Sonja and rudi seidel have been going away together for 50 years

on sunday, sonja and rudi seidel celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in schneckenlohe. A long-time married couple’s tip for a happy partnership: "Cohesion is the most important thing." they have raised two sons together and overcome many a low point. But the couple never lost heart. "We have always worked hard, been industrious and today we are doing well.", says rudi seidel. the pensioner had worked for 50 years in a carpenter’s workshop in weidhausen as a carpenter for construction and furniture. After his sons were grown, his wife sonja started working again. "but we always had agriculture on the side. We made our own butter and cheese, had a poultry farm, sheep and rabbits", she says. "And a big garden, he adds, and both say they have won several awards for their flower arrangements. "Since we retired, however, we have shifted down a gear.", says rudi seidel.
Dancing is still one of the couple’s great hobbies. Sonja seidel: "where there is something, we are there. Now it’s mostly the dance teas on sunday afternoon." and they talk about their travels to poland, norway, france, switzerland and the netherlands. "our next destination is scotland. We are looking forward to it. We often travel with the farmers’ association or the district horticultural association. we know many travelers."
And it’s not just traveling or dancing that keeps them fit. They eat healthily, do regular gymnastics and are interested in medicine and naturopathy, regularly go to medical lectures in the hospital. Rudi seidel: "when we go to the doctor, we tell him what we’ve got."

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