Simply earn money online on the side – this is how it works!

There are numerous ways to earn money online. In most cases this does not involve huge amounts of money and a classic full-time job is often more profitable. But making money online usually doesn’t require much more than a digital device with an internet connection, and those who do it right can benefit from an almost passive income after a little work.

There are numerous options for earning money on the side via the Internet. Some require various skills, such as writing high quality skills or mathematical skills for financial calculation.

Some others do not require any prior knowledge. But all need patience. But which options are actually lucrative and worth an investment of time and what should be paid attention to?

Start your own blog

One of the easiest ways to earn money online is to open your own blog. Creating such a blog is now easier than ever and can be done in just a few clicks. Then tips, testimonials and reviews can be published on their own blog. Or just write anything.

Especially people who have experience with their own diary can use such a blog to share their thoughts and ideas. In addition, such a blog can easily earn money.

Go to Monetize your own website there are several possibilities, such as display advertising or affiliate links. Here, the blog owner gets either a small amount of money per click of a reader on an integrated advertising banner or per purchase of a product through a special affiliate link.

If you like to compare products and are interested in technology, cosmetics or interior design, you can sometimes earn a lot of money by comparing products and using affiliate links. Who is particularly good at it, gets sometime also product samples of enterprises sent, in order to evaluate these then.

Money can also be earned through so-called backlinks. Backlinks are used in search engine optimization (SEO) to link to another website. This means that the linked website appears higher up in search results, for example from Google.

If you already have your own blog, you can usually get several hundred euros from other companies for simply linking to their website.

Dropshipping and reselling

If writing articles and posts is too boring, you can also earn extra money by selling products. But how exactly is that supposed to work if you don’t manufacture any products yourself??

The first possibility is dropshipping. Here a small entrepreneur sells the products of a wholesaler for a markup on his own website. The wholesaler benefits by reaching additional customers and the dropshipper receives a commission for his customer acquisition. In Germany dropshipping is also known as drop shipment business.

Those who do not have their own website should engage in reselling, i.e. selling again. As the name implies, products are bought at a low price, usually during discount promotions, and then sold for a higher price on Ebay and co. To sell.

This requires a lot of money and a certain willingness to take risks, as one or two purchases can often turn out to be a mistake. But with the right strategy and a little practice, this risk can be minimized.

For example, a large number of products can be purchased from overseas for a one-time delivery cost and a volume discount. The products are then resold individually without quantity discount and with delivery costs, but should slightly undercut the original offer in order to be attractive to potential customers.

Become an Influencer

Through Instagram, YouTube and Co. anyone can easily build an online presence these days. With a little luck, anyone can thus in the shortest time to the Influencer become. Here, the right platform should be chosen according to interests.

Those who often travel can share this with their subscribers on Instagram and thus become an influencer. From a certain size then sponsors take up the contact and by paid product presentations money can be earned simply.

If you have experience with video editing and want to get creative, try your luck on YouTube. Whether animation videos, Let’s Plays or even documentaries: Anyone can upload something to YouTube. From a certain size Google pays a small amount of money for each click on your own videos, which can quickly pay off if you have many own publications.

If you live rather spontaneously and have a lively charisma, you can try your luck on Twitch. Here they not only play video games live, but also go on live trips and adventures. Musically talented people can also reach an audience here, which, if they perform well, will also donate money, for example.

About 1.2 billion People are on Twitch every day, so you’re almost guaranteed to find viewers for your own gig. However, a camera, microphone and PC may be necessary here. But even a smartphone with selfie stick is often enough.

Quick money with surveys

Last but not least, there are also survey providers, some of which pay several euros per completed survey. It should be noted, however, that sometimes only people with certain requirements can participate in some surveys. This is not suitable as a passive income, but if you need some money spontaneously, you can find it here.

Ultimately, there are enough options and there is something for everyone.

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