Witchcraft – What do modern witches actually do?

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  • The 20-year-old Margret is a modern witch in the white magic. What is witchcraft at all and how to become a witch?
  • Witchcraft is the interplay of the energy flows in the universe and responding to the environment and nature that surrounds you. What constitutes witchcraft I learn from Margret.
  • -Tarot card reading is most commonly used in white magic. They help to make decisions or accompany into the day, similar to a horoscope.

I am standing in front of the door of a simple apartment building. I am about to meet Margret (This is her witch name). It is, as they say today modern witch. When I think of the term witch, I imagine an old lady with a hump and wart on her nose. In fairy tales witches are actually always evil.

She lives at home and studies

The door opens. A young lady, a head taller than me with brown, chin-length straight hair, opens the door for me. "Hi Clarissa. Feel free to come in. You can take off your shoes here."I take off my shoes and walk through the door. It’s a very simple place. A staircase in front of me leads upstairs. Margret, 20, still lives with her parents, brother and sister. She is studying to be a teacher in Dortmund. Sounds like a normal life, how can you call yourself a witch??

The first impression

We go up the stairs and enter the room on the right side. Margret’s room. It is not a big room, about ten square meters. In the room there is a closet, a desk packed with pens, drawing pads and books, a -commode and a bed. There is a record player on the dresser. "Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.I". I smile at Margret and am happy because it is one of my favorite soundtracks.


Photo: Clarissa Schott

A shelf hovers above the desk. I see many different small plants, candles and stones there. Two homemade wire figures hang above the shelf. A human-shaped wire frame and a hand. The arms and legs are longer than a human’s. I feel like this thing is going to come alive any moment now. A little creepy. Next to the figure hangs dried lavender.

My own witch altar

"This is my witch’s altar. The wire creature is one of my talismans. They perform a specific task such as protection. The lavender is used to soothe sleep, mind and spirit. I am of the zodiac sign Taurus. The bull has the earth element. That’s why I have plants standing here or salt stones as well. You represent my element.", says Margret.


The homemade witch altar in Margret’s room
Photo: Clarissa Schott

The connection to the universe

Okay, but I can’t figure it out yet. What does it mean to be a witch? "I have not been a witch for that long yet. I really started with everything about two months ago. I became more and more interested in the universe. Then I did some research and stumbled into the direction of witchcraft. There one deals much with the energy flows and goes into nature."

Margret tells me more and I listen eagerly. You learn a lot about yourself, nature and the universe. Everyone can become a witch or a sorcerer, but you should feel a connection to the universe and get involved with it. "The beauty of it is that you can decide for yourself what you are convinced of. You can also make up your own spells."I look at her in wonder.

Magic really works?

I know that witches do magic, but does it really work?? Margret describes that it works like affirmation. For example, if you stand in front of the mirror every day and tell yourself that you are beautiful and healthy, then you will believe it after a while. This is how witchcraft works. Actually already cool.


Tarot cards with candles, a book and a wooden pentagram.
Photo: Clarissa Schott

Margret takes a book from the desk and leafs through it a bit. The book is a "white magic multiplication table". She gives me the book and I look at it more closely. A lot of information about plants, herbs, magic potions and magic art. There are different magics. Margret sees herself in the white/gray magic. Unlike dark magic, white magic breaks the negative blocks and brings out the positive in you. "I have tried dark magic before, but it is too scary for me."She looks at me with an uncertain look.

Tarot cards do not influence fate

We go over to the bed and sit on it. Marget holds a deck of cards in her hand. I have seen this on television before. People lay their cards and tell them what the future will look like. "These are tarot cards. They only serve to advise and make decisions. You should not believe all the nonsense on television, there is a lot of bungling."She presses a second book into my hand. In the book different variations of tarot reading are shown. I choose the card of the day. It works like a horoscope. It accompanies you throughout the day or you look back on the day retroactively.

Six of Cups

I am supposed to shuffle the cards so that my energy goes into the cards. The cards in my hand are smaller than a simple deck of cards. How I draw the card is also my decision. I lay the cards in a horizontal line on the bed and decide on a card on the right half. Cups six.


Tarot card: The Six of Cups. My card of the day
Photo: Clarissa Schott

"That fits. You are Pisces. And the chalices stand for water, your element." I see two people on the map. In the background you can see houses. Margret flips through the book and explains to me the meaning of the card:

Soul transformation
The Six of Cups card of the day brings you either messages from the past or an intense need to return to places from your past. Take a closer look at the figures on the day card the six of cups, they seem surreal. One notices a certain disharmony in the body proportions. Just like the things in daydreams and in visions. Today is a good day to escape from the harsh reality, everyone needs that once in a while or one tends to see the past transfigured?

I feel sick to my stomach. I feel a tingling in my body. It scares me a bit, because I woke up today with a thought from the past and have been dealing with it ever since. Does the card only help me to decide or do I only want to hear what I just want to hear?

Witches are people like you and me

So witchcraft is just being in tune with the environment. I notice that Margret is very relaxed and easy-going. This is thanks to witchcraft. It also learns a lot about itself and its environment. She knows about herbs and plants, their functions and benefits. I’m glad I even know what a daisy is.

I am down again. Before I leave, Margret gives me a glass pendant in the form of a water droplet. "You can hang it in your apartment, I have put a protective spell on it. Protection from diseases, bad luck, stress and more."With a smile I thank you and go out.

Witches are not old ladies with a hump and a wart on their nose after all.

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