Seduce woman – how to become irresistible!

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Doesn’t it always seem to you that other men are just more into it than you are?? Too gladly one would be really cool, would know immediately what makes her laugh and…Man(n) would be simply gladly the best seducer.

And we make you…well we bring you at least a little closer to the whole thing!

  1. 1 Woman seduce – And that with pick-up lines?
  2. 2 Seduce woman – What is the secret?
  3. 3 Woman seduce – 15 tips how it also succeeds you:
  4. 4 Conclusion:

Seduce woman – And that with pickup lines?

Please do not! It shows humor, if you share these sayings with your acquaintance in a funny way, however, on the very first date you surely don’t know what makes her tick. Please forget these stupid, hackneyed pickup lines and think of something special of your own. Relate your statement to the woman standing in front of you and try to make it sound as unique as possible!

But now we are really getting down to the nitty gritty!

Seduce woman – What is the secret?

Exactly this question probably every man asks himself at least once in his life.

There seem to be men who come into a room and literally attract women, while you are miserably lost in the crowd.

But! And that’s really important, you can learn seduction. So you are guaranteed not to be lost.

Every man can learn to flirt. Every man can have this charisma! It doesn’t matter if you look like an actor or not!

Basically, women are not like men. They like you for an emotional reason, not because you fit their exact image visually.

So, it is important that you must arouse the feeling of desire in the woman. But she has to like you first, to eventually feel some kind of emotional connection, which usually turns into attraction.

Seduce woman: As "seduce" but also says, you must not only reach her emotionally, but also in conversation always go on the offensive. Take the flirting in your hands and take the lead for her. Catch her by maybe being a little too forward and let her come up with some quick-witted answers. The trick is to keep the balance between flirting, leading and irritation.

Seduce woman – 15 tips on how you can do it too:

  1. Self-love: Loosen up, wear something you feel comfortable in, put on your favorite perfume and go to your favorite bar. Stay calm in an environment that you like, so that you don’t get overwhelmed by all the new impressions. You have to feel comfortable to arouse this feeling in a woman. Make sure you look and smell well groomed. Women love authoritative smells and can also rarely resist a good taste in fashion.
  2. The hunt: No! Guys, we are not on the hunt. So please don’t stalk, don’t creep around her flesh like a cat, but walk purposefully towards her and make it clear right away that you just wanted to get to her. Just like on the hunt, the hunted quickly imagines that he is safe and you don’t want that! Above all, your fear of taking the plunge will increase.
  3. What loves itself teases itself?: You don’t have to make small talk and you don’t have to ask for a profile. Stay relaxed! Leave out the boring details, surely she doesn’t want to know at the beginning of the conversation what you ate yesterday or what hobbies you’ve been doing since childhood. These things can be discussed on a date and have no place here. Your task is to catch her and you can only do that with an exciting conversation that she won’t forget in a hurry. Be humorous, tease your counterpart and also go quietly sometimes something brisk to the thing. But don’t forget to be attentive, always mirror their gestures a bit and paraphrase their answers slightly. For example: "You’ve been playing soccer for two years, that’s really interesting". I did that for a while too, until I realized that I always shoot into the wrong goal…" But please don’t forget to laugh!
  4. The cell phone number: Now we are already in the royal class and if you have made it this far, you will also get her number for sure. But please really refrain from any sayings that you know. Try it instead with: "I want to make sure you get home safe tonight, would you write to me?" or "Maybe you can teach me how to shoot into the right goal, I’ll be happy to buy you a coffee for that too?" Try to explain the question just a little more affectionate, emotional and secure or be humorous to conquer the lady.
  5. The Whatsapp texter: We all know him, the man who loses all sense of humor as soon as everyday life starts again and then of course forgets to ask you for a date! But you do not want to belong to these men, so! Will you continue to be humorous, just show your best side and take advantage of the right moment to ask for a date. For example, if you’ve been writing to each other for a week and you feel like things are going well, then by all means invite her over. Women need the fire. They want to be wooed, they know that they are important to you, which is why you have to keep at it.


Before the first date, you have to bring out the boundless self-confidence that you displayed on your first meeting. Due to nervousness, this can sometimes be quite difficult. But! We have found an audio book for you that has really super good reviews and I, as a woman, can only agree with the tips and tricks in this audio book.

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