Tara in love gets an ice-cold rebuff from filip

Tara has a crush on Filip, but he doesn't return the feelings. 'We are not in a relationship,' he scolds the ATV beauty

With the big jungle love it will probably nothing. On day seven in the jungle camp Tara confessed: She has a little crush on Filip. But during a debate the sparks flew again. In the end, the ex-"Bacherlorette" contestant gives the former ATV party girl an ice-cold rebuff. Or maybe there is still a small chance for great feelings?

"For three or four days now there is nothing between us," Tara said sadly to Manuel while washing the dishes. The Austrian confessed to her fellow camper that she had already developed feelings for Filip. "If a man wants you, then he shows you that too."

"We are not in a relationship!"
And so the 28-year-old decided to try to talk to Filip one last time. "I feel stupid, I would like to clarify this," Tara said to Filip. The "Bachelorette" contestant was then simply honest: "I think it just doesn’t fit. You want to go to America, you said." Tara then interrupted him, "These are open future plans. A few months ago I wanted to move to Ibiza. Why did not you tell me that something has changed with you?"

Out the dream of the great jungle love? Filip Pavlovic gives Tara Tabitha a basket

Tara Tabitha and Filip Pavlovic just can't get on the same page. 'We just talk past each other!' is how Filip sums it up

Modified? Filip did not quite understand: "I do not know what you thought, how far that was. We are not in a relationship! I think that we are too different." Tara was visibly offended, replied tersely, "Yeah, fits!"Filip countered: "I can see how fucked up you are with me. But I don’t know what I’ve done to you. You’ve got yourself into something way too much!"

"You think you’ve dumped me now . "
Tara bitched back loudly and shrilly, "Why me?? And YOU think now, YOU have dumped me now and I am sad now!"Filip replied: "That’s exactly why it doesn’t fit, because you pay attention to such things. You always make sure that you’re perfect. I don’t care who dumps who, and you do care! Tara, you’re acting as if we’ve been in a relationship for three years . "

Tara Tabitha is annoyed by her fellow campers

One thing quickly became clear in this dispute: the two cannot come to a common denominator. "We just talk past each other …", Filip finally brought it to the point and Tara rushed off visibly disappointed.

Tara and Filip get closer again during treasure hunt
Tara and Filip, of all people, had to leave for a treasure hunt in the middle of the night after their discussion. "This is mega bad timing because I’ve been half in bed and I’m very tired," Tara says before heading into the dark jungle. After a while they came to a "scary skull hut" with a water wheel. If Tara and Filip manage to keep the wheel moving by refilling the water until dawn, they will be allowed to take the treasure chest to camp.

Tara Tabitha and Filip Pavlovic, of all people, have to leave for a treasure hunt in the middle of the night after their discussion

"I fill water in so that it comes out at the bottom. That’s not logical," grumbled the Bachelorette contestant. But diligently they set to work, hour after hour regularly poured water and had besides enough time to get closer again. Then the task was done and the day dawned. "We haven’t even come together like this for the last seven days here. No shit, we made a double win," Filip expressed his relief on the way back to camp.

During the treasure hunt, Tara Tabitha and Filip Pavlovic become closer again. Is the last word in the jungle romance not spoken after all?

Tara Tabitha and Filip Pavlovic have completed the treasure hunt, the day is dawning. 'We haven't even, come together like this for the last seven days here. No shit, we made a double profit!'

When finally all the stars were awake, they faced the question to open the treasure chest:

What is the correct spelling of the following word?.
A.) Cappuchino
B.) Cappuccino

The campers decided on B, the correct answer. “Coffee,” shouted Filip full of joy. Anouschka saw it differently: “I know exactly what happens. If I drink a coffee now, it pushes me and afterwards I”m in an even worse mood,” she nagged.

Chaos, bitching and 0 stars in the jungle test
In South Africa on Thursday evening, the racing king class was ushered in: in the jungle test "The Grand Prix of Mpumalanga", Anouschka, Linda and Jasmin had to prove how successful they are as racing drivers. The car went over the African track to collect stars on the race track.

Linda Nobat, Jasmin Herren, Anouschka Renzi will have to prove how good they are as racing drivers at the 'Grand Prix of Mpumalanga'. Together they have to drive a car through a race track and collect stars along the way

Jasmin, blinded by opaque glasses, steered the car. Anouschka, deaf through headphones, took a seat in the passenger seat – which is mounted opposite to the direction of travel. Only Linda, who had to remain mute, could see where the ride was going. The trio infernale had twelve minutes to get up to ten stars. Only if the jungle bolide has reached the finish within this time, the collected stars are also safe.

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The start signal sounded and nothing happened. The communication between Linda, Anouschka and Jasmin got going only with difficulty. After what felt like an eternity, the car finally moved forward a few meters, jerking and in slow motion. Finally, the car was under a roof, from which dangle the first two stars. It hailed worms and slime from above. Anouschka had quickly tied off the first star.

Finally the car is under a roof, from which the first two stars dangle. Anouschka has quickly tied off the first one. 'What now?', 'Right or left or what?' 'Stop', 'Drive on' - the three campers Anouschka Renzi, Jasmin Herren and Linda Nobat bitch at each other in one go

Communication between Linda Nobat and Anouschka Renzi gets off to a slow start in the jungle test

"What now?", "…right or left?" "Stop", "Drive on" – the three campers bitched at each other in one tour. There was pure chaos and the second star was simply ignored. With difficulty it went on to the car wash. While Anouschka was knotting the next stars, dirty jungle water rushed down. Time was running. "Make sure you make it across the finish line," Daniel Hartwich advised over a megaphone.

Time is up and Linda Nobat, Jasmin Herren and Anouschka Renzi have lost all the stars they have collected so far

With many gestures, Linda tried to make it clear to Anouschka that she should not continue knotting the star, as they must finally make it to the finish line. But Anouschka did not understand what Linda wanted to tell her. Then time is gone and all the stars they had gathered so far were lost. Linda blurted out, "Anouschka, that"s because you never listen to me!"

The jungle camp runs live daily from 10 p.m. (on Thursdays already from 8 p.m.).3 p.m.) on RTL.



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