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Checklist for house construction

After the second child is born, the home feels too small. Through discussions with intransigent neighbors, people want more distance. The desire for one’s own fruit and vegetables is growing, but the balcony only has three square meters. There are many reasons why people plan to build a house. Once the desire is there, the task is to make the dream house a reality. For many home builders, planning is the most exciting phase in the realization of their dream.

In any case, the following ten points are important to plan for home construction. Later we will go into the contents of this Checklist in more detail:

  1. In the beginning, there is the cash check: Before the planning house construction begins, you should know your budget for the construction of the house.
  2. How much house can you have and what type of house do you want to build?
  3. What applications you need to make and what permits to obtain when planning to build a house?
  4. Bring in own contribution or prefer the all-round carefree package?
  5. Where do I build my dream house: the search for the ideal plot of land.
  6. Planning the floor plan, shell, terrace and garden.
  7. The planning of the interior construction.
  8. Which subsidy options are eligible?
  9. Finding the right construction financing.
  10. Now the notary is needed: the signature under the purchase contract.

Step 1: How do I determine the budget for the house construction??

Before the planning house construction really starts, a thorough look at the finances and the Equity important. The following questions should be answered in the form of a budget statement:

  • How much Assets is available and can be used as equity? Consider a discount for market fluctuations for security deposits. It is also important to check how quickly the assets are ready and whether there are notice periods.
  • Lie Debt From a previous real estate financing before or still runs a consumer loan?
  • How high are the average available Income per month? Profit-related bonus payments should be taken into account at a discount.
  • How much monthly expenses on average? Take into account even infrequent costs.

Step 2: What kind of house do I want to build?

The subject can be approached with several detailed questions. Among the most important:

  • Do I want to build on my own land or comes the model Leasehold into consideration?
  • Should the house be built with a basement or do I build without a basement? A Basement is practical as storage space, but at the same time makes building a house more expensive. However, the higher construction costs are offset by a higher resale value.
  • Is an attic enough for me or do I want a extended roof? The latter extends the living space and increases the value of the house. At the same time, the cost of construction increases.
  • Should the house be detached or do I prefer a semi-detached house or a Terraced house. The cost decreases in the order of this enumeration and for divided houses a smaller property area is enough.
  • Do I want to build a brick on brick Solid house or do I prefer the faster option of a prefabricated house??
  • The Costs for energy will continue to rise in the future. Therefore belongs to the planning house building also to look at the variants passive house, energy-saving or low-energy house. If these types of houses are too expensive, just a few solar panels on the roof will help to save energy.
  • How barrier-free you want to be? If you are a young person planning to build a house, you do not immediately think about the issue of accessibility. Barrier-free or at least barrier-poor living is important not only in old age. Who goes after a ski accident on crutches, is pleased about its ground-level shower.
  • Turnkey or with own contributions? Turnkey construction is a stress-free option. This comfort has its price. Who has only a narrow budget available, can try to reduce the debt burden by own contributions.

Looking to the future: How smart should the house be?? Who builds a house today, stands before the question, how "intelligently" the house is to become. The trend goes to the Smarthome, which offers many amenities and can be used to save energy. Instead of costly retrofitting afterwards, it is helpful to plan for the technology from the outset.

Step 3: Going to the authorities: Which applications and permits do you need?

Part of planning to build a house is asking for Building permit submit it to the construction office.

In particular, the following documents are required:

  • Building plans
  • Building description
  • Site plans
  • Calculations of the area
  • Calculations of the enclosed space
  • Information about statics
  • Proofs of heat and sound insulation

The responsible Architect, Construction engineer or the house building company compiles these documents and submits them to the office.

ImportantNow you have to wait patiently: without a valid building permit the construction should not start.

Step 4: How much own contribution may it be?

At one end of the scale is the all-round carefree package of turnkey construction. At the other end Muscle mortgage very large, if the builder decides for a kit house – and vigorously with to tackle. Between these two extremes there is the possibility, to varying extents Own contributions to bring in. This is called muscle mortgage.

