St.-veit street: cyclists are allowed to ride in the opposite direction

St.-veit street: cyclists are allowed to ride in the opposite direction

How an afterthought can put everything into perspective. "Only three percent of road users drive on the st, according to an undercover survey.-veit street too fast", mayor jurgen kohmann (CSU) informed his councillors. "However, they were all traveling in the wrong direction on the one-way street." and yet: the city council will turn the six-month test phase into a permanent solution.

Review: at the end of 2018, the building committee had ordered that a one-way street regulation be introduced for st.-veit-street (where the realschule is located) and the adjoining dr.-hummer-street to test. the maximum speed was limited to 30 kilometers per hour. Afterwards, the city asked residents, bus drivers and the police for their opinion. And in the meantime carried out the aforementioned undercover ten-day measurement, in which 226 vehicle drivers, including some with articulated lorries, drove unperturbed the wrong way round and also still too fast. The councils were shocked, but could not be dissuaded from enacting a permanent regulation. Only cyclists are allowed to pedal against the direction of travel: the road is wide enough, says kohmann. Although dieter leicht (SPD) noted that not all residents were happy with the one-way street regulation by any means. For some, this means long detours.

Winfried ernst pointed out that it was the independent voters who had put forward this proposal: "We should try out sensible traffic solutions in practice more often instead of rejecting them immediately on the basis of what supposed experts say."

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