Taste test which frozen pizza tastes best??

Crispy dough, generously topped with tuna and onions, and a juicy taste – that’s how we know Pizza Tonno from our favorite Italian restaurant. But if it should go times fast, we also reach gladly to the Tonno Pizza from the deep freezer. But can these supermarket products even come close to keeping up with the pizzeria around the corner??

Products in the taste test:

  • Original Wagner, stone oven, tuna, 360g/ca. 2.89 euros (100g/ca. 0,80 Euro)
  • Followfood, Tonno, 300g/ca. 3,99 Euro (100g/ca. 1.33 euros)
  • Gangstarella, Team Capi, Tuna, 480g/ca. 3,99 Euro (100g/ca. 0,83 Euro)
  • Gustavo Gusto, Tonno E Cipolla, 475g/3,99 Euro (100g/ca. 0,84 Euro)
  • Dr. Oetker, la Mia Grande, Tonno e Cipolle, 415g/ca. 3,49 Euro (100g/ca. 0,84 Euro)

The testers

Pino Bruno, Italian pizza maker and chef. He tests together with his colleagues Gianni Navarra, cook, caterer and rapper.
Second test team: the heaviest Lina and Anne Hupfer, both self-confessed pizza fans.

The test setup

Our taste test is a blind taste test.

The test results

Wagner tuna pizza

Original Wagner, Stone Oven, Tuna
Very flat, thin and rather small pizza – that was the first impression of our testers. The taste is not convincing either: "Very sweet," criticizes Anne Hupfer. "In any case, they used sugar, totally unnecessary, I do not know why you do that?", Gianni Navarra complains. You can’t taste the tuna and the sauce is "like a sweet ketchup with oregano," he adds.

followfood Tuna Pizza

Followfood, Tonno
The pizza manufacturer advertises hand-fished tuna in the Maldives. First of all, our testers are visually convinced by the many red onion and black olive pieces. Even the dough seems "fluffy," says Lina Hupfer. Unfortunately, the positive assessment stops the moment our testers try the pizza. It’s far too dry, too salty and tastes of nothing, our testers despair.

Team Capi tuna pizza

Gangstarella, Team Capi, Tuna
A more "American pizza" like you’d get in a diner, our tester quickly registers: thick, rich toppings and a yogurt sauce instead of tomato sauce. The tomatoes are instead on top as slices. "The tuna tastes like tuna, you can also taste the tomatoes," praises Gianni Navarra. "Can be eaten," say the Italians, while the sisters find the pizza "super tasty".

Gustavo Gusto tuna pizza

Gustavo Gusto, Tonno E Cipolla
"This is the first one that really looks like a pizza," the chef and caterer enthuses. The dough and crust make our testers hopeful: "It really looks like it’s fresh from the stone oven at your favorite Italian restaurant," enthuses Lina Hupfer. "Nice and soft in the middle, crispy edges" she adds. For the two sisters, the pizza could be a bit more seasoned, Gianni Navarra, on the other hand, declares: "Very, very well done".

Dr. Oetker Mia Grande tuna pizza

Dr. Oetker, la Mia Grande, Tonno e Cipolle
"This one looks delicious: Lots of onions, the tuna well distributed and we see oregano," declare the pizza fans. But with tasting comes criticism: "The base tastes a bit like cardboard," Gianni Navarre frets. "The tuna is really not tasty, it’s totally stuck in my teeth," complains Lina Hupfer. "I grumble most about the sugar, save the sugar, it doesn’t belong there," sums up the Italian chef and caterer.

The test winner

The sisters opt for the more American gangstarella pizza from rapper Capital Bra, which has no tomato sauce but is "super juicy," has "nice chunks of tomato" and is "totally delicious". The two Italian chefs, on the other hand, praise Gustavo Gusto’s Pizza Tonno. Dough, tomato sauce, cheese, tuna – everything was right here, they explain.

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