Ominous hint: kohfeldt sees deeper problem at vfl wolfsburg

After VfL Wolfsburg’s defeat at Mainz 05, Florian Kohfeldt hints at a problem that is said to have been troubling VfL Wolfsburg for some time. What problem is the VfL coach talking about??

Hangover at VfL Wolfsburg: Instead of the hoped-for catch-up in the standings, VfL Wolfsburg suffered a very bitter 3-0 defeat against Mainz 05. The performance that the Wolves showed was one of the weakest of the complete season.

No pace, no ideas, hardly any coordination and little commitment: after the game, the players and coach Florian Kohfeldt struggled for words to explain the desolate performance. In this context, Florian Kohfeldt hinted at a problem in an interview with ARD, which is said to have existed even before his time at VfL Wolfsburg. He meant the lack of energy of the players.

Kohfeldt hints at problem that has "haunted VfL for a while"

Question of the ARD journalist: "Their players have been very self-critical here and they have z.B. addressed:>>We could this energy, which they (Kohfeldt is meant) have also brought here after the change of coach, we can not bring this energy in the last few weeks or in the last two games so on the court.<< The players themselves are very disappointed. Where is this energy all of a sudden in the team?"

Florian Kohfeldt: "We shouldn’t worry so much about why we’re not getting it on the court or where it is, we should be getting it on the court. This is also a theme from my point of view, which is absolutely right that we need to bring this energy on the court. We will have to discuss a few things internally, because this is now a topic, which is not only about the last four weeks, but this team and finally also has been following the club for some time and there we have to find solutions. And that’s where I’m committed and that’s where the team is committed and that’s exactly how we’re going to approach it – together and with a lot of energy from my side.

Does VfL Wolfsburg have a fundamental problem with the attitude of its players? Florian Kohfeldt hints with these words that this problem of not being able to bring the necessary energy on the pitch in some games, the VfL Wolfsburg already existed before his time. Does VfL have a fundamental problem here, which lies deeper?

VfL boss Jorg Schmadtke and VfL sports director Marcel Schafer had not yet commented after the game. It will be exciting to see how they and also how the team will react to these hints from Florian Kohfeldt.

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Ominous hint: kohfeldt sees deeper problem at vfl wolfsburg

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Ominous hint: kohfeldt sees deeper problem at vfl wolfsburg

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Ominous hint: kohfeldt sees deeper problem at vfl wolfsburg

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Today, VfL Wolfsburg played similar to Bremen under Kohfeld. Another one of those LOS games, so unimaginative and despondent.
I can not understand the statement: Coach can do nothing here, it’s up to the team. On the contrary, I am convinced that it is always up to coaches. And good coaches cost money. And you should fucking take the money and pay the coach. And where are good coaches? Right, in England. Why? Because there they are paid much better. I’m amazed how Bundesliga has greatly diminished in this area.
I’m afraid it’s going to be a stumbling season again. I hope that I am wrong. But so far it does not get better.

Finally one with clear words without green white glasses respect and thank you

Kohfeldt sometimes seems really inexperienced, today it really showed. He made no changes despite a defeat against Dortmund, apparently because the performance was good. He ignored that the opposing team was different.

Mainz plays a lot through the middle, which they overloaded right at the beginning of the game. Our 2 midfielders were completely out of their depth and the front 3 didn’t help out in the center. Kohfeldt then realized after 30 minutes and played Lukebakio as 10 in a 3-4-1-2. But that didn’t work either, as Lukebakio is not known for his defensive skills and his game intelligence is too low for that position, as you could see in some attacks towards the end of the half.

After halftime Kohfeldt then changed completely and changed 3-4 substitutions. Unfortunately this lineup was also wrong. In defense and midfield there was no technically good player more. As a result we were really bad in the build up play. The front 3 were also bad, too immobile and do not complement each other. I do not know why Philipp was completely left out since his good performance against Bielefeld.

Kohfeldt really gets it wrong sometimes, his inexperience is probably a big factor.

One has him an experienced coach to side the Frontzeck is called the latter knows only with relegation from other freshly relegated what ne cool combination

"We have not done so much right and deserved to lose. After four minutes I was already very angry. I must clearly say that this can of course not be our permanent claim to deliver such an away game. Now the focus goes immediately to the game against Lille."

In my opinion the focus should be on the last 2,3 games and honestly discuss what went wrong.

Then you can concentrate on Lille

There is not only what went wrong, that sounds like a slip of the tongue. There is something wrong for months and these performances are unacceptable. I hope it threaten now slowly times consequences.

Tomorrow, our success coach is a guest at the specialist sports club.

@Ti Mo: Hadn’t you made screenshots of the skeptical contributions to the succession of Kohlfeld on Van Bommel. About time to pull them out again and review them!
Kohlfeld has also already at Werder often can not admit own mistakes. Even now, the blame for the bad game is borne by a problem that has nothing to do with him and existed in the club long before him. And now he mimes the Siegfried, who wants to solve the problem for us. The guy sells shit as candy . I already wrote when he was appointed Wolves coach that we could have kept MvB then too.

Puh, just in the ARD Kohlfeld has clearly said that certain things have occurred far before his time and that this must be clarified internally.

Thanks ARD, by the way, that you make Lacroix the Belgian.

"must be clarified internally."

That sounds not uninteresting. What he probably means by that?

Just a guess, but there have always been and still are extreme performance fluctuations, up to something like against Sevilla or today.
In addition, little hierarchy in the team. No idea.

Sounds to me in any case not after professional things. This addresses FloKo yes usually clean.

Apart from that: Is Schmadtke actually still alive?

I wonder about that too, as well as Schafer.

He is just preparing the internal revolution.

