Speeding up your cell phone: this is how it works

Your smartphone is getting slower and slower? With our simple tips and tricks you can speed up your phone again.

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When your smartphone was new, apps opened within a second, games ran smoothly, and there were no hangs when scrolling. But now it feels slow and ponderous?

Various reasons caused your smartphone to become slower and slower. If you determine it, you will be able to accelerate your cell phone again. Most of the time, a few simple steps are enough to get everything running smoothly again.

How can I make my phone faster?

Sometimes the causes of a sluggish cell phone are obvious. A junked memory for example, makes your smartphone and slows it down. Remember to regularly delete data you no longer need, or offload it to external storage media.

Another simple trick is to device reboot. Most mobile devices run for months without rebooting, which can accumulate temporary data and cause problems. A quick reboot fixes small bugs: just hold down the power button on your smartphone for at least two seconds to reboot.

Tip: If your smartphone hangs, then the power button will also help you: Press and hold for at least ten seconds so that it switches off, and then restart.

Unnecessary programs close in the background

If you’re a regular reader of smartphone news, you probably know that chips are getting faster and faster – in part to run multiple programs at once. According to this, too many programs in the background slow down the system significantly, especially with older cell phone models. The memory is unnecessarily occupied and also the battery discharges faster.

To get the Show background apps to have unnecessary programs close in the background, you only have to hold down the home button for a few seconds on some phone models. Other models have a separate button, for example Sony phones. Generally, you can always find all running apps in the "Settings", under "Apps". There you select the appropriate app and tap the "stop" button to end the application.

Clean up your homescreen

On the home screen, you place all the apps you want to have quick access to on multiple screen pages that you can scroll through. But the more pages you cram with apps, the slower your smartphone responds. Reduction also helps here, for example by App folder on the homescreen. How about a folder for all game apps?

Also look at this cleanup Widgets. Most of them constantly update themselves – like weather widgets – and slow down your processor.

Delete useless apps

If you want to speed up your phone, you should refrain from collecting unnecessary apps. You can also disconnect from them under "Settings" and then under "Apps". Tap the app you no longer need, then select "Uninstall" off. This is how you gain storage space and speed.

The so-called system apps, which are pre-installed by the manufacturer, are not quite as easy to remove. These can often only be deleted with root rights. What you can do: Turn off or hide the system apps to make your phone fast.

Install cleaner apps

You can then immediately replace the unnecessary apps with a useful cleaner app. This cleans up for you in the background and shows you where there are still Potential to save space is. But don’t be lured by advertising promises. Many cleaner apps promise to pimp your phone and make it even faster. But this is definitely not true.

Use cleaner apps only for a short time when you are really short of space on your smartphone. Good apps show you where you can still delete something, but do not execute deletion processes automatically in any case.

perform system updates

The long list of updates can be annoying sometimes. But System updates for Android and iOS you should always perform. Because they fix errors and optimize processes. This is how they help your smartphone to work as effectively as possible. In the "Settings" under "Device Information" or "System Updates" will show you available updates.

The most efficient solution to speed up your phone

Unwillingly done, but really efficient is a complete Reset to the factory settings. Especially if your device has been in use for two or more years and some system updates have been made, a reset helps enormously to make the phone faster again. Since the entire memory will be erased, you should Save important data beforehand.

You simply transfer pictures, videos and music to your computer. Messages from instant messengers and SMS can usually be backed up with free apps. Phone numbers and addresses, on the other hand, you simply save via your Google or Apple account to restore them later.

Once you’ve done that, you can go to the settings and see if you can find the "Back up&" option there Reset" find. Sometimes it can also be found under "Memory" or "Security". There you can save information like app settings or WLAN passwords. Then reset your smartphone to factory state.

And if your phone can’t be pimped at all, maybe it’s time to get a new one after all. Cheap cell phone offers and a large selection of current smartphones can be found in our store.

Conclusion: Making your phone faster is easy

Delete or swap data in the phone memory regularly

Close useless programs in the background

Reduce the number of homescreen pages and widgets

Uninstall or hide unnecessary apps

Use cleaner apps

Keep operating system up to date with updates

Reset smartphone completely

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Speeding up your cell phone: this is how it works

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