Scheinfasten – what brings the new diatform?

Mock fasting - What does the new diet form bring?. A salad with legumes and avocado: mock fasting relies primarily on vegetable protein and healthy fats. (Source: dpa/tmn/Christin Klose)

In mock fasting, the body benefits from the advantages of abstaining from food. The Clou: May be eaten nevertheless. It sounds totally practical. We asked specialists, what they hold of the chamfering concept.

The Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD) was developed in the USA at the Longevity Institute of the University of Southern California under the leadership of the age researcher Valter Longo.

The difference to other kinds of the calorie restriction: The Scheinfasten is no classical "zero diet", where you get hungry and in a bad mood. It is also not comparable to the interval fasting that has become popular in recent years.

One pretends namely only as if one would really fast. The positive effects are said to occur nevertheless.

Five days of halved ration

"With the Scheinfasten one takes during five days approximately 1.000 calories a day," says, says Bernd Kleine-Gunk, President of the German Society for Anti-Aging Medicine. That is "so about half as much as normal".

The diet consists of complex carbohydrates, such as from lettuce and vegetables, healthy fats, such as those found in nuts, avocado and olive oil, and vegetable protein, such as that found in pulses. Three times a day may be eaten.

Knausert is meanwhile with simple coal hydrates such as white rice, bread and noodles, with sugar and – which may sound unusual for decrease and chamfering experienced – with animal protein.

Stimulate the waste disposal system of the cells

"Animal protein gives the body the signal growth", Bernd Kleine-Gunk explains the background of the renunciation. "With mock fasting, however, you want to do the opposite." You do not want to "feed" the cells, but give them a break from the buildup processes. "Only in this break, in the stand-by mode, the organism dissolves defective or old cells and recycles their material."

This process is called autophagy or autophagy – it is based on a kind of internal waste disposal system of the cell, which promotes its renewal or "rejuvenation" Effects.

Also fat burn is to be stimulated

According to the anti-aging expert, other positive metabolic processes are set in motion during mock fasting: For example, the ketosis, that is, the burning of fat.

"The body does not get into the state of ketosis during interval fasting", says Kleine-Gunk. Because the body used up only after longer chamfering periods the coal hydrate memories up and makes itself only then to the fat memories. For lasting anti-aging effects, the calorie restriction phase of intermittent fasting is too short.

A typical mock fasting breakfast would be, for example, a vegetable smoothie. Also a cup coffee is permitted. For lunch and dinner we have vegetable curries with lentils and coconut milk, salads or soups. Add to that three to four cups of unsweetened tea and water throughout the day.

A vegetable smoothie: a typical mock fasting breakfast. (Source: Getty Images/fcafotodigital)

A vegetable smoothie: a typical mock fasting breakfast. (Source: fcafotodigital/Getty Images)

Activate the body’s own substances

The five-day fasting cycle can be repeated approximately every three months. In between it is recommendable to nourish itself after the so-called Sirtfood principle.

The name is derived from sirtuins, a group of multifunctional enzymes produced naturally in the body. Their activity is to be stimulated by the admission of certain secondary plant materials purposefully. Who tries between the chamfering phases to nourish itself after this principle, supports the cell renewal additionally.

Bernd small Gunk speaks of Sirtuinaktivatoren ". These are found, for example, in broccoli, kale, apples, blueberries, walnuts, olive oil, onions, turmeric, coffee and red wine.

Snacks are also allowed

"A sirtuinaktivierenden breakfast would be Quinoa Porridge or chocolate Tonka curd cheese. Both can be eaten with fresh berries", says the expert. For lunch and dinner, dishes such as savoy cabbage and mushroom stew with buckwheat, orecchiette pasta with broccoli or kale soup with meatballs come into question.

In the time between the chamfering days may be snacked also. For example, homemade granola bars or" Superfoods"-Balls of seeds, kernels and dried fruit.

"Superfood"-Bullets: Even during the mock fast may be snacked. (Source: Westend61/imago images)

Old-known knowledge in new garb

Nutritional medicine expert Hans Hauner of the Technical University of Munich is not really impressed with the new fasting concept. "Mock fasting is old-fashioned knowledge wrapped in new garb", he says. In the sale of the fasting boxes, which can be purchased for the fasting days, he sees clever marketing.

"The fact that people in Sardinia or Japan, for example, live longer has long been researched.", says Hauner. "Also the reasons are obvious: predominantly vegetable food, in addition fish, healthy fats such as olive oil, sufficient movement, a favorable climate, less stress."

You can’t get a healthier life in five days

Positively Hauner evaluates that with the Scheinfasten the mirror of insulin and the hormone IGF-1 are kept low. They activate and possibly accelerate aging processes in the cells.

In addition, the occupation with nourishing questions is generally meaningful, says Hauner. "With this fasting variant, the view of food and its nutrient composition certainly changes. You perceive the feeling of hunger differently."

It makes clear also: Who would like to decrease however on a long-term basis and live healthier, reaches that naturally not in five days."

Sustainable change

The question is thus, how one creates it to nourish oneself after chamfering further healthy and to hold the weight. The plant-based sirtfood diet is certainly a good starting point. Also, because it is easy to implement.

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You should eat as varied and colorful a diet as possible. Red tomatoes, green broccoli, yellow turmeric. You can say: the more colorful, the more healthy phytochemicals. And since the plant foods also contain plenty of satiating fiber, it is easier to keep the figure.

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