, you can use a black mirror or a witch board. The moonlight and a black candle help to create the right atmosphere for the ritual. Also a corresponding incense mixture is recommended for this purpose.

In no case should the spell be uttered more than once per ritual! If the call to the Otherworld is not answered, we advise to try again at another time.

Fearn – stream of the spirit
Koad – Power of Fire
Ohn – Gates of the night

Come, for it is ready
Speak, for I am ready

I open, so open
I show myself, so show me

Fearn, Koad, Ohn
I am devoted to you

Show yourselves! Open up!

Love Spell of Brigid

The following spell is a love spell from the collection Some Irish Charms ineriu. This is an Irish Gaelic saying that asks the help of the goddess Brigid in winning a heart. The exact instructions for performing the ritual have not been handed down. Generally, in love spells, it is customary to give a personal object of the person concerned (for example, a lock of hair) to the elements while casting the spell. To create the right atmosphere for the ritual, we recommend this druidic incense blend for love spells.

*In the glow of Venus

Fonriug do luth.
fonriug do lath.
fonriug do nert.
fonriug do thracht.
ben druth dam

I bind it, your power.
I bind it, your warmth.
I bind them, your strength.
I bind them, your energy.
I bind you.
My intended person

Ritual for the protection of the elements

This ancient white-magic elemental ritual is said to invoke the protection of water, fire, earth and wind. It can be performed, for example, before a storm, or before other events in which the elements demonstrate all their power. While casting the spell, it is recommended to burn incense, for example, birch leaves, sandalwood, cedar and incense. If you put an elemental crystal in the incense bowl, you can additionally charge it and later put it on the door frame or a window sill for protection.

*in the place to be protected*

Spiorad an teine – loisgidh sinn leat
Spiorad an uisge – bidh sinn a snàmh còmhla riut
Spiorad na hùire – bidh sinn a fàs leat
Spiorad na gaoithe – bidh sinn ag itealaich còmhla riut

Spirits of fire, we burn with you
Spirits of water, we swim with you
Spirits of the earth, we grow with you
Spirits of the wind, we fly with you

Spell of the strong aura

This ritual comes from Astrogaol’s Celtic spellbook. It is a ritual of white magic, which is supposed to strengthen the instincts and self-confidence and make the aura grow noticeably and become stronger. You turn to Cormac and his wolf pack in this spell, who send their protection and guidance from the Otherworld. The ritual for this must be done while the moon is visible in the sky, otherwise it will not work. If a wolf’s eye (moonstone) is at hand, it should be placed in the middle of the ritual area. Otherwise, an Ailim rune (like a + sign) will suffice. For the illumination it is recommended to use an energetic pure tea light. The spell and the ritual consist of two parts – the incantation/meditation and the request for the blessing. In the first phase it is important to come to rest, breathe calmly and concentrate. Then you can mentally cast the 1. Repeat part of the saying. Here is the German version translated from Gaelic:

Cormac, Father, Isegrim – follow the call of the moon
Cormac, Father, Isegrim – follow me on my journey

You will feel it when they are there. It then feels as if you are growing taller. You can feel it very clearly in your fingertips, in your jaw or in your chest. You should then focus your mind entirely on the ritual area – on the moonstone or on Ailim. After that it is time for the 2. Part of the spell. This one needs to be spoken only 1 to 3 times. Depending on how intense it feels:

Cormac, Father, Isegrim – my mind is free from fear and doubt
Give me the power of the forest and the protection of your pack

Important: the last breath you take after the last syllable is spoken for the last time should be kept in your lungs for a while, about 5-10 seconds. The tea light should burn down completely afterwards (do not blow it out!). It can be that the power still gathers and builds up after the ritual. The next day you should be able to feel the effects quite clearly.

Success spell for witches and druids

For a success spell, it is customary to make a symbolic sacrifice to the spirits of nature and thereby secure their favor. White magic can be used, for example, to wish for personal or financial success. First, you need to find the right tree as a "contact" for the spell, or the right tree for the spell. to find the ritual. You can orientate yourself by your tree horoscope. Hazelnut is also a popular choice because it is very closely associated with the Otherworld. The idea is to choose a very special item (e.g. a power stone or crystal) and offer it as a sacrifice. You should bury this as deep as possible around the tree. Afterwards you have to cast an ancient spell. So that we activate the spell of success. The more valuable and meaningful the sacrifice is, the stronger its effect should be. The special thing is that this spell is also transmitted to the descendants, as long as the stone remains buried in the protection of the tree.

The spell is as follows:

A part of my heart I give you
They should find the way, in sun and rain
For me and mine, golden blessings
From now on At-ell!

This is a translation from Celtic, but the saying also works in German. The last word cannot be translated, so we have divided the syllables so that it is easy to read.

Ritual for spiritual purification

The spiritual cleansing ritual is a druidic incense ritual that is supposed to free the head and restore the unity of body, soul and spirit. It is a relatively short but intense ritual that can help to make a spiritual reboot. For the ritual you need certain incense ingredients, an energy store, a rune, as well as the beech and oak mantra. In the Keltus Druid Almanac you will find a detailed ritual instruction with video.

More white magic and rituals?

We want to constantly expand the rituals and spells on this page. For this we exchange with other druids and staff bearers. We would be happy if you also share your experiences with Celtic / Druidic rituals and white magic with us! In the Druid Almanac you will find many other ritual instructions and invitations to joint rituals on the occasion of the special holidays in the annual cycle! :-)

Answer the call of druidism: become a staff bearer now.

🕂 The power and harmony of the Celts🕂

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