Strength training at home – strong muscles without equipment

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Effective strength training can also be achieved at home. We present the best exercises from the "Bodyweight Training" for the start before.

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Strength training at home

A well-defined body is a sign of health, strengthens self-esteem and is considered desirable not only in the beach season. If you have a well-trained body, you not only have strength, but also radiate discipline and ambition. You simply feel better.
This positive feeling can easily be achieved with a conscious and focused strength training in your own four walls. No visits to crowded gyms and no sweat deodorant odor overkill in the locker room. With targeted exercises, muscles can also be built up at home – and even without equipment.

Planking: strengthening the back

The forearm support (plank) is a good and versatile back exercise. For this, you get into the push-up position, with the difference that you support yourself with your forearms. Knees are lifted and the body forms a line from torso to legs.
Beginners hold this position for 20 seconds and then release. Advanced users can adapt the duration to their abilities. By the way, the world record in planking is held by 62-year-old George Hood with eight hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds.

An exercise that focuses on the mid and lower back is called the superman. This involves lying on your stomach and lifting your torso, legs and arms slightly off the floor so that only your pelvis and lower abdomen are touching the floor.

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Door pull: Strengthen the arms

Biceps training is an absolute must for powerful arms. The biceps muscle, although it looks very imposing with good definition, is quite small, which is why four sets of up to ten repetitions are perfectly sufficient for the workout. When training, it is important that the triceps are also sufficiently trained as a counter muscle. Training too one-sided can lead to misshapen upper arms and, in the worst case, even cause muscle problems.

Door pull is a good exercise to strengthen the arms. At the same time the back muscles are also trained. How to do it: Stand at the end of an open bedroom door, grasping a door handle with each hand. Place feet to the right and left of the door, heels about the same distance apart as the door handles. Then lean back so that the arms are stretched through. Bend the knees and shift the buttocks backwards to keep the back straight. Then, using only the strength of the arms, pull the upper body forward and up until it touches the door. Important for the exercise: wear non-slip socks or shoes and stand securely.

To also strengthen the triceps, suitable z. B. So-called triceps dips: rest your back on the floor with your arms and bend your legs. For the exercise now stretch and bend the arms alternately.

Push-ups: Shape the upper body

To complete the strength training at home and get closer to a strong and defined body, the upper body (chest and abdomen) should also be trained in a targeted manner. A classic, and not without reason, are push-ups. They can be done anywhere, are versatile and use the entire chest muscles. Hands are shoulder width apart on the floor. The body weight is carried by hands and toes. Move the body towards the floor by bending the arms, and straighten the arms again.

Sit-ups are just as classic for an effective abdominal workout. To do this, lie on your back (preferably on a yoga mat) and bend your legs. While your hands are on your temples or neck, slowly straighten your upper body and lower it again. Keep your elbows in line with your shoulders. Always perform the sit-ups as evenly as possible using the strength from your abdomen. Do not make any jerky rocking movements.

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