Sphynx cat without fur – what to do in case of posture& observe care?

Admittedly, the Sphynx cat without fur looks a bit like a creature from another star. Some find them almost demonic. But behind the unusual facade hides an affectionate, intelligent creature. We reveal what this special breed needs, how to keep and care for it and what else is important to know. Read more here!

Allow: the sphynx – a cat without fur

It was in 1966 in Canada when a small hairless sensation was found in a normal litter of a cat. A completely bald little male was born here. After some crossbreeding of different hairless cats with each other, only a few years later the Sphynx cat was already recognized as a new breed. Although breeding is not easy, since the gene is inherited recessively and thus the gene pool is not very large. But nowadays there are experienced professionals who know exactly how to bring a healthy kitten into the world. And that’s a good thing, because the demand is constantly increasing.

Naked cats with offspring

Fascination naked cats – the appearance of the Sphynx

Who thinks of a cat, probably has first of all its wonderfully soft fur before eyes. This is missing in the Sphynx cat, however, which is why many find the animals as not particularly handsome. Apart from that, this breed is a very typical example of the felids. The animals are medium in size and relatively muscular, even if they appear rather graceful. The wedge-shaped head has a pronounced muzzle, large open ears and slightly slanted, large eyes.

In fact, the supposedly hairless cats are not completely naked at all. Immediately after birth there is a fine down on the skin. This develops peu-a-peu in the course of the life back, so that often only head and tail retain a little hair. Nevertheless the cats are not all gray – similarly as with the fur here the skin is to be had in all possible colors. Whether red, brown, black or white, spotted, tabby, mackerel or tortoiseshell – the Sphynx knows how to shine with its versatility. The skin itself is very wrinkled – another typical external feature of the breed.

Sphynx cat without fur - what to do in case of posture& observe care?

Sphynx cats are very wrinkled

Surprisingly balanced – the character of the Sphynx

The Sphynx does look a bit nasty. In fact, however, one should not be deceived by the appearance here. Because the cat without fur is anything but aggressive or moody. They are considered to be very friendly and balanced. Temper tantrums are mostly alien to her. On the contrary: The animals are enormously social and affectionate, are also considered as true empaths. They form really intimate bonds with their humans and also get along well with other living creatures.

They forget their calm nature at most once, if they are not given enough attention. They demand this then quite energetically. Otherwise Sphynx cats are considered to be quite playful. In this case they also go out of themselves and become really active. In addition, the cats without fur are described as very intelligent. According to occupation they need also. But after a round of playful chasing they usually become true cuddlers again.

What you need to consider when keeping Sphynx cats

Most pedigree cats tend to stay indoors. With Sphynx cats this is even urgently advised. Because of the missing fur, the animals are enormously susceptible to even small changes in the weather. They quickly get cold or suffer from direct sunlight. An attitude as pure dwelling and/or. Domestic cat is therefore the better variant. But it should not have to live alone. It likes the close contact with its humans and is also gladly part of a family with children. It also gets along with other cats or even dogs.

Sphynx cat without fur - what to do in case of posture& observe care?

Sphynx- cats cuddling

Of course, the cat without fur may still go out into the fresh air if it wants to – for example, on a cat-proof balcony. But the fact is that the wrinkled cats prefer it rather warm and cozy. Therefore, your apartment should always be pleasantly warm, especially in winter. If this is sometimes not enough, a heat lamp can be set up additionally. The Sphynx also loves cozy blankets and pillows. In addition, the otherwise rather inappropriate sweater is also a means of choice for this breed. This one should put on however really only if the cat needs it – z.B. if a visit to the vet is pending, which justifies the way through the cold.

And finally the Sphynx needs employment. We already mentioned it – the breed is very intelligent and eager to learn. Sophisticated thinking toys should therefore definitely be offered to her. Clicker training might also be worth considering. About this we have already written once here. Some animals even retrieve their toys. So with a cat without fur it will certainly not be boring!

Do cats without fur need special food?

Cats with (very long) fur can yes if necessary. receive special food to support them, so that they can better eliminate swallowed hairs. Does then a cat without fur also need a special food? The answer is: not necessarily. It is important that the animal receives very high quality dry or wet food. These are usually more comprehensive with important nutrients, which this breed likes to absorb.

But what is really extraordinary about the diet of a Sphynx cat is the amount of food it is given. This is namely much higher than with the fluffy conspecifics. reason for this is actually the lack of fur or. the thereby developing loss of warmth. In order to be able to hold their normal body temperature of 38-39°C, the cat without fur must spend clearly more energy. And this she gets of course from her food. A particularly protein-rich food with a low proportion of carbohydrates is therefore crucial for this breed.

What does the care of a hairless cat look like?

A fluffy house cat does most of the grooming itself. Hardly a cat would dream of voluntarily seeking contact with the cool wetness. With Sphynx cats it is somewhat different. The animals need a little human support. Since the sebum produced by the skin is not absorbed by the hair, a certain film is formed over time. The cat can usually not remove this on its own (although it cleans itself). Therefore, owners should rub the Sphynx from time to time either with a damp, soft cloth or bathe them. In addition one uses best a pH-neutral shampoo. Here they can ask you veterinarian for tips.

Sphynx cat is washed

After washing, the cat’s skin should not be specially creamed or oiled. This again does not get the animals well. In general, the animals should not be bathed too often. Because the sebaceous film is also a certain protection for the skin. By the way: Most of these cats like to be bathed, as this is also a kind of affection from humans. So you do not have to be afraid of dramatic scenes here.

One last point to consider when caring for hairless cats is the sun. Because of course Sphynx cats also love bathing in the sunlight. Unfortunately, their skin does not protect fur and thus threatens under circumstances the danger of burning. So in some cases it can be useful to rub the animals with a cat-friendly sun cream. These do not contain fragrances or dyes and can be obtained from the vet. With this new owners can pick up anyway also still Tipps for the attitude, care and feeding of the race cats.

From allergy sufferers and animal protectors – what else you should know

Often the cats without fur are dubbed allergy friendly. But this is not necessarily correct. Because usually one is not allergic to the hair itself, but to a certain enzyme in the saliva of the animals. A hairless cat distributes this naturally clearly less intensively in the dwelling, than its furry colleagues. But nevertheless an allergic reaction z.B. occur during stroking. Therefore a test should always be carried out before the acquisition.

Just as often one meets in combination with Sphynx cats also the reproach of the torture breeding. But also this judgment is only conditionally true. In principle, the absence of fur is not a great loss for the animals. Only the sometimes absent touch and whiskers are problematic. The cats need this for orientation and social interaction. If these are missing, such an animal is actually considered to be a torture breed and therefore may not be bred or purchased in Germany according to §11 of the Animal Welfare Act.

But there are now enough responsible breeders who make sure that the animals do not lack these important sensory organs. These specimens are therefore legal. Incidentally, the sphynx cats are very robust, vital and not unusually susceptible to disease. The naked cats are everything else than small sensitives – apart from the large warmth need. But this also has its advantages, for example, when the wrinkly little creatures once again sneak up to you under the covers and then lovingly snuggle up to you.

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