Pink beach – so colorful are the beaches of the caribbean

The Caribbean is one of the top destinations when it comes to dream vacations under a blue sky. The South Seas not only have a lot of variety to offer, but also really flex their muscles when it comes to dream beaches. Whether classic white sand, black bays or pink beach – let the colors of the Caribbean enchant you!

The Caribbean captivates by its world-famous, partly kilometer-long sandy beaches. The fine sand on these Caribbean beaches is often called "powdered sugar sand" because it is so fine and soft. To walk barefoot in it, while the waves wash around your ankles, belongs to the unique experiences in life, which are recommended to every traveler. But why has Sand so many different colors? Why is it yellow, or white, and how is it also that sometimes a black or pink beach can be found in the Caribbean? And how exactly do you get there?

The white beaches of the Eastern Caribbean

Sand consists basically simply Minerals – rock, and predominantly quartz. But the composition is less important than the size. Only with diameters of 0.063 to 2.0 millimeters one speaks of sand. About 2.0 millimeter it is about Gravel, below 0.063 millimeters, there is talk of "Silt".

If this sand now consists largely of minerals, as well as finely ground shells and coral remains it takes on a yellowish-white appearance. Welcome to the Caribbean! Because in fact the beaches in the Caribbean mostly from the white and slightly yellowish, fine sand in which it is so much fun to sink in with your feet. A prime example of this type of beach can be found, for example, on St.Maarten in the Eastern Caribbean. There you come for example with the Carnival Magic from Fort Lauderdale. On the route there are also St.Kitts, San Juan and Grand Turk. This is how you experience the Eastern Caribbean from its chocolate side – white dream beach included.

White and pink beach in the Eastern Caribbean

The black sand of the Western Caribbean

If to the quartz sand a smaller portion of Shells If you add white and coral to the mix, the color of the beaches can change quickly. Especially in areas formed by volcanic activity, the Volcanic rock to the usual sediment. Since volcanic rocks and fossilized ash are jet black, the sea grinds their remains into fine-grained, albeit sharp volcanic sand. This mixes with the ordinary quartz sand and results: Incomparable, black Sandy beaches.

Of course, they are not only found in the Western Caribbean, but everywhere, where islands are formed by volcanic movements. Good examples would be the Canary Islands, especially Lanzarote, or some islands of Iceland, and of course the island state of Hawaii.

Who got now desire on a Sunbath on the very hot black sand, which theoretically can become Volcanic glass If you’d like to have your ship turned into sediment, grab the Carnival Legend or Miracle and visit Hawaii Maui.

For these vacation photos you will drive in at home blank envy!

No pink beach, but there is black sand on Maui

Pink beach, it also goes? Welcome to the Bahamas!

Those who think that with white and black sand the beach repertoire of the Caribbean is already exhausted, are wrong pink beaches of the Bahamas not seen yet.

Probably the most unusual vacation pictures are waiting here, and if you like it pink, you won’t be able to stop being amazed. Pink clouds in the evening sky, hosts of pink Flamingos, and one pink beach after another. Oh, and there are also pink wild boars.

Where the pink sand comes from is quite easy to explain here. The Bahamas are surrounded by atolls and coral reefs surrounded. The sea also gradually grinds them into tiny pieces and they wash up on the beach with the rest of the sediment. This results in a colorful conglomeration of Colors, which unite to a rich, soft pink. The Bahamas benefit especially from this – but pink beaches are everywhere, where corals are a big part of the maritime life. For example on Flores Island in Indonesia.

But if you prefer to go directly to the Caribbean and the Bahamas would like, can still this summer on the Carnival Elation, Liberty or Victory check in. That’s because it sails a beautiful route from Jacksonville via Freeport and Nassau. From Nassau from it is not far to Harbour Island, the smallest Bahamas island, and here there is the meaningful Pink Sand Beach. Hardly any people, sun beds or umbrellas. But pink beach as far as the eye can see, under an endless blue sky. Here you want to stop time directly, and forever.

Pink beach on Flores Island, Indonesia

With so much Selection from colorful beaches it is not so easy to decide. Personally we find yes the pink beaches of the Bahamas especially great, but also the black beaches of Hawaii are an eye-catcher.

If you are still unsure of exactly where to go in the Caribbean should go, just take the great Inter-Connect Caribbean Quiz – with only 7 questions we will find the perfect island for your next Dream vacation.

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