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Hello all!
I’ve been playing my PS1/2 games more often lately and had a lot of fun with them (Twisted Metal 2 is simply timeless).
Neither my PS1 nor my PS2 are modded in any way (i.e. no chip). Since the purchase of Japanese devices is disproportionately expensive, I would tend in principle to a mod. I would like to ask you a few questions, which I would be happy to get some help on.
My plan would be, due to the backwards compatibility of the PS2 to the PS1, to just get a PS2 either modded or buy a modded one (they are much cheaper to buy).
The "backup" aspect is completely irrelevant for me here (PS1/2 games are currently very affordable). More important would be the compatibility to the US/JP versions – for both PS1 and PS2 games. Would this be given, or are there compatibility problems between (bspw.) a modded Pal PS2 and a NTSC PS1 game?
Thanks in advance


What kind of PS2 do you have?
The easiest way is with a PS2 FAT and a network adapter. About a hard drive you could then load FMCB etc without specifically changing anything on the console.

For this the HDD would have to be formatted only particularly at the PC and be written with nem image.



Not all PS 2 chips play PS1 games!
I know the Christal Chip Matrix Infinity and the Clone
Who still exists. It’s called a modbo 750 o.s.a.?

The chips have a lot of cables which are to be soldered.

I would let me in your place a NEtzwerkadapter on ebay rausslassen and
copy this image to HDD.
After that you can also with the popsloader your PS1 games as an image of
Start HDD.

You don’t have to solder anything and you don’t need a PS2 MC!!


All right, then I’ll read something in the direction – thanks a lot!


Centurion wrote:

Popsloader is ‘only’ an emulation, if it is important for you

productof76 wrote:


The funny thing,
this popsloader will also be started if you copy into an unmodded
PS2 inserts an original PS2 game.

At least I think I read it that way once.
This posploader was ripped from a PS2 so far
I remember.


I was primarily about a space-saving egg-laying PS1 games playing regionfree WollmilchPS2


The thing with the posloader is nonsense what I wrote.
Just checked again.

Because of this regionfree, there are also so swap Cd’s as far as I know.
Must then also nothing modden.

Edit: Swap Magic 3.6


I had a look at the Swap Magic – but I found it very cumbersome I have to say.
In the end a japanese PS2 might be worth considering. the one plug more does not make the cabbage then also fat


Because of the PS1 games you just buy one on ebay.
I think 90% are already modded anyway.

Here is a list which PS1 games are incombatible with the PS2.…atible_with_PlayStation_2

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I would tend to 2 separate consoles:

    PS2 with hard disk adapter (

productof76 wrote:


There are some points to consider when asking chip, HD or both:

Playing games from HD is very convenient once they are on it –
But playing PS1 games via HD still seems to be a bit more complicated !
Regionfree runs but only games that are on the HD

all disc (PS1 + PS2) games run regionfree
DVD over RGB runs without green cast

many chips are not compatible with FHDB so you have to deactivate the chip before every start and reset the console, which is annoying at some point. Evtl immediately with installation of the chip a switch set around the chip the juice to turn off if one would like to play by HD.


LuDaCriSoNe wrote:

But FMCB can NOT play PS2 original imports. This only works with patched copies. And PS1 games don’t work with FMCB in principle. Unfortunately, it is forgotten here every time to point out.

Centurion wrote:

But it is not so trivial to install the PS1-isos on the HDD. For each game a separate partition must be created ( at least according to my last knowledge ).
And the compatibility is also far from satisfactory.

Landstalker wrote:

There are a few PS1 games for which you need a bootdisc despite the modchip ( e.g.B. Dino Crisis NTSC ). With some modchips you can supposedly make appropriate settings (never worked for me) to "hide" the chip from the game software.
In this case the PS2 Slim is better, because you can change the disc easier with the toploader. For the Fat you need a slidecard.

Some PS2 models are not compatible with all PS1 games ( list was already linked above ). Even the modchip does not change anything.

I have all standard PS2 models with FHDB, FMCB and Modchip. But I practically only use the PS2 Slim with modchip. The is quiet and the laser/drives are in my experience more robust than on the Fat.
As a modchip is the Xeno PS2 well suited. It is still available for a good price.
While the Matrix Infinity likes to be hyped, because of its ability to be updated. But this is mMn completely obsolete, because no new firmwares are released anymore. The PS2 Xeno does exactly what you need it to do. Play import games ( and bootleg copies ).

If you just want to insert a game and get started, you need a modchip. If you like to fiddle around, a PS2 with network adapter and harddisk is the right thing for you.

If you want 100% compatibility, you need both a PS2 and a PS1 with modchip.

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