Did not see the scene! However, I hope, here were not interna leaked to take himself something out of the line of fire. That would probably not go down well with the bosses and probably also the team and would not be a good signal. Where Kohfeldt unfortunately eh already a few, for me, worrying tendencies could be seen.
Glasner at the time with the transfer criticism (also) tried to push on the emerging criticism of him…

Kohfeldt addresses the inexplicable wave troughs that have accompanied VfL since time immemorial. At the PK has fetched to it a little more concretely. "Ominous hints", boah nee, lurid as the picture ..

Was the game by the coach already again beautifully talked?

I seriously wonder what match plan Kohfeldt will come up with and how he envisions VfL playing.
He can have seen absolutely nothing of it. (And indeed the last 5 games!)

The players don’t know what to do with the ball when they are in possession of it. The whole game is based on chance.

I hope Kohfeldt questions everything (including himself) and makes the right decisions next week.
The trend is currently quite worrying.

Absolutely correct, nothing fits. Playing currently in the last quarter of the league … if at all.

I’m watching in parallel on the tablet Dortmund-Bayern. That seems like from another world…once again.

The speed of reaction and action of the players of both teams is certainly only a third of that of VfL today, not to mention the meaningfulness of the actions.

You don’t need to look at FCB or BVB

Have just seen the summary of Bochum

That’s the way to win the ball in the center, make the pass (from Elvis) to the top and score

Simple, effective, all are on the job

It can be a fear and anxiety again when it soon goes against Bayern. If they want to take our listless troop completely apart.

Whereby, is again a big opponent. Then ours are also yes motivated.

I do not care about the games against Bayern

More important are games against Mainz, Bielefeld and Co

Since we currently look unfortunately bad

But this time I really make it true: After each pack and humiliation of Bayern I swear to myself that I will not watch the next duel. This time I really want to leave out the TV times. Let’s see if it works

Yes, there are already two of us. I have also said after the Dortmund game, against bayern and Dortmund it just does not work out. This is depressing. Well, luckily there are a few more games before that

Somehow the feeling arises that there is something wrong within the team

So I would be in favor of continuing to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Therefore I suggest to sell Lacroix in winter and to sign a real fighter.

The complete misery of this team to put over, against it I refuse. Alone my common sense shakes the head there already.

Why do we constantly get coaches who have a new playing philosophy? MvB wanted possession, Kohfeldt now the three-man chain with shifting elements. Kohfeldt in particular would have to build more on familiar things. Instead, he now messes up every game with a three-man backfield, only to switch to a four-man backfield in the second half. It’s a system discussion that needs to be had!

There’s a fundamental difference between having to tackle from corner flag to corner flag on the right and sharing the side with someone else. Even more so when I have never done that for ten years. There it is about physique but also about spatial understanding. If it doesn’t work out, the dissatisfaction increases.

Keyword dissatisfaction: The team wants to be successful and started with completely different goals. We will miss. What happens? Players grumble, also grumble about teammates and it brings disharmony. Exactly what we see now. The willingness to run decreases, because everyone says the other does not do it right either. This is a vicious circle.

We can only get out of it if we go back to the basec. Build on familiar things to give security to the players. Our strength was the system and the team, not the individuality.

Part of it:
– Quadruple with Lacroix and Brooks. Come what may. Brooks in particular has been here for four years and is one of our stronger defenders despite all the bucks.
– Josh on the bench. He is important for the team, but he can not help you on the field at 0-0 or behind. Aster is already present.
– Again a man in the OM and two classic outsiders. With Lukebakio, Steffen and actually also Philipp we have three. And have Baku eat a Snickers bar. Maybe he won’t be a diva anymore.
Lukebakio in particular must be sent, sent, sent. At some point he is through and can cross to Wout.
– stop chattering. Kohfeldt goes not only me with it enormously on the sack. Some like that, but what counts is the work. And no slogans!

With this I can hold the team accountable. System is known, players play on their positions.

But I can’t complain when Arnold suddenly has to take on a different role after seven years as a professional. This is what is being done. Lacroix knows zero how to behave at the back next to Josh. Baku is consistently wrong. And in front nothing works anymore.

2 years relegation and then we play international again. Schmadtke is no longer there, Schafer sacked and we have players with thick contracts that we have to drag along for years again. The DNA of VfL.

I do not want to paint the devil on the wall, but …

In a few days, after the cup, the second secondary competition could be gone with the CL. Then only the Bundesliga remains. If we let it go early here, it’s clear very early that this season will be a failure. Then it’s a matter of motivating yourself anyway. Easier said than done. Because with a team that only finds its focus against top opponents, I can’t help but worry. At some point our young stars are more concerned with changes than with the day-to-day business. Then the season could still become critical, see z.B. Hertha last year..

Well, they also play such absolute crap. What is there to get worse? They don’t seem to be that keen on the CL, if you look at their performances.

The complete misery of this team to put over, against it I refuse. My common sense alone is already shaking my head.

Why do we constantly get coaches who have a new playing philosophy? MvB wanted ball possession, Kohfeldt now the three-man chain with shifting elements. Kohfeldt in particular would have to build more on familiar things. Instead, he now messes up every game with the three-man backline, only to switch to four-man in half two. It’s a system discussion that needs to be had!

There is a fundamental difference if I have to tackle the right side from corner flag to corner flag, or if I have to share the side with someone else. Even more so when I have never done this for ten years before. It’s about physicality but also about understanding space. If it does not work then, the dissatisfaction increases.

Keyword dissatisfaction: The team wants to succeed and entered with completely different goals. We will miss them. What happens? The players grumble, grumble also about the teammates and it brings disharmony. That’s exactly what we see now. The willingness to run decreases, because everyone says that the other does not do it right either. This is a vicious circle.