Do-it-yourself is a good thing to reduce the loan amount, and benefit from lower interest rates. Their use wants to be well considered and thoroughly planned.

Answer the following questions honestly:

  • Which Knowledge and experience do I bring?
  • Do I have suitable tools?
  • Have I factored in Materials I can buy at a higher price than the professional craftsman?
  • How much Time I can do without work, family and hobbies?
  • Do I have reliable friends and relatives who actually appear on the building site?
  • How can I prevent Schedule of the construction at risk?

What kind of own contributions can most home builders bring in, even if they are not trained craftsmen?

  • Painting walls or ceilings
  • Apply wallpaper
  • Laying laminate or carpet flooring
  • Planting the front yard or garden

Attention: You should keep your hands off this!

  • Installing sanitary facilities
  • Carry out electrical installations

Step 5: How do I find the right property??

Where to build my dream house? For the search for the ideal property you should calculate some time.

Depending on how much time and desire you have for the search, you can proceed as follows:

  • Stroll through the desired district at the weekend and keep an eye out for indications of vacant properties or building plots.
  • Use our real estate search, put on a Search order and regularly look through the search results.
  • Ask your House bank, whether they can arrange a plot of land for you.
  • Lack of time, but you have a rather high budget? Commission a Real estate agent with the search.
  • Let a Construction financing providers such as Baufi24 support the search.

Attention: If you have found your dream property, you should check it thoroughly. Find out how the property was used in the past. If a factory or gas station was located there, contaminated sites are probable. Commission a Soil expertise, to avoid unpleasant surprises during construction.

Look at the surroundings of the property in terms of noise or bad air. Ask in the municipality planned construction and infrastructure projects. If a highway is built not far from the property or if a commercial area is created, this could lower the resale value.

Step 6: The detailed planning starts: What should the floor plan look like?

Once you have found the right plot of land, you can start planning the details. The size and cut of the plot usually set limits for the Planning the floor plan. The exterior design with carport, terrace and garden also depends on what can be realized on the plot of land.

Step 7: Planning the interior

In the interior construction can usually Own contributions be brought in. In addition, costs can be saved if you agree with the standard variant of your builder or the provider of prefabricated houses. Special requests and exclusive extras cost additional money and should be well considered.

Step 8: Which subsidies can you benefit from??

K, which operates nationwide, and some federal states and municipalities offer Development programs for the house construction. The loans of the K are particularly low-interest and support house builders with different initiatives, like espw. the energy-efficient building or the age-appropriate conversion.

Keep in mind that the subsidized loans from K, federal states and municipalities are always only a part of a well-planned Financing strategy are not a substitute for construction financing. Make a free, no-obligation appointment with a Baufi24 consultant in your region to find out which subsidies are available for your project.

Step 9: Complete the house construction planning with the right construction financing

If the right property is found, the construction financing should be packed in dry cloths as soon as possible.

Our tip: Compile all the documents for construction financing at an early stage. Particularly in a sought-after location, buyers have to act quickly in order to get their hands on the property. If you are just starting to collect your bank statements and salary slips, you may be left behind.

Even if interest rates are low, there are considerable differences between individual construction financing options. Let yourself be informed about a Specialists like Baufi24 The best way to do this is to consult a mortgage advisor who has access to the offers of more than 450 banks and building societies.

Step 10: Sign the purchase contract at the notary’s office

Now it is still a matter of Notary and it’s time to sign the purchase contract for the property. Read the draft thoroughly and ask your questions in advance.

There are notary fees for drawing up the purchase contract, assisting the buyer with any questions and for the land registry entry. Home builders should reckon with about 3 percent the purchase amount.

Once the contract is signed, the planning phase ends and you can move on to the most important episode on your way to owning your own property: building the house. Those who want to plan their house construction are faced with many questions and decisions and have a great need for information. We are happy to help professional advisors from Baufi24 available for a phone call or a personal conversation on site. Make a free and non-binding appointment now!

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