Sander city hall barrier-free

The works for the barrier liberty in the city hall of the municipality sand are nearly locked. With the commissioning of the elevator on Tuesday, the first and second floors are now accessible for people who have difficulty climbing stairs.
Thus in the administration the main office, the building administration, the secretariat, the office of the mayor as well as the conference room are accessible for everyone. In addition, the meeting room can also be reached by elevator, so that all interested parties can participate in the meetings of the municipal council, as the municipality further announced. But also at the wedding ceremonies, which still take place in Sand, nobody is excluded due to physical impairments. The municipality thus contributes to the participation of handicapped people in social life. In addition, a barrier-free toilet facility was installed and the passageway on the first floor was improved.
The measure was subsidized with funds of the Federal Government from the local investment program (KIP) with approximately 308,000 euro. The funding comes from the special fund "Kommunalinvestitionsforderungsfonds" (municipal investment promotion fund), which the federal government has set up.
In the course of the construction work, some beautification measures were carried out. Thus, the entrance area was not only tiled up to the elevator system on the first floor, but also the staircase up to the administration on the second floor. In addition, the dark tiles in the entire stairwell were plastered over and the plaster was given a light coat of paint. This makes the whole staircase look more friendly.

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