The only way we can get out of this is to go back to the basec. Build on familiar things to give security to the players. Our strength was the system and the team, not the individuality.

Part of it:
– Quadruple with Lacroix and Brooks. Come what may. Brooks, in particular, has been here for four years and is one of our stronger defenders, in spite of all the mistakes he has made.
– Josh on the bench. He is important for the team, but he can’t help it on the field at 0-0 or behind. Aster is already present.
– Again a man in the OM and two classic outsiders. With Lukebakio, Steffen and actually also Philipp we have three. And Baku should eat a Snickers. Maybe he won’t be a diva anymore.
Lukebakio in particular must be sent, sent, sent. Eventually he’s through and can cross to Wout.
– to stop chattering. Kohfeldt goes not only me with it enormously on the sack. Some like that, but what counts is the work. And no slogans!

With this I can hold the team accountable. System is known, players play on their positions.

But I can’t grumble when an Arnold suddenly has to take on a different role after seven professional years. That is what is done here. Lacroix knows zero about how to act at the back next to Josh. Baku is consistently wrong. And in front nothing works anymore.

Dear Mahatma, I won’t go along with that.
Before a system can even be thought of, let alone discussed, the mentality, the head, the attitude is required.
Kohfeldt describes it with the concept of energy.
That is mMn very true.
It is humiliating and deeply disturbing, what is delivered there at the moment.
This must be worked on first and all-encompassing.
It really sucks ..!

So you have my agreement, Mahatma. I see most of it the same way.

And I find it also absolutely logical and obvious. A lot of the power of a team in my opinion doesn’t come from their individual strengths (it might at top clubs, but not in the spheres we’re in), but from the perfect team hierarchy and harmony or compilation. We had already found the perfect mix. Security through familiarity would also be for me here a decisive keyword.

Now the team is completely mixed up. Different system, different regulars, different positions, different supporting players…
Especially a defense is so sensitive, every change can ruin a lot of things. Our players are lost, insecure and anxious.

One cog has to mesh with the other. But if you mix up all the cogs, one or the other wheel grips in the void.

I hope for a quick return to the old system and proven lineups…

Copying the lineups and procedures of Glasner will not work. For the simple reason that Glasner is gone. This is not repeatable. If Glasner would still be here and would have switched, then I would agree with you guys, but…

Kohfeldt will not line up and coach like Glasner, as much as you wish he would. What surprises me. After all, Glasner was often criticized and especially with the setups that some now wish for. However. The situation is tricky.

And if you now tell me: Then Kohfeldt will just have to go. Yes, then he must go. Then it is like this. A new coach will not line up any more than Glasner did. Every coach has his idea.

I see this with mixed feelings. That I would immediately return to the four-man backfield, I had also written weeks ago. But nevertheless, the team is primarily responsible for it. Insecurity, mistakes… it’s all forgivable. Also, in general, no team is immune to a negative run. But what was that today? 86 minutes they had time to somehow get themselves together. I have missed this for the first time in a long time completely. And that’s what worries me a lot, because it reminds of dark times. Yes, the team seems to have lost conviction, to latently reject the basic order… but when I’m unhappy, I show some reaction. What was that today? No grumbling, no pushing anyway, no frustration fouls, no laying on with the referee… it just looked as if they had surrendered to their fate for 90 minutes without any interest. They can find the three-man line and because of me also their coach crap, a minimum of emotionality as a sign of will must always be recognizable. Today the group was dead as a doornail as it has not been for a long time. But they should have the intrinsic motivation to somehow resist such results. For this, the basic order must not be an excuse.

Missed completely for the first time in a long time… should be there. At that time they first played for the go!the pineapple, then against the relegation.

No procedures are to be copied here. It is all about the head. When things don’t go well, the familiar is the only support!

Every single player has to deal with himself right now. Therefore there are no emotions etc. Only the tried and tested will help us. But seems to be too high.

The eternal interim coach Kostner did nothing else twice and saved the season a little bit. A good coach he was still never.

Kohfeldt, however, threatens to fail early on. For VfL it would be the beginning of chaos. Schmadtke would probably also be gone etc. Terrible! But Kohfeldt can only make it, if he bites into this apple. The clock is already ticking. Because to question the mentality so early may be justified. But the players will always look for excuses elsewhere first. You have to take this excuse away from them.

I can very well understand some arguments in relation to the system discussion and would return to the 4-man chain alone to set a new (old) impulse also again. But for me there are also some big question marks concerning the connection between the bad performances and the system change of Kohfeldt.

We win the first 3 games with 3 players and don’t concede a goal out of the game.
1. Shouldn’t the uncertainty due to new expiries/positions/side men/etc be greater at the beginning and the coordination get better with time? With us the change has worked immediately. Where should come then suddenly so great uncertainty? The opponents have not really become more difficult..

2. Have the players forgotten in the first games that they think the 3-match chain is stupid and that they only remembered during the international break and that’s why they always run significantly less than the opponent since the international break? Is the system more important than winning?

Against Leverkusen we walked 4km more than the opponent. Since the international break always at least 5km less. The players themselves wanted to play again with more intensity. Why don’t they do it more? I don’t see a logical connection to the system change. For me it’s more a matter of attitude and if I as a player can no longer rely on my teammates to make extra meters to iron out my mistakes then of course the insecurity grows as well. That is for me then first no question of the system. Also pressing doesn’t work if everyone doesn’t join in and with such poor run stats it doesn’t get any easier. Of course you can’t generalize and say more mileage=better results, but for us there is a very strong correlation there in the last 3 years..

pos. Running performance 23x> 2,0 pts/game
neg. Running performance 11x> 0.82 pts/game

pos. Mileage 21x> 1.76 pts/game
neg. mileage 13x> 1,08 Pkt/game

pos. Running performance 17x> 1.94 pts/game
neg. Running performance 17x> 1,65 pts/game

pos. Running performance 3x> 3.0 pts/game
neg. running performance 11x> 1,0 pts/game
(Source: kicker)

For me, there is a greater connection than the question of whether 3 or 4 chain now fits better to the team. I think we are not perfectly set up for either system, but good enough to perform much better than we currently do.
With the current readiness we will have problems with every system. These basic virtues should always be present regardless of the system and that is no longer the case since the international break. If a change of system helps to bring this back on the pitch, it’s fine with me. But in that case we better sign players in the future who don’t make their attitude dependent on the system.

