Shave genitals properly – ten tricks without bloodbath and pimples

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Here are my 10 intimate shaving tips for men.

Tip 1: To shave or not to shave?
Tip 2: Shave or wax?
Tip 3: Cut back
Tip 4: The preparations
Tip 5: A frothy experience
Tip 6: Move forward with caution
Tip 7: The care afterwards
Tip 8: Little aches and pains
Tip 9: A simple solution
Tip 10: Pluck step by step

Whether it’s for personal preference or because you have an important date coming up soon, a shaved genital area is often much more comfortable than the "original" shape. However, many men approach this with skepticism, because just one wrong step and it can end badly. You don’t have to be afraid of an intimate shave, because my ten tips will help you get out of it unscathed.

Tip number 1: To shave or not to shave?

The biggest question is whether you should shave at all or not? Of course, this is your decision. This means you don’t have to shave the bottom if you don’t want to. From a purely hygienic point of view, however, a clean-shaven genital area is much better. Also, an intimate shave looks exceedingly more well-groomed, especially to your partner.

Quite incidentally: Once you’ve gotten used to the steps, shaving works in no time at all.

Tip number 2: Shave or wax?

You can shave your genital area smooth with a razor or you can opt for waxing. Which of the two options you like more is up to you. Generally shaving is easier, because you can quickly remove all the hair. Plus, shaving is completely painless if you do it right. For this, waxing has the advantage that the hair does not grow back so quickly and no unsightly stubble is left behind. I recommend, however, that you first decide to use the razor. It’s best to only get waxed by professionals if you want to give it a try.

Tip number 3: Cut back

If you have been growing for a long time, the hair in the intimate area is quite long. Now it is the wrong way, if you go directly to the action with the razor. The better solution is to start with the cutting back. That means, together with a beard trimmer or scissors you can cut off a few centimeters of hair. Thus you provide for first order. You also have less work later. Another advantage of cutting back the hair is that the razor does not dull so quickly later, because you have to go over the same spot again and again.

Watch out: Trimming does not replace shaving.

Tip number 4: The preparations

The big step has come: the wet shave. Before you go into action, you should ensure sufficient hygiene. Therefore, washing thoroughly beforehand is a must. In the best case, you shave directly after showering, because now you are completely clean. In addition, you should always use high quality and new blades. The reason is very simple, because the skin in the intimate area is extremely sensitive. If the blade is blunt or inferior, you irritate your skin and it comes to the well-known pimples. Moreover, you can hurt yourself more easily. Besides the blade you need shaving foam. Try this on a small area beforehand to see if your skin tolerates the foam. For some men shaving oil is much more pleasant. But also the heat of warm water can help to prepare the skin for shaving.

Tip number 5: A foamy experience

An important point before the actual shaving is whether you use shaving foam, cream or oil. All three types have their advantages and should therefore be examined closely. But be careful, because not all products are suitable for an intimate shave. It usually says on the packaging whether you can use the foam, cream or oil for the intimate area as well. If you don’t see it, don’t use it either. Otherwise it can come to unsightly irritations. If you are known for allergies, you should test the product beforehand. Just rub it on the inside of your elbow and wait around ten minutes. If you notice redness or even small pimples, then the product is not for you. A completely different solution are depilatory creams. Replace the razor by simply putting the cream on the hair and waiting a few minutes. After that you can wipe off the cream, including hair. It is a good solution, but it also involves a lot of chemistry. If you still want to try it, always make sure that the cream does not come into contact with your anus or glans.

Tips: Intimate shaving for men | © baibaz -

For intimate shaving you can use foam, oil or cream.

Tip number 6: Proceed with caution

Finally you can start shaving, but I can’t help you much with that. You should proceed carefully and not rush the whole process. The most delicate area is probably the scrotum, because it can quickly end up bloody. Therefore, it is recommended that you stretch the skin of the scrotum when shaving, so that it is completely free of wrinkles. Only then you can start with the razor. But be careful, because you should not press the blade too hard on the skin. It is also good to rinse the razor after each stroke. If you want to shave up to your buttocks, take your scrotum in your hand and pull it forward gently. This tightens the skin behind and you can shave less risky.

In general: Do not proceed too quickly and take your time. Especially the first time it takes a long time. But if you have done it a few times, you will shave faster and faster.

Tip number 7: The care afterwards

If you have shaved everything and feel no more unsightly hairs, wash off the shaving foam or shaving oil with warm water. It is sufficient to remove all residues with a damp washcloth. It is typical that the skin is irritated and tense, even if you have been very careful. If you can stand it, cool your testicles under cold water. This is very pleasant for the skin. Once you have removed all the foam or oil, dry your intimate area with a clean and soft towel. Now be careful, because you must not rub or scrub your genital area dry. Instead you should just dab it. Afterwards you apply a talc-free powder, such as organic powder, to your intimate area. The powder has the simple purpose of preventing friction. Only after that you can get dressed again. If you want to give your skin a rest, decide to shave it before going to bed. Now the skin can regenerate overnight without you running around.

Tip number 8: Little aches and pains

In the beginning it is not uncommon to experience itching, pimples or soreness. Especially if you are not so familiar with the whole thing, this is almost normal. There is now talk of the so-called razor burn. The itching comes from the fact that the hair grows about 0.3 centimeters per day. If you shave regularly, the itching will disappear with time. Why? Your skin gets used to the small hair stubble, so there will be no more irritations. If you notice ingrown hairs or unsightly pimples, next time you shave, make sure you always shave in the direction of the hair growth.

Another tip: If you notice that your skin is particularly irritated, skip shaving for a while. This will help your skin to recover. You can also help with suitable creams and ointments.

Tip number 9: A simple solution

Shaving the intimate area sounds too complicated and time-consuming for you? Now there is another solution, because you can use an electric razor to do the job. Before I go into more detail, you should know that the hair cannot be completely removed with an electric razor. You can also combine wet and dry shaving to achieve the best possible results. Otherwise, you should buy a good long hair trimmer. You can also buy a razor specifically for the intimate area. In terms of construction, it looks almost like a conventional razor, but you can work much easier. The two big advantages of dry shaving are that everything is much more hygienic. In addition, injuries are less likely to occur.

Tip number 10: Pluck step by step

You love perfection and also have enough time? Now the tweezer method is right for you. You should be aware that it takes a long time to pluck your entire genital area. After all, you have to pluck each hair separately. But there is a big advantage, because you tear out the hair including the root. This means that the hair needs about two to four weeks before it starts to grow back. To pluck your genital area, you should take a warm bath beforehand to open the skin pores, so that plucking is easier. Try to tighten the skin afterwards, just like with a wet shave. Now the plucking begins. Place the tweezers close to the skin and then pluck out the hair in a jerky motion. After the procedure, you should cool your intimate area with cool water, a cold towel or a cooling pad. This will reduce irritation and close the pores.

Positive side effect: The penetration of bacteria is prevented, which in turn is good for the skin.


An intimate shave doesn’t have to be a big act, because basically there are many ways you can go about it today. This means that nowadays you no longer have to resort to the classic razor, but you can also get to grips with your jungle using depilatory creams, tweezers or an electric razor. Be careful, however, and try chemical aids beforehand, so that there is no skin irritation, redness and the like. If you follow my ten tips, you will quickly reach your goal and enjoy a smooth intimate region. Therefore do not shy away from the adventure!

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