Sell used products

Ebay and Co.How to get rid of your old things for a profit

Sell used products

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  • The easiest way to get rid of your old stuff is to go to a second-hand dealer. You get the most money on online marketplaces like Ebay or Hood.
  • Cheap alternatives to Ebay are classified ad sites like Ebay-Kleinanzeigen or Quoka. However, these are mostly designed for self-collection and not for shipping.
  • Unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers among the numerous inquiries and offers. You should follow some basic rules to be safe from rip-offs.
  • Find the right marketplace for your old stuff: Vinted, for example, specializes in second-hand clothing. Fairmondo is ideal for fair trade products.
  • Describe your used items favorably, but always stick to the truth. Many buyers also quickly fall in love with beautiful photos.
  • Insist on cash payment or a secure payment method. Many online marketplaces offer their own payment system for this purpose.

In this guide

In the drawers, on attics or in the garages of most Germans slumber treasures. Books, DVDs and electrical appliances have had their day, but not everyone consistently gets rid of their old things. Decluttering has something liberating about it – and can still bring in quite a bit of money. With the right tips you can get rid of your used property at a profit.

Where can you sell your old things?

If you want to sell items, you have on the one hand the possibility to sell your old household goods Quick and easy for a little money to get rid of. You can sell whole boxes of books for a few euros at second-hand dealers, and you can often get rid of clothes at a small profit in second-hand stores.

On the other hand you can sell each piece individually and thus your household cash noticeably increase. The highest price tends to bring online marketplaces on the Internet, especially Ebay. There most people look for used found objects. But perhaps a more favorable alternative to Ebay is worthwhile for you rather.

Online marketplace and auction platforms

Ebay has made the internet auction big. As a seller, you set the duration of the auction, and know therefore exactly, when you get rid of the object. Only if no bids are received, you are stuck with it. Alternatively, you can also offer your items for a fixed price. As a seller, you send the item by mail or parcel service to the new owner; but a pickup can also be arranged.

Ebay keeps 11 percent of the selling price for itself (also on the shipping costs). A cheaper alternative, which works very similar to Ebay is Hood. Besides Fairmondo.Fairmondo, which has no auction function, focuses on ecological and fair trade products. How these marketplaces work, we explain below.

Classifieds sites on the net

Classifieds on the Internet are suitable best for offers for self-collectors. Especially bulky refrigerators or pets can be sold well via the ad platforms on the net. Also for less demanded objects the sides are suitable well, since one can offer them there free of charge over a longer period of time. In addition, the vast majority of classified ads free of charge for private sellers and buyers.

Originally, on the classifieds pages no shipping provided. The fact that the goods have to be picked up naturally reduces the potential group of buyers considerably. This also tends to give sellers a lower price. In addition, sometimes the price is haggled over again during the collection, or a potential buyer does not even come to the agreed appointment.

Some classifieds providers have now introduced their own payment system, so that you can send the goods without immediately run the risk of a fraud attempt to sit on. However, the "secure payment" often costs extra. If your counterpart doesn’t get involved, you should be alert.

You can find the biggest offer on Ebay Classifieds. But also providers such as Quoka or Sphock invite you to rummage around. In addition, there are still some niche classifieds, which are limited for example to clothes, jewelry or cars, such as Vinted and Vestiaire Collective for fashion or mobile.en for cars.

Online second-hand dealer

If you have just cleared out and now want to turn a lot of used items into money without much effort, you can send them to a buyer. Purchase portals in the Internet do not take however everything, the best you can resell books, CDs, DVDs and electrical appliances.

To find the buyer who is currently paying the highest price for a particular item, you should use a Use comparison portal, for example or On electronics specialized is the comparison portal

The second-hand dealer in the neighborhood

Of course you can also go to the second hand store in the shopping street around the corner. The advantage: If the seller makes you a good offer, you get your money directly in your hand.

The disadvantage: You can compare the offered price only with difficulty. If the offer deviates strongly from your price expectations, let you explain, where the dealer sees lacks.

At the flea market the fun is in the foreground

In every larger city there are flea markets, where rarities are offered, but also a lot of junk. Here the fun is in the foreground and not the profit. Ask about the booth fees and bring a friend along so that the hours don’t get boring.

How much you get depends on your negotiating skills. To attract visitors, it is best to place a few showcase items in the front of the site. A garage sale works similarly, as you may know it from American movies. Such an action is especially useful for apartment liquidations. You can donate the items you don’t sell, such as to a thrift store or refugee shelter.

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