Snapchat: six things you should know about snap map right now

Snapchat users can use the Snap Map feature to let their friends know where they are currently located. The feature, however, divides minds. Some think it’s great that they can see where in the world their friends are at the moment and have taken a snapshot. The others – especially parents – consider it questionable, at least for younger users, and believe that their children can be stalked more easily.

Six things that are important:

Many don’t realize that the Location automatically updated every time you open Snapchat and makes the location visible to all Snapchat friends. With a little luck, you can even find out the address of an apartment. Unattractive if you want some privacy or kids are home alone watching snaps.

Snap Map is voluntarily. You can simply turn off the tracking if you don’t want real or unknown "friends" to follow you around. You can make or undo your decision at any time.

Tracking, no thanks? This is how it works: If you open Snap Map for the first time, you will be asked who is allowed to see the location. If you click on "Only me" (‘ghost mode’), you disappear from your friends’ maps, but you can still see where they are if they haven’t deactivated the functions as well. It is also possible to make your location visible only to selected friends.

If you also don’t want Snapchat to see where you are, you have to select "Never" under "Location" in the settings of your cell phone in "Snapchat".

Similar to the snaps themselves, the location entries are also ephemeral. Snapchat says it deletes them after eight hours.

Snapchat has as Minimum age 13 years indicated. The question is whether everyone will stick to this default. Here all parents are challenged to accompany especially younger children. Let us show you which apps your children use and explain the advantages and disadvantages of new features in particular.

Our tip: Here you can learn as a parent how to discover the web together with your children.

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