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16.10.2021 updated: 16:58

The Masked Singer

ProSieben once scored a surprise hit with "The Masked Singer" – and has since carefully developed it further. Now the format becomes Saturday night entertainment.

Cologne (dpa) – The best broadcasting slot on German TV is clearly on Saturday evenings in prime time at 20.3 p.m. Instead of exciting movies, there will soon be a singing show on at this time of day

"The Masked Singer" (ProSieben) starting at 16. October back on TV

It’s the time when Thomas Gottschalk (71) used to emerge in full regalia from the set of "Wetten, dass. "or Stefan Raab (54) began to intimidate his competitors on "Schlag den Raab" with glances. ‘Tis the season for Saturday night shows and their great masters of ceremonies. Now a droll Pug with Kulleraugen moves up into the Riege.

In its fifth season, the ProSieben show "The Masked Singer," which in recent years has given the station top ratings with broadcasts on Tuesdays or Thursdays, is venturing the experiment of switching to Saturday nights. The first issue is on 16. October (20.3 pm) to see.

"The Masked Singer" (ProSieben) as a family-friendly entertainment show

Many of the costumes under which the new celebrities sing and do not want to be recognized are already known. Including a wrinkled pug, a toupeed skunk, a cuddly teddy bear and an oversized chili pepper with a latently insane look.

Saturday night shows were once characterized by the fact that everyone from grandkids to grandmas got to see something somehow – they were an evening of television for the whole family. Both media use and family life have changed in Germany, however. In short, the grandson can now watch series on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video on his smartphone and no longer needs his parents’ TV. And grandma sometimes lives hundreds of miles away because she didn’t move to the city to work like her kids did.

ProSieben success: "The Masked Singer" will soon be running on Saturday evenings

"The Masked Singer" can be described as family-friendly in any case. The appearances of the costumed celebrities are generally viewed positively to effusively. The rough tone of many other music shows with variable candidate performance is far from the guessing team in the studio, which again consists of Ruth Moschner (45), Rea Garvey (48) and a changing guest. In addition, there is a lot of singing and the costumes are mostly cute.

According to ProSieben, the switch to Saturday nights is a one-time move to fulfill a wish of the format’s loyal viewership. ProSieben boss Daniel Rosemann also announced: "And the puzzle will be hard. Very hard."

"The Masked Singer" fans are guessing: Which celebrity is behind the costumes?

Beyond all broadcast dates, the big question will indeed be again: Which celebs will get in on the fun? Before the first note was sung, corresponding forecasts are naturally still on the level of fairground fortune-telling. In an often knowledgeable Facebook page on the format, someone believes to have discovered traits of singer Mike Kruger (69) on the singing Chili. It will be known.

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