Thanks for the factual contribution!

In the first Glasner season we scored 1.43 pts/game with 3 players and 1.45 pts/game with 4 players, both with a goal difference of +1. So purely in terms of results, the system change hasn’t helped that much at all. Only the number of goals and conceded goals has increased significantly.

In addition: The discussion about the importance of the three-man backfield for the drop in performance is not convincing, because in the good performance in the away game against Leverkusen, the defense and midfield were identical, except for Steffen for Otavio. After the substitution of Otavio in Hz. 2 was the lineup in both parts of the team even completely identical to today. In Leverkusen, the three-man chain has worked so still prima. Four weeks later, this system completely overwhelms the same players? Logic is something else!

I think rather that there are internally (for those responsible) no more excuses, so I also understand the suggestion of Kohfeldt after the game. We have already changed the coach and now it is up to the players. There are no players in our team who really want to kick and win. Not just cashing in with as little effort as possible.

If individual players do not play different systems or. Formations want to play or. can then ask themselves whether the Bundesliga is not one or two numbers too high, about the CL we need not even talk. About individual players who are set up can discuss, but I do not see that we can not play a three-man chain.

VfL Tobi has named many facts – only it will be of no use. Too bad actually…a really good contribution!

Vfl-Tobi, Wieland and stucke23,
thank you for your contributions.
That’s exactly how I see it. 3 chain, 4 chain etc…is Kokolores.
The attitude makes it. Kohfeldt addresses it and the GF Sport, as well as the sports director say nothing.
They do not have to actually, since it was more than clearly visible yesterday for each individual.
We have no team more. No one wants to, although they can (I explicitly exclude Aster).
This is pure and exclusive head thing.
Now also deliver bite-size the beloved 4 chain, only if it bangs there times properly.
Unfortunately, I agree with some here that Kohfeldt could soon be gone again. Then Schmadtke is probably also stricken and it comes then who ? The will stand in 4 weeks also back where we are now:
Too many players who are stuck in a comfort bubble and will be gone in the summer, until then they put their feet up and are comfortably courted, it’s only Wolfsburg here. Here you can bum around and after very good performances just enjoy that no one disturbs here.
No intrusive media, no board, no manager or GF, the times on the table hits. Comes a coach, the times Tacheles speaks, one pulls himself together until the way is and the successor is simply ignored.
Hardly any spectators bla bla bla…the perfect feel-good oasis with a potpourri of excuses because it can’t run at all.
So it ends in total chaos, because Xaver, Baku, Wout, Lacroix,Mbabu, L. Nemcha, Brooks, Vrankx etc. will not be around for long.
Schmadtke himself goes or. not extended and we experience violent Deja Vus.
As I said, to ask the system question is currently completely irrelevant. We have a dead team.
Every single Kreisliga kicker brings more attitude than our professionals. You can’t even be ashamed anymore, you’re just stunned… if we had a guy like Thomas Muller in the team, he would have treated his own people on the pitch with toothpicks…
There should have been renovated after halftime the cabin again.
With us it is then a success to concede less goals in half time 2 than in half time 1.
Ergo: Now really clear, very clear, extremely clear, make it extremely clear that there are no excuses. No new coach, no more comfort zone.
Because of me all daily 5 hours over Magathhugel.
Make an example with the lineup.
In public take the team in the duty…let ripcords fly…!
Sorry…I am so served…(!)

In itself, the transitions are fluid anyway.
I wish somehow for the AV more support.

I would not play with Guilavogui, but with Lacroix – Brooks – Bornauw.

Brooks should play the middle part better than Guilavogui, especially in the game structure.
But what we can’t do at the moment is to create a connection between defense and offense.
I assume that Guilavogui should be a kind of vacuum cleaner and Arnold/Vranckx/Gerhardt or whoever plays in the ZM, the links between defense and offense and you would have enough players in midfield, including protection to the back, but it somehow does not work.
For me this is also a bit because you see/set up Weghorst and Nmecha as strikers, so both at the same time. Clearly both also work with the back, but something does not fit there in my opinion.

@Ti Mo: Didn’t you have screenshots made of the skeptical posts about Kohlfeld’s succession to Van Bommel. It’s time to bring them out again and let them pass in review!
Kohlfeld has already at Werder often not own mistakes can admit. Also now bears the blame for the bad game a problem that has nothing to do with him and existed long before him in the club. And now he mimes the Siegfried, who wants to solve the problem for us. The guy sells shit as candy . I already wrote when he was appointed Wolves coach that we could have kept MvB then too.

But he is so likeable

Unfortunately he is doomed to make it. Otherwise, there will be a lot of repetition of what we no longer wanted. However, I do not trust him. MvB was a bad coach. But this one has not been replaced by a much better one. Insight, capacity for reflection not present.

Do not rejoice too soon. He wanted to bring out the comments when we get through the CL group stage and after the first round are in 6th place or better.

That means 1 win against Lille and in the league it’s 2 points behind 6th place resp. 3 points on a CL place. And we are not facing Gladbach or Leipzig, but Mainz, Union and Freiburg.

