Striking and slim: losing weight in the face, is that possible??

While most problem areas can be easily concealed in everyday life, there is a solution for hamster beaks, double chins and co. Few tricks to hide. So what to do about the moon face? We reveal whether you can really lose weight specifically in the face and what helps against curves and double chin.

Round face and double chin, what are the causes??

The face could be described as the biological business card of a person, hardly any other part of the body gives so much information about health as the face. While fat deposits on hips, belly and thighs can somehow be concealed by clothing, this is not possible on the face.

The causes of a double chin or full curves on the face can be different. Although a few kilos too much on the hips usually play the decisive role, especially in the case of hamster cheeks and double chin, slim people can also be affected by the less beautiful curves in the face. In this case, the reasons are usually of a hereditary nature, and sagging skin tissue and age are also involved in the shape of the face.

Round face

A round face is often connected with a few kilos too much on the hips.

Lose weight in the face, is it possible at all?

If slim people have to struggle with a fold of fat between the chin and neck (in short: double chin), then this can either be genetically determined, but also indicate a thyroid disorder, for example. So if this is the case with you, then it’s best to get checked out by a doctor.

However, to all those who knowingly have a problem with their roundish face shape due to a few kilos too many, we can give a few tips.

First things first: No, you can’t target a specific problem area to lose weight, you have no control over where your body breaks down the fat first. The distribution of body fat is in fact to a large extent genetically determined. If you train certain body parts, then this concerns the purposeful muscle structure, not the purposeful fat dismantling. But don’t worry, of course you can still lose weight on your face and not only there, but this should bother the fewest people concerned.

Tips for a slim face

As with other problem areas, the secret to losing weight, which brings long-term, healthy and quick results, lies in an adapted diet and regular exercise. The good thing about the problem zone face, however, is that changes become visible particularly quickly here, the fat pads on the cheeks often melt very quickly and even a double chin can be quickly reduced or even completely eliminated.

Grilled fish for dinner

A healthy diet is half the battle, even when it comes to a slim face.

Exercise slim face

In order to train the muscles in your face and thus to provide for prominent parts, simple exercises offer themselves, which you can accomplish in a calm, unobserved minute without problems:

  • Sit upright. Grin broadly without opening your lips, lift your chin upwards and hold it there for 5 seconds. Then lower your chin under tension and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat this movement 20 times.
  • Lower your head, curl your lips inward, grin broadly. Now slowly open and close your mouth, each time lifting your chin for about one centimeter. Repeat this exercise 20 to 40 times until the chin is in a lifted position, hold here for 40 seconds.

My conclusion:

It’s not that difficult to shape your face, because changes will be visible very quickly when you start losing weight. It is important that you do not go on radical diets in order to realize the dream of a striking face even faster, because especially a drastic reduction of calorie intake is often reflected in the face in a flabby, unhealthy appearance. Rather, rely on a healthy diet with regular meals, plenty of vegetables and fiber, and, of course, exercise.

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