Player verification for e-sports competitions

In a gaming arena, people follow the e-sports competition on large screens

Player verification for e-sports competitions without smurfs and cheaters

Fully automated online ID verification with AI at GoBIG League

E-Sports competitions – the challenge

In e-sports, too, the basic idea of sporting competition is the guiding principle: fairness, respect and fun for all participants. However, if one does not compete face to face as in classic "offline" sports, but instead competes against others online as an e-sports player with a user profile, negative incentives can arise that are unknown in the analog sports world. So it always comes to smurfing: A player creates additional accounts with which he plays "undetected" against unsuspecting people, to whom he is superior and who are humiliated in unfair competition. Or team success is gone if the smurfer steps out of line, but has no consequences to fear, as it is a virtual profile, but the person behind it is not tangible. Multi-accounts are also used not only for smurfing, but also for cheating, the cheating with technological hacks.

The GoBIG League, the official partner of the Gaming platform FACEIT in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) for the DACH region, explicitly speaks out against unsportsmanlike conduct in its Code of Conduct – and has also looked for a technological solution wanted to create a community free of smurfs and cheaters.

Player verification for e-sports competitions without smurfs and cheaters

The solution with AI Ident

clear requirement for a game without smurfs and cheaters was that multiple accounts should be prevented and there should be only one account per player. If the person behind a player account is clearly identified, it will be noticed immediately if he wants to get another account. A clear allocation of persons would also be a quality assurance for the payment of prize money.

The advantages of such designed accounts should ideally come into play from the very beginning, i.e. already be ensured at the first game participation. The registration to the league would be so the best time to create these safe player accounts. It was particularly important to the team behind the GoBIG League that anyone who signs up for the league should also be able to play as quickly as possible. It should not be expected of the e-sport players that the creation of a secure account leads to a time delay in the start of the game.

Player verification via WebID as a process step when registering for the league fulfills all these conditions – with AI Ident as a fully automated, fast and secure online process with artificial intelligence and biometrics recognition.

Successes of the GoBIG League

The GoBIG League is the first e-sports league in Germany, their participants CS:GO in clean hubs without smurfs and cheaters play. Unique person identification with AI Ident is very effective in preventing smurfs and cheaters, as it creates high barriers to setting up multi-accounts. To do this, players go through the following registration process:

The players log in with their personal data on and choose a subscription. They then start the verification process of their data via their profile – which is not shown to other players – and after a short independent check of correctness, they are directed to WebID.

A photo of the ID card or passport with the smartphone camera or webcam, a photo of the face, done. The verification runs fully automated.

join the hub, connect with the Teamspeak communication tool and play!

The results vindicate the GoBIG League’s innovative approach of being the first platform to introduce badge verification for a community league:

Satisfied community. Verification via WebID or. the fight against smurfs and cheaters is the most frequently mentioned answer (20%) to the question of what players like about the GoBIG League. It is honored that the hurdles to cheat are high, for which the total of almost 2-minute ID check is gladly accepted by most people.

Reduce administrative expenses. There is almost no effort to process support tickets due to cheaters and reports on multi-accounts due to smurfs. If multiple accounts are created, no manual processing is necessary, the elimination is fully automated. The experienced creators of the GoBIG League have empirical values from the cooperation with other platforms regarding the effort for discussions and complaints. They did not have to use the capacities to be calculated for it, because they used the player verification with the start of the league.

High data quality. Verification leads to "unique players", the data quality of the player pool is thus unusually good and opens up corresponding marketing opportunities to partners of the league.

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