Actually completely crazy. We are playing a complete cucumber season so far and are on the verge of the CL round of 16 and 3 points behind a CL spot. But we are not the only ones who have problems after a change of coach. Gladbach, Leipzig and Frankfurt have also completely crapped out, while the "little" ones Clubs have exploited this situation.

The small clubs just play their boots down incl. Will, fight, passion, d.h. they just use the opportunities they have and that just relatively constant.
You could also say that they know what they can do and just implement so.

With us and Leipzig z.b. I estimate it also so that a few players overestimate themselves ..

Always put the coach as a bogeyman is much too simple.
How can you be behind by two goals after such a short time, it’s not the first time. Full and satisfied I call that, learn to run and fight is announced. Here is also missing a hard-hitting announcement. This is unbearable. Character thing!

The misery is partly due to the coach. Mittelfled is from my point of view the Kanckpunkt…da tut sich nichts seit dem Schlager nicht da ist…tote Hose. With weak day like today from Maxi you can see immediately what this position is about. The outsides…there is also nothing more going on..Wout is running around like a question mark, hasn’t been getting balls for a few games…Lewandowski wouldn’t look any better. These two facts should stabilize or improve the coach, instead of wildly durchzutauschen. There is no recognizable system.

But it can not be that in midfield nothing goes just because Schlager is missing. Of course he is our most important man there, but theoretically it’s not as if the others can’t also show a halay decent performance. We just completely lack the idea of how we want to combine defense and offense. This plan must be developed.

But of course, hope also the Schlager comes back quickly. Then it might be a little more appealing.

So tragic the injury of him was I have seen in there but the chance that he might again extend his contract. But for that we should definitely stay at the places and Europe, otherwise he will never be interested in it. Otherwise, he should be gone in the summer because they are not interested in letting him go free of charge.

"But it still can not be that nothing goes in midfield only because Schlager is missing. "

However, that was exactly the same under Glasner.
Schlager seems to be incredibly important for our game.
Somehow I’m already looking forward to when he is in the starting eleven with Vranckx….

Whether Schmadtke this year still awakens from his hibernation?

I’m writing it this way on purpose because I finally want to hear something about our situation…

Yes nes is suspiciously quiet.
However, it should be difficult to comment on it at the moment.
I assume that one will lead current internal talks and then evtl. At the beginning of the week or at the latest after the Lille game (depending on the result) will comment publicly.

It should be clear that he will then not express himself in the direction of the coach, but rather about the players or in general.

Schmadtke picks up the new co-trainer personally from Bremen.

Schmadtke has several options:

– continue to stay calm and let Schafer moderate it
– Appeal to the players, as already after the MvB dismissal (that he "intensity demands in everything we do") – he has already demanded this several times!)
– Support the coach and his decisions quite clearly publicly
– or he gets into the tactical discussion (although for me it’s not a real one anyway) and even calls for the four-man backfield publicly – but that would take away Kohfeldt’s authority and he would be burned – in that case he would position himself against Kohfeldt’s decisions and would more or less follow the bush drum here
– address the deeper problems of VfL in public – he will not do that., one can also not expect
– sit out the problem

What will happen now, let’s wait and see.

If one is honest, one has to say.
We have been playing bad soccer for weeks.

The offense is very thin. We shoot for a long time far too few goals. 2.3 goals of our newcomer Nmecha deceive a little about this misery

In addition, our defense for a long time no longer the bad offensive catches up. The games where we won 1:0 or 2:1 are over.
3 goals against Mainz, 2 against Bielefeld, in the CL regularly too many goals conceded

Beautiful does not look all that.
Mbabu just runs blindly forward until he runs against an opponent blunt (eg)

Great combination or great passes> Misrepresentation

All piecemeal and coincidence

I can not understand why Florian Kohfeldt plays a 3-4-1-2 system . Our guys don’t seem to be able to cope with a 3 man back line. In addition, I do not understand why he leaves Maxi Philipp out in front . He was under Glasner almost always set , it ran , he brought performance . Very sad . I fear it will be a very bumpy season. Very pity !

The reference to Kostner I have mentioned a few days ago. Yes, he was successful at the beginning by relying on the tried and true, but after the first successes, not much happened. Think that this way works well as a liberating blow at the beginning.

However, I don’t think the current situation should be blamed on Kohfeldt. Somehow I had the feeling that the team in the last season was carried by a momentum, and as indicated here, Glasner was perhaps not so important. And this dynamic seems to be lost. If mistakes are made, they are made in the recovery phase of this season.

Yesterday the team appeared after a 400-500 km drive in Mainz to give away the game in the first minutes, without opposition, glad it was clear early on. So drastically you could put it. It may be that Kohfeldt made tactical mistakes, but they would not fully explain the performance. And in Leverkusen or against Augsburg the players were ready to follow the coach. And unfortunately we don’t know what guidelines Kohfeldt gave the team.

There is one question: is the team really ready for the tasks?? Low running performance, downward trend, individual mistakes and lethargy point to deficits in this area. Again, you then have to do with mistakes in the build-up phase of the season.

By the way, Lille won 2-1 yesterday. Do we already know if Koen is fit for action again on Wednesday?? I think he would also give the defense again significantly more security, just by his charisma. Pervan was not innocent in my view yesterday in all 3 goals.

Sports comrade Kohfeldt looked pretty clueless on the sidelines.
Where is denne the much preached intensity disappeared?
The praise of the management when signingTrainer Kohfeldt
is strangely comparable to the praises when MvB was installed.

What do you think the GF should say when introducing a new coach??

We actually wanted to get a completely different one, but could only get / pay this one. So, unfortunately, we had to sign this one, even if we are not convinced that he will work successfully for us?

FloKo needs a co-trainer with international and national experience. In Bremen there was Timbo, who has enough national and international experience as a player and is also a leader type.

I find it too easy to blame this on the current, former or possibly future coach. Sure, you have to ask the system question, because it obviously doesn’t work. But I can imagine that some players are too full or dissatisfied, because they wanted to leave. Lacroix and Weghorst are thereby yes on the hand. Somewhere the will and the greed for success is missing.
To drive the next coach through the village is exactly what the team can hide behind.

I would also be interested to know what this "sog" means. "Familiar and proven" because should be at all or. how you define it?

Casteels – Mbabu, Lacroix, Brooks, Otavio – Arnold, Vranckx – Baku, Philipp, Steffen – Weghorst

And then you think that because of this selection of personnel (you can swap one or two names) the team will bring the old processes and the old performance back on the pitch? And also sustainable again on the lawn brings?

And Kohfeldt you consider professionally bad and a stupid coach, because he does not evaluate this as you do?

Find that too simple much too naive. We are talking about a basic order. Much more important are principles and processes. Nagelsmann has once revealed that he has over 30 principles – no matter what opponent, no matter what basic order, no matter what style.

He gave away two of them once:

– In the build-up play always play with two contacts, if possible.
– In the last third always look for the center.

And even the dumbest and even the one who has no idea of tactics, who will recognize that zb just the latter principle is always theoretically feasible. With any tactics. With every basic order. With every opponent.

We can stand with 15 men at the back. Or with 15 people in front. We would have lost 3-0 against Mainz yesterday because there are no procedures and principles there.

Glasner’s have been lost. Due to the time gap and the lack of repetition. Van Bommel’s were never really there, vllt. against Leipzig once. But certainly not consistently.

And Kohfeldt has had a serious training week with the team so far and you lower the thumb?

Kohfeldt can’t rely on old processes, because he has the 1. not knowing 2. can’t communicate at all like Glasner (because he doesn’t know the idea in detail) and 3. it would not be autenthic.

The solution can only be that Kohfeldt a) implements processes that can work. And the b) be accepted by the team.

And at b) we can also talk about the three-man backfield. But to believe that only with a change to a four-man backfield all problems are solved, that’s just naive and we never bring sustainable success.

We fail – as Wieland has often pointed out in other ways – always at the same things. No matter which coach. No matter which basic order. Sustained it needs a fixed identity! (In addition one could write now also 10 long contributions)

Our team seems to tick in parts actually like some users here. All are only human. But with this fundamentally negative attitude towards certain things you will NEVER NEVER be able to create momentum or success.

All of me will not bring anything with some, but I write it anyway times for those who are also ready to think about other things than black or white – namely gray or colorful – as the case may be!

I find the discussion here in the meantime extremely tiring, above all also, because it is an island discussion, which can and will not effect anything. Reality is much more powerful, and that may well be that Kohfeldt on Wednesday four-chain play, the team makes an effort and wins and thus everything remains the same. To question deeper lying problems is not the business of VfL. More familiar, also from the mother VW, it is to personalize problems and if necessary. Replacing people. Cracking structures is difficult. It is risky, needs courage, identification and backbone. And the latter three, if available at all, from experience, decrease significantly with the size of the paycheck. But this is also a topic that has nothing to do with soccer and therefore here in the blog.
Have a nice Sunday!

I’m sorry but with Wout to question the greed I find total nonsense. If he gets the passes in front he also makes the goals. But he gets far too few balls.

And it brings also nix if he runs himself in front a wolf and the others do not join in. I have noticed this several times now. He runs in front and the defenders can always just play the ball out because the rest of the team does not participate.

We generally stand z.T. much too deep and the distances between the team parts are too large. As a result, we also don’t win the second balls and make it too easy for the opponent to combine through the middle.

I see completely the same. And also here I stick to my opinion, there is one more player missing in the midfield.

In principle, there are enough players in the midfield, but it is currently lacking in the implementation

Short term solutions are needed.
– D.h. definitely a system change, away from the 3-chain.
– Fight, passion and will must be issued as a minimum goal. Players who are too good for it must be without ifs and buts on the bench
– No consideration for big names: What Brooks, for example, has been doing for mistakes for a few games now is an absolute impertinence. 1-2 diagonal passes can’t whitewash anything there. In with young hungry players!
– Weghorst and Nmecha together don’t work because they are too much alike.
– Neuer stellv. Captain: Arnold is not a leader and is totally overwhelmed in his new role, which has an extreme effect on his performance.
– Simply easy to understand basic tactical concept: None of us is present at the meetings, but currently I just see zero concept: For example, attacking pressing in all parts of the team, or once a well thought-out attacking move on the outside and not always just desperate long balls ..

I am looking forward to Wednesday. If we screw this up, the fir tree will burn…In this sense, have a nice 2. Advent.

Kohfeldt must now (regardless of the system) but also sometimes make tough decisions.
Guilavogui has nothing to look for in the starting eleven, especially not as a central central defender.
I’ve read this before, but I don’t know who wrote it: Glasner made this uncomfortable decision and had sporting success in the end.
MMn he should put back on Lacroix and Brooks (without treating this as a system question) because the two were very stable together last year.

But also so conceited andu considerable appearance of Baku can be meanwhile times (publicly)?) appeal. Nmecha is partly the same on the road.
The two also think they are what better and have to do less effort, because they Shootingstar of the last season and / or. National players are. Especially with Baku is that in the game z.T. so conspicuous, since one is almost ashamed of… especially just half of it works out.. if at all.

By the way: Gerhardt has played the first games under Kohfeldt as a left 10er. He plays because he has a relatively good understanding of space and moves into dangerous spaces. That is also part of the linking of defense and offense. He has sacrificed Kohfeldt for Lukebakio the type of acting completely different than Gerhardt.
Maybe that was not so smart of Kohfeldt.

Marsch has been fired as expected in Leipzig. The get now certainly Jaissle or a good tactician and dan is RBL back in the game. The squad gives clearly more.

In Jaissle I do not really believe. Think the season will bring Salzburg to the end.

Candidates for me would be Klaub from Nuremberg, Zsolt Low (co-coach of Tuchel at Chelsea and RB past) or Tedesco.
The 3 should embody the RB soccer relatively well.

I see similar. Klaub would be for me quasi an insider tip. Tedesco would be the obvious solution. Either way RB will have to take a calculated risk. Marsch to dismiss but was certainly the right decision, he hinted even that "maybe not fit". What a template.

Could imagine BO Svenson very well Leipzig.

Bo Svenson can be ruled out, he has no exit clause in the contract.

Bo would then be someone for us in the summer, if we miss our goals and they think it was because of Kohfeldt.

But currently I would but Kohfeldt a real chance give.

First Beierlorzer leads the CL game. And he is on about the same level as Frontzeck

against Bellingham and also Grafe now by the referee observer of the DFB criminal complaint was made. In the end, simply because Bellingham has told the truth. Now he could be threatened with a ban retroactively.

It is nevertheless not to be dismissed the Zwayer again and again more than questionable decisions in it has and at that time in the history was involved. That he is allowed to whistle at all is a scandal.

Zwayer was involved in the Hoyzer scandal, so the statement from Bellingham is not wrong.

BVB in my eyes only embarrassing, you lose is always the schriri to blame

Everything has conspired against the BVB, so their opinion

When Dahoud was sent off for waving off, the ref wasn’t either, not the player who can’t control himself.

Now Bellingham with so na statement

Referees sometimes decide wrong, or give ne 50;50 decision against you. This affects all and not only the great BVB

But there it is directly insult to majesty.

So one knows the Dortmunder. They will never be on the level of Bayern, but they will never admit it.

Even if I think the hand penalty to Hummels is justifiable, is just the appointment of Zwayer very unfortunate. Because of his past, this criticism that he may have influenced the game, just comes up again and again when someone feels disadvantaged. If the DFB would have been consistent, Zwayer would not have been allowed to be used in professional soccer after the action at that time actually more. But the DFB has rehabilitated him. Then you have to face such criticism and not thin-skinned criminal complaint.

Hummels clears a ball actively with the elbow and Reus takes off after mini-contact instead of remaining stable.

Inexplicable to me, why is discussed at all about these scenes. The Hummels decision is simply right, the Reus decision is justifiable.

How the BvB officials and now also players react is simply unprecedented unsportsmanlike.

I agree with Ti Mo. It feels like every time Dortmund loses a big game, they start a huge referee discussion. First Dahoud’s red for waving off, then the Hummels red in the CL, now the (non-)penalties against Bayern. You won’t win a pot of gold this way, if you always blame the ref for big defeats. That only hurts in the end and brings exactly 0.0! Rose will now be suspended against Bochum. Bellingham times wait. Since ne juicy ban could follow.

We were also cheated against Sevilla. But after 2 days no one talked about it and we just swallowed it.

I can’t understand the discussion, we should have got at least 10x penalties for Reus penalty discussion but no one cared.

Hummels penalty decision was also, only a may decision.

The charge for this is really ridiculous, if you consider that Grafe and Jude will be charged.

So, I hold the following (somewhat sharpened).

There are two parties suggesting the following:

– Shouting at players
– Replace players
– give away supposedly rich players like Wout and Lacroix
– Get mentality players
– System is unimportant, the players should do their job

– Return to a four-man back line to create security
– Put players on ancestral positions (Dodi z.b as outside)
– Take players in the duty
– Keep players.

What is interesting here is that in 2010 and 2016, path 1 was attempted. But I have learned: it is only an island discussion. In reality, only the will counts.

I expressly warn against opening a witch hunt on players here. We had it in the past several times experienced that thereby several breaks arise. The players are isolated and do not get better. The team is falling apart and there is also a rift between the fans and the club.

Wrong, Mahatma. I belong neither to 1. still to 2. … but you will not understand that.

Dumb camp thinking just.

By the way, it’s getting more than grotesque. Give away Wout and Lacroix? Who comes on such a garbage? There is no reason at all. Both are in normal form absolute performers and very important. Both will also find their form again. Sooner or later.

In addition: get mentality players and give Wout away. Oh dear … to present that as an opinion: have you been drinking?

Read this thread or yesterday’s. The demands were formulated. And there you wrote about yelling.

But nice that you immediately insult again. I think

When you don’t like an opinion, you always become aggressive.

PS: Ignore function is on again from now on. Want to have a nice Sunday.

You exaggerate everything too much. Therefore the aggressiveness comes in. And you always push players, coaches as well as users into a corner.

I could write A, you would claim that I wrote B.

So it’s just really pointless. That is true.

I also think here that it is not quite so easy to differentiate in camps or rather ways:

Especially players we have often held on to and rather denied changes. Often until their market values were in the basement.

The fact is that the new additions have changed the statics of the team – and there is currently no unity. Even Weghorst’s ambition has disappeared. Regardless of how you currently judge him, this should be a red flag.

If you are honest, our squad is currently absolute luxury. He is definitely put together for three weddings. If we’re eliminated on Wednesday, you actually have to start selling in January, because it’s hardly likely to be possible to keep the team happy when you’re only playing for the golden pineapple in the Bundesliga. In the summer it would then come anyway to departures. I find it all sad. Monocausal explanations are however too simple for me here. I also don’t understand why Kohfeldt sticks to the 3 man chain, I also found some lineups questionable in recent times. There was nothing to see of "aligning the lineup with the opponent". Yet we are z.B. in Gladbach with (!) 4er defensive chain just as swim gone. That Kohfeldt has not yet found a fixed starting eleven, you can not blame him. The rotation was and is wanted. I also still think that it is not the team’s place to acknowledge their dissatisfaction with listlessness in competitive games. The disarray in the field is unmistakable, but the numbers just don’t lie either. That was an affront yesterday!

