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Give the gift of the fascination of golf with a mydays golf voucher

Elitist, expensive and dusty? These descriptions no longer apply to playing golf nowadays. Depending on the region, and with more than 50 million active golfers, golf has become a truly popular sport. Would you also like to swing the club?

Putting and pitching for everyone: the golf taster course

During a golf course with mydays, you can try out hitting the white balls over the green lawn without any obligation at all. And those who discover their new passion and practice hard, can follow the golf taster course with a so-called "Platzreife" course and thus obtain the right to play on the most diverse courses in the world.

Often golf courses can only be used by players who are registered in a golf club or who pay the green fee in advance. But there is another way: On mydays you can find vouchers for golf courses with which you can give friends or family members the opportunity to visit a taster course before they become a member of a golf club or pay the green fee. Such a voucher is a great gift idea for people interested in golf who would like to play a game and find out whether this sport suits them. Contrary to all preconceptions, not only well-heeled older people enjoy golfing. A golf course can also be interesting for children and teenagers.

From beginner to pro with a golf voucher for a golf course

Most vouchers for golf are valid for a whole day. Before the participants are allowed on the actual course, they are assigned a personal expert who explains everything they need to know about golf. After all, they don’t want to use the gift certificate for golf to punch holes in the lawn. During the first practice sessions at the driving ranch, where players learn how to use the club, they hurl the small, white golf balls around the area and strive to hit exactly the spot they have previously aimed at. Depending on the location, there may even be targets to shoot at for training purposes.

After the first successful attempts, the second part of the course follows. Once the participants are ready, they go with their personal assistant to the actual golf course, where they try for the first time to get the ball into the hole. Normally, members of the group would have to pay a green fee, i.e. a usage fee, to be allowed to play on the course. In every mydays experience, this green fee is already included, so that no costs are incurred by the gift recipients during the excursion onto the green.

Weather, tee, technique – learning the basics of golf made easy

In golf, not only the type and condition of the club plays an important role in a successful putt, but also the wind direction and the weather in general. While the golfers have to tee off much harder when there is a headwind, the air carries the ball further forward when there is a tailwind, which of course has to be taken into account. It’s also important what kind of turf is being played on and how far the junior golfers are from the hole. What club to use for what situation, what a perfect swing looks like and how to hit the ball correctly – all this is learned at the golf course.

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