Our vision: volunteering by children and young people is an integral part of social life in germany. Young people recognize social problems, have a voice in political debates and actively campaign for our environment.

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Our offers for committed young people

Apply for money from our fund for your project!

You are between 6 and 21 years old and need money for your social engagement? This is the right place for you!

Participate in free workshops!

You want to get even better at helping other people? We offer numerous work-shops around project work.

Do your FSJ at CHILDREN!

You want to get to know the work of a children’s aid organization? Apply for a voluntary social year (FSJ)!

In our workshops, the young people develop their social, political or ecological projects further and learn new things about project work, fundraising, public relations, teamwork, etc.

We network young commitment. Through our workshops, the project creators get to know other committed children and young people and thus experience the diversity of social commitment in Germany.

We train former award winners as mentors so that they can pass on their knowledge and experience to new project makers.

The winning projects receive special recognition at the reception in Bellevue Palace, where they present their projects to the German President’s wife.

Clear the stage! Social commitment deserves recognition! That’s why we roll out the red carpet for the eight most promising projects each year.

Social commitment

Why does CHILDREN promote the commitment of young people?? And why social commitment is so important? Read more here.

>Social engagement in Germany

Social engagement is important for a livable community in which no one is left behind. We need young people who recognize problems and develop solutions. Those who learn early on that their own commitment has an impact will continue to take responsibility for themselves and others in the future.

Encouraging children and young people to get involved in the long term is therefore an important investment in the social capital of our society, not least in view of challenges such as social injustice, radicalization and climate change.

Almost half of the young people would be willing to get involved – but only 34% do it, just under 6% of them in the social sector. Why are there not more? The problem: Scarce time resources and a lack of financial and content-related support and recognition make it difficult to get involved. This is where the CHILDREN Youth Helps program comes into play! and support young people with their social projects.

Sources: Dux, Prein u.a. 2008, Youth in Civil Society 2012, Shell Youth Study 2015, Volunteer Survey 2014

>Why is social commitment so important??

Social engagement brings about many positive changes for both the community and those engaged:

Positive change in the attitude and living environment of those involved

Children and young people who are actively committed to their environment

Strengthening the cohesion and sustainability of our as well as future generations

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