Hammerhead: I would put it with Wout perhaps rather in such a way that the frustration is with him at the moment very much larger than an ambition. Wout has not lost his basic ambition. That’s deep inside him. As ureigener drive, as motivation from the inside. No trainer will be able to change that. Wout is Wout.

Do you mean the frustration with themselves?

About themselves. About the team. About our general appearance.

"We do not do what was agreed. I just do not understand it."

Says a lot or?

Anyone who has ever played sports intensively in a club knows how important familiar procedures are when things are not going well. And in team sports it is especially important that everyone knows his tasks and also completes them. The difference between Bielefeld and Wolfsburg is not as big as some think. These are all professionals. Bayern solves that mostly by individual class. We don’t have these. It is only possible through the team and therefore the system. It is not an "island discussion.
Lacroix doesn’t know what to do next to Josh.
Baku and Otavio are running themselves dead on the outside. Therefore the concentration is missing with passports.
In midfield we lack the link to the striker because this player was sacrificed for Josh.
And in the storm Nmecha and Wout interfere with each other.

Exactly this discussion was held under Veh, McLaren and initially also Glasner. Constantly my coach "your System to have to enforce. This is how Grafite played as a winger and it had to be ball possession. Under McLaren, Mandzukic was allowed to play on the outside and Friedrich had to play in defense (similar to the Josh discussion). And Glasner also really wanted this three-man chain. At that time the team rebelled. And today? Josh is happy to play, but is THE brake block. And up front we have neither commitment nor plan.

I do not mind playing more variable in the long run. This requires time and preparation. Kohfeldt has neither. There must also always be a core that remains consistent. By that I mean an axis of players and the system. This must stand. With a discussion about players and the stubborn further application of the triple chain I destroy both. The past has shown this with us and other clubs show it very consistently. They all play in league 2 by now.

As if Hamburg, Schalke and Hannover had failed because of questions about the playing system. These are prototype examples of clubs that have not been able to establish functioning management structures and levels of responsibility for years. Your argumentation contains so many fact-free misconceptions on the one hand and apodictic assertions on the other hand that one can only laugh at it.

Maybe that’s "not to be taken too seriously of hammerhead and the "just laugh at it" by Wieland of the riddle solution for my problem with Mahatma. But apparently I’m not the only one.

Anyway: If I don’t take it seriously anymore, I have to stop the whole topic here. Then here reigns even more agitation and mood mongering than before? Do I want that? Do we want that? It is correct that it is tiring, annoying and exhausting.

My motivation, however, is that I want VfL to recognize its structural problems. Now you can say: you are crazy as a little fan. May be. But I’ll try to do my part…

And others here surely have other motivations. Is also absolutely fine.

Under Glasner the axis was Arnold, Weghorst, Baku and Gerhardt.
Under MVB – Arnold, Schlager, Baku, Philipp and Weghorst.
Under FloKo – Weghorst, Nmecha, Arnold and Vranckx

That would probably be the most combative lineup.

Are there actually also points in the long remarks of Mahatma_Pech which you agree with? (Asked purely in terms of content)

Yes, there is, even some. However, neither the way of presentation nor the way of dealing with Kohfeldt and others involved suits me in general. And there are also numerous points in Mahatma’s posts that I wrote here weeks ago. Even partly one to one the same.

But lately I want to chase Lacroix and Wout from the yard. I find it interesting.

I agree with Mahatma insofar that I consider familiar procedures already relevant in relation to one’s own conviction in one’s own strength. That the system change alone would be decisive for our misery is, of course, absolute nonsense. Real life is too colorful for that and the reasons for our problems are too manifold. But that the m.E. unnecessary changes at least also – just like many other factors – have contributed to the fact that it now also fighter and runner looks so bleak, I see also so. If you have less confidence in yourself, in addition the discontent grows… that paralyzes of course additionally. But you can turn it any way you want: Despite all these circumstances, which by the way can be influenced by the coach, I have seen in Meinz for the first time since relegation times a team that has made no effort for 90 minutes to fight back in any way seriously! And that justifies nothing!

We have a week before against Dortmund, who have played us so that we have not managed for a long time to come somehow in a high pressing, at some point managed to ichtig lock up the opponent. It was 1:2 and we tried everything for 15 minutes with the appropriate intensity in all areas. The 2:2 was in the air. And a week later it goes "only" against Mainz and despite 86 minutes of remaining playing time after the 0:2 there is never a rebel to be seen?! How can this be?! In the phase when Mr. Draxler was kicking here, the team could also only pick itself up against big opponents. And at the latest in the years after that nothing worked from the time when one had to realize that it will not be enough for the international places. Then was the pomadige Runterspielen without any drive. In the end we are then almost in the 2. league landed. And exactly this undesirable development I see now again. Let’s get kicked out of the CL on Wednesday and screw up against Cologne and Stuttgart – then maybe the first players are already thinking about a winter transfer, if necessary. despite just happened contract adjustment. For them, it is clear that this is a lost year and not only in the second half, but also in the following year in the VfL jersey no international soccer beckons.

The team is now at the crossroads, what kind of spring we will experience. Is it then still about pleasing that motivates, or not? And at the latest, when it’s just a matter of doing one’s duty, the real character of a team becomes apparent. And who is a real leading player, who actually goes forward.

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