Special hairstyles for special occasions

Whether it’s a fabulous dream wedding, a glittering ball night, a glamorous event or a big family celebration – there are numerous special occasions that call for a special hairstyle. For example Updos or also artfully Braided hairstyles a guarantee for a sensational appearance.

Special hairstyles for special occasions

High the hair!

Updos are, so to speak, the divas among the hairstyles. They turn long hair into an elegant accessory for any occasion. Stars wear them on the red carpet, princesses and queens at gala evenings and receptions.

When it comes to creating updos, the sky’s the limit when it comes to imagination. Whether Chignon, banana or chignon – We have summarized a few of the trendiest pin variants here for you as inspiration:

Chignon or Top Knot

Hair knots like the chignon or the top knot are considered to be Classic under the updos. However, you can style these two knot variants so differently that they are on many occasions fit: To the playful evening dress just as to the elegant tuxedo. To a straight business outfit as well as to a sporty dress.

Special hairstyles for special occasions

Worn at the nape of the neck, the chignon gives a certain elegance. Draped on the side it gets a girly charm. If the knot is placed on the top of the head, it is called a chignon or bun. Or for the slightly wilder version of a messy chignon. A knotty style that looks youthful-modern and never boring.

The only prerequisite for chignon, top knot or chignon: the hair should be at least shoulder length its.

Ballerina knot

If you think of updos, you simply can’t get around the classically noble ballerina knot. Often seen at elegant occasions, but also ideal for wild parties. Because with pins& Hairspray professionally fixed, brings this knot as good as nothing out of place.

Banana, French twist, French bun or also twisted chignon

The banana, which also has so many other names, has suffered for a while from a rather dusty image. This has come to an end at the latest since it is increasingly seen again on the international catwalks and the red carpets in Hollywood. Often, however, currently extended by a new twist: Because at the front of the head, this updo is crowned by a well rolled quiff just like.

Another basic tip for all updos: Freshly washed hair they can be styled worse. So it’s better to wash your hair one day before you put it up and knot it. Or – our Hairdesign Kaufmann secret tip: Add a dusting of dry shampoo to your hair – this provides the necessary grip.

But ask our stylists how you can achieve your hairstyle Desire updo come: Simply call +43 662 820957 to make an appointment right away. We look forward to your call!

Special hairstyles for special occasions

Braided hairstyles – well braided keeps better!

Not only since the monkey swings to the first Dirndl and the braided braids of Pippi Longstocking are braided hairstyles are very popular.

Just in time for Rupertikirtag and Oktoberfest, but also on the international catwalks, in fashion magazines and on the heads of fashionistas, stars and starlets, you can find the most diverse braided variations. times a Herringbone braid, times Peasant, or Gretchen braids, times the trendy Boxer Braids.

Whether worn sideways, wrapped around the head or loosely tied at the back of the head – there is a suitable braided hairstyle for every hairstyle and hair type.

By the way
Also for women with shorter hair do not have to do without braids. Whether it’s a classic braid, boxer braids or mini braids – with a little imagination, a few tricks and some hairspray, our finger-smart stylists can conjure up any number of individual braided works of art to suit your style and style, even with short hair.

The Advantage of braided hairstylesThey are actually not to be broken and hold out quite a lot. From the intense party night to the intense workout.

Ask our stylists how to get to your Desired hairstyle come: Simply call +43 662 820957 to make an appointment. We are looking forward to